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  1. thanks i realised after posting and looking for details online that this Permitted periods is not automatic but i was told that i could concentrate in that area for 12 weeks when i started signing. i seem to be finding a reasonable ammount of work in computing to apply for. after searching online & i cant find any changes in regulations or policies saying there should be mandatory contact or even any suggestion that it is hapening other than a few articles on sites like the guardian saying it might be used for long term unemployed.
  2. just sent my daily email asking for a direction if she wants me continue with the daily contact including that i was told that it was to help me find work & instead i have just been onforming them of worksearch activities. recently qualifying in computer security after 3 years of study & i know i'm entiteled to stick to searching in this area for 12 weeks annoying thst the only help i get is the suggestion that i find unskilled work while looking
  3. hmm no formal letter about it nothing whatsoever about it in writing thinking mabee worth telling them that i refuse to unless its in writing & an afficial instruction to attend (i think its called a direction or something like that)
  4. hi I recently finished a full time course at the end of january and started signing on to job seekers allowance while looking for work. At the first meeting at the job centre before anything else was discussed i was told that at the start of all new claims there is a mandatory 12 weeks of daily contact. After questioning this i was told that this is a national policy for all new claims. although im not attending every day i'm getting appointments to attend 2 or 3 times per week and must email my job search activity, jobs applied for, and forward all email responses from applications. i was told this was to help me find work but after almost 2 months all it has involved is keeping them updated on my work search activity with no help whatsoever towards finding work. after searching online i cant find anything about a mandatory 12 weeks of daily contact for all new claims so suspect that it is just some local thing. can anyone let me know if this is a national or local scheme? i expect that things like this are intended for people who who need help or encouragement towards looking for work rather than everybody, and as i was placed on this before anything else was discussed they have no reasons whatsoever to suspect that i might need this extra attention. Is there any national criteria to determine who gets placed on this daily contact which i could use to complain & be placed on the normal fortnightly signing?
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