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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, sorry for the long post but never been in this position before.... we received an enforcement letter through the door last night in my old name ( i changed my name via deed poll) demanding £542 . after doing some ringing around we've established its for a part unpaid council tax bill in 2014 ( which we wasn't aware of until we got this letter yesterday) phoned the council who advised the amount outstanding is £192.04 and gave us the dates (it was an honest mistake at a crap time & didn't even realise it wasn't paid until now) they are saying they wont help now its been passed over. The forwarding address the council had was incorrect we've moved since didn't know anything was owed didn't give another forwarding address, due to this we've had no letters off the council, had no letters off Bristow & Sutor We had this hand delivered letter last night...W we would have dealt with the payment if we would have known in the 1st place !! now we have the original £192 debt , plus the £75 they charge for handling im presuming i should have had a letter from them & then the £275 for hand-delivering ... where do i go from here ? many thanks in advance
  2. Hello all. My husband is in the process of sorting out his debts from a very grey period of his life. We had 2 letters regarding old council tax debt - one from the court and one from a dca. Both are being looked into - dates etc. Hubby was a drug addict for many years and his recollection of things is hazy at best. However, I'm on the case and have been dealing with letters as they arrive. 3 nights ago, an enforcement agent from Bristow & Sutor arrived at 8:30pm - hubby was at an NA meeting so he agreed to deal with me. This was also a council tax debt for £179, and was neither of the debts we had received letters about. I explained that we hadn't received any notice of the debt prior to him showing up, and he admitted that sometimes the office said they'd sent letters that simply didn't arrive! I argued that to add £235 to the debt before we'd received any notice was a bit harsh. I paid the debt there and then but have so far refused to pay the doorstep fee. Can you let me know where I stand with this, do we simply have to pay it? It seems extremely unfair. He has offered repayment terms for the fee but I've told him I'm prepared to challenge it until my last breath! I'd just like to know if I'm flogging a dead horse. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, I have had a Notice of Enforcement from Bristow and Sutor claiming that I owe them something in the region of £65 + £75 compliance fee for a Council Tax Debt that I apparently have from an old property that I rented. I always paid by DD and only cancelled the DD after seeing that no payments had gone out for a while, therefore I believed that I was discharged of any responsibilities. Fast-forward a year and I receive a Notice of Enforcement dated 23/8/17 claiming the above figures and that this has been through the courts. How would you suggest that I proceed? If there is a genuine debt, I have no problem with paying it, however, as I had no court papers and no knowledge of this debt then I would really find it difficult to justify any fees. Many thanks.
  4. 2 years ago I had a property in Oxford repossessed. There was a shortfall of 3 months when council tax wasn't paid and the council have been chasing me ever since. I kept them abreast of my financial situation right the way through but they still insisted on setting the bailiffs on me. On 5 occasions I received letters informing me that bailiffs would be turning up at my residence to seize my goods within 24 hours, they never turned up. I took time off work on each occasion.....could I invoice them for not turning up?
  5. My problem is this..... I have a Controlled Goods Agreement with Bristol and Suitor.. My problem is this.. My monthly Income of Housing benefit and Job seekers... Minus my Rent and the Controlled goods agreement leaves my with just £55 a month. The Controlled goods agreementis £200 per month for 5 months. ** Is the a way no negotiate a lower monthly fee ?? *** (As im an trainee Accountant and I need to go job hunting in London ) I have been unemployed for almost 18 months after breaking both my legs !!! and my only pais of shoes have fallen a part . SORRY, feeling depressed.... now my life is just falling apart !
  6. I was visiting my friends last week, she has a sorned vehicle on her drive which she had sold two days before, the new owner was due to collect it the same night A white van appears on her drive and a man knocks on the door, My friend thinks its a delivery for the neighbour, my friend opens the bedroom window, and has a conversation with the Gentleman on the door, he says he is a bailiff and he has come to collect 392.00 for an unpaid parking ticket, I can honestly stay my friend was stunned, she did not know anything about it, she contacted the Local council, they could not tell her anything as the system was down, she went on the Councils web site and checked there was a ticket for 82.00 which she paid immediately. She has two grown up children, she knows one of them has probably had the ticket. there are two men on the drive in a white van, they proceed to clamp the sold vehicle, my friend explains that the car has been sold and the owner is coming to collect it today. The man says he doesn't care, the white van remains parked on the drive for 30 mins during this time, my friend asks where is the court order to clamp the car, the reply was the chap showed he half a piece of paper with a line of text on the paper saying mentioning a court in Northampton which she knows nothing about, she has never received any documents from a court in Northampton. The white van leaves and returns about 1 hour later stating they are towing the vehicle away at 17.15hrs unless she pays up, she explains she doesn't get paid until next week and asks what is the hurry to tow a clamped vehicle the chap explains by the end of the evening she will be paying him £1,000 pound, and asks her for her log book and keys -- which she no longer has. My friend telephones her son who is due home from work (she does not live at the property anymore) her son and his girlfriend actually live there, she lives with her partner, her son pulls up and beeps at the van , one of the occupants gets out and asks her son where he lives he says he lives next door , they then ask him to park as close to the house as possible as they are going to tow a vehicle. He then proceeds to park his car at the top of his drive the white van cannot get onto the drive, eventually the white van leaves after threatening to call the police, my friend did call the Police, they told her not to pay and gave her a reference number the officer said it sounded like extortion The new owner of the vehicle arrived later that night arranged her boyfriends pick up truck and took her car away stating no one had any right to clamp her car and of the bailiffs want the clamp back they can pay for it. What will happen to my friend, will she be arrested, shes very upset by the whole thing, I have known her for twenty years she would not ignore a parking ticket
  7. I have received a letter "Enforcement Process Commenced for a penalty charge notice to Birmingham City Council for which I know nothing about. I am now stressed wondering whats its all about. The NOtice of enforcement says I owe BCC £97 but sum outstanding is £407. A warrant was issued 08-10-15 which I have never received or even know whats its for. How can I get a stop put to this while I find out much more information about whats going on and why I have never received any other correspondence or court papers? Please give link to relevant document/process so I can sort it out this weekend if you know of one. Also BCC is not local to me it takes me a hours drive. Do I have to go there or can I go to my local magistrates courts? Thanks for any assistance.
  8. I would like to ask for any advice about enforcement agent, Bristow & Sutor (B&S). 3 months back B&S enforcement agent was in my rented house for the first time and tried to get into by locked door but I was alone at home as my partner was in Medical Centre at this time and I didn't opened. EA also been in my neighbour to get- I suspect - information about us because she let him in (we have non-friendly "relation" with neighbour). I didn't opened because of fear, I thought that was crime, I haven't had idea that was agent from Council, he left letter with his mobile number AFTER trying to get into house. I also struggle with deep depression and not open anybody at all when I'm alone, so I waited for my partner and after he was back, we sent text message to agent for making a new visit where we are both at home because we was scary: he knocked the door, windows very aggressive... Enforcement agent came in next day and said that we have to pay £360 straight away or he will call the police and we will go to the prison for 90 days. We was scary so much that I started to cry. My partner said that we are unable to pay now (believe or not we didn't had any pound in pocket), but we suspect to have money in Monday (that was Thursday 5th of October) and unfortunately an agent didn't agreed to wait until Monday for £360 payment and repeated again that we will be arrested RIGHT NOW if we will not pay TODAY (5th of October). At that time we were dealing with the decision from Jobcentre Plus about our Jobseekers Allowance, which we claimed about 3 weeks before as well as from Council about Housing Benefit. We already had letter from DWP about providing more proofs and documents to be able to get benefit, so in the time when enforcement agent been in our rented house we didn't even had any penny. We struggled with living expenses waiting for benefits (starving). Also, what is even more important my partner was seriously ill - pneumonia diagnosed by GP and taking antibiotics as well as waiting to have some money to get into Hospital to have blood test and X-Ray as doctor even suspected lung cancer, which means we both was very depressed and extremely stressed out about his condition at the moment as well as our whole life threatening situation. Even that our situation was like that: - without ANY money - unemployed - without any luxury goods, which an agent could take (all we have is old tv worth no more than £10, washing machine, microwave, fridge-freezer, old and damaged xbox 360, old table and 2 summer cheap chairs, 2 double mattress without bed and dressing table with mirror: that's all and he listed everything) - with serious health condition in my partner and depression in my case, which we informed of course - waiting for benefits ...this didn't stop the agent from threatening us about calling the police right now and being arrested if we not pay £360 now. Which is completely out of my mind, if I don't have any penny how I can pay £360 right now? We was so scary that my partner desperately sent text message to his previous colleague from job (he was working in restaurant before we claimed for benefits), who is not even a friend about lending us £360 as soon as possible because if not we are going to jail and he was so kind to borrow us that money the same day... After taking borrowed money from us, enforcement agent made a payment plan without even asking how we can be able to pay that amount, which we are unable to reasonably afford. He made this plan in moment where we was without any money that we have to pay first payment £100 and then £200 every month. This offer is to high for us but we were very scared and too stressed out about going to the prison that we didn't even tried to negotiate any lower payments. We have made our first payment on 4th of December - £100 and from this day were constantly asking to keep that amount because we are struggle even with that amount. Our debt now after paid £360 is £1700 from our 3 previous addresses. We are unable to make £200 every month. Our benefits for both of us are: - Jobseekers Allowance: £419.40 monthly for both of us - Housing Benefit: £328.12 monthly for our landlord's account straight away, which means we not have these money physically (our monthly rent is however: £495, so we actually should pay the remaining amount to our landlord, which is: £167 monthly, which means we will have £252.40 for both of us per month and if we have to pay for Bristow & Sutor £200 monthly, we will have 52.40 PER MONTH for both of us, which means is £13 weekly for living expenses and not paying other bills at all). We are genuinely struggling to pay this years tax on time but we are willing to pay: we just expect understanding our situation and give us chance to pay small amounts. Going to the prison will not resolve the problem, it will make it worse. We are now on benefits and we borrowed a laptop from our colleague and trying to improve our situation by freelancer jobs and my partner considering to start self employment if his work start to bring earnings. Letting EA to our house was mistake I think because we had worsen this problem. Could You please take any advice, what to do? We would like to back our debt into Council again but do they take it? Should I write about that to Council as well? Because I am actually in contact with B&S via their contact form, which allow me to put only 250 characters... They answered that they are unable to reduce the monthly instalments. Here is their e-mail: "In regards to your arrangement we have offered you the maximum time to clear the balance and are therefore unable to reduce the monthly instalments. Failure to comply with the arrangement will result in further recovery action being taken against you and you will be liable for any additional costs incurred. We trust this clarifies the matter." Yesterday was our second date to pay £200. We didn't had it obviously, so I contacted via this short form with 250 characters and sent them 4 of them that I am asking for keep the amount £100, which is still unbelievable high for us at the moment, we are still unemployed. My partner is going to doctor next Wednesday and we will know the results of his lungs, he is feeling really bad and lost much weight as he don't eat not only because we have very little but also he lost appetite. We are living now in extremely life threatening time, I am so depressed that I'm looking for suicide methods in internet because I'm so afraid going to the jail. Here is the fresh answer from B&S: "We acknowledge receipt of you recent emails, the contents of which have been noted. We must advise, however, that in respect to the two accounts we hold, both have a liability order that has been granted through Isle of Wight Magistrates Court. Once a liability order has been granted the balance, including costs, becomes legally due in full. Bristow and Sutor are under no legal obligation to set an arrangement and if we go it must be within our strict client guidelines. In light of the above we must advise that your proposal of payment is still unacceptable as it is not within our guidelines. Notwithstanding of the above, we have referred your proposal of payment, along with your current circumstances, to our client. We now await their instruction and once we are advised further we will update yourself accordingly. In the meantime we urge you to maintain the existing arrangement and will allow until 12.01.16 to make a payment of £142.76 to bring the arrangement up to date. We trust this clarifies the situation. Yours faithfully" I am very sorry for that long post, I don't even believe if someone will read that but I cannot focus and think properly to make it shorter, I just have huge brain fog. I will appreciate any advices and help. Thank You in advance.
  9. Hi all could do with some advise please, I am being harassed by Bristow & Sutor, they have 3 liability orders for outstanding council tax ranging from £29 to current year £910. I have ignored all contact from Bristow & Sutor, but I did make an arrangement with the council last month. they passed the details of this arrangement to Bristow & Sutor, who emailed me acknowledging this arrangement. I have kept to the arrangement and make payments due as arranged, but I paid directly onto councils online payments. now I am getting emails and letters from Bristow & sutor, telling me that if I do not pay them direct, they will continue their enforcement action. any advise please? Mick
  10. Hello all,Basically my friend had a fine from Nottingham City Council for parking in a disabled spot in Nottingham town.This has been left as they didnt receive any correspondence about the issue.They didnt receive any paperwork as at the time they were living away from home due to extremely stressful circumstances, namely their child was in a mental health unit in Nottingham so they stayed in Nottingham to be with said child.Needless to say yesterday they received a visit from an agent of Bristol and Sutor, its been through court etc and they want hundreds of pounds.They have told the Bailiff to go away, and have let them and the Council know they are vulnerable as the parent is single and all children in the property are disabled with either learning or mental health disabilities.They disagree that they have to pay any money for the fine in the first place as they are a blue badge holder and were displaying at the time.Basically what can they do to get the council to take back the fine so they can sort it out properly without all this stress and upset it is causing the kids?The Bailiff says he wont send it back to the council as all he can see is pound signs, he's offered to set up a payment plan but the parent says no way as I dont owe anything anyway !I have read somewhere you can ask for an" out of time late statutory declaration"?any help please !!
  11. hi all im new here and looking for a bit of advice with bristow and sutor bailiffs. the story so far is a few years ago i got into some trouble with council tax and got chased by the bailiffs for it. I ended up getting threatened so much by them on the door and on the phone that i asked my mum to help me pay off the bailiffs and i would give her the money monthly, which she was kind enough to do. Im now in trouble again as i was made redundant last year and had my third child all in a matter of a few weeks so my head was all over the place as you can imagine, i had to wait ages for my redundancy to come though and by the time it did the council had already sent the debt to the bailiffs. I have had a few visits off of them but each time i have just plainly told them they are not coming in, i have rang the council who has put a hold on bailiff action untill this friday 21/09/12 telling me i must come to an arrangement with the bailiff by then or action will continue. My problem with this is i feel my househol d falls into the vulnerable category as my daughter who is one suffers from acute asthma and reflex anoxic seizures and is a very poorly girl most of the time. The council are aware of this as i have told them of the acute asthma but she has only just been diagnosed with the seizures, I was hoping to get the council to take the debt back and arrange something with them as the bailffs want way more than i can afford as im unable to work because of my daughters conditions and the amount of meds she needs on a daily basis. Should i ring the bailiffs or not ? i was going to record the conversation to show the council the type of people they have working for them as every time in the past i have phoned they have threatened me and told me to pay the full amount or nearly 500 a month . any advice is very much appreciated. thank you for you time
  12. Sorry for delay! Cant get on here to respond easily. The B&S debt is for a council tax arreaes, I let them in before i had an understanding of such things, they levied on my couch, microwave, tv, tv stand, laptop (which is actually my sons) and a wardrobe! I have no idea of value but if i was buying them I would probably give £100 for the lot tops!!! imho obviously.. ...I have heard that the couch is exepmt as it doesnt have fire tags on and is unsaleable but that may be incorrect, I have been paying them £40 per month but since approx November 2014 they put it up to £112 per month as it had to be clear by the financial year end.. ..they wanted £150 but i couldnt afford that so they accepted £112 minimum. Is it true that if levied goods dont cover the cost of the debt recovery it can be disputed? mark
  13. I had a visit from a Bristow & Sutor Bailiff this morning regarding outstanding Council Tax. He said he wanted me to come up with £200 by tomorrow morning or he would remove my goods. I said I could not afford that amount and he said that I should borrow it from someone. I politely told him he would not be allowed entry to my home to which his reply was he does not need my permission to enter my house a s the law has changed and it is a criminal offence to obstruct a bailiff and I would be arrested if I did not let him come in to remove goods. What I would like to know is, is this true? I have small Children in the house which he was aware of.
  14. Hi all I hope someone can help me ? My better half called me from work yesterday saying she had been in the managers office as he had received a letter from their head office asking if he could confirm her address as the company Bristol and sutor were unable to contact her at this address, she said the letter was asking for payroll number earnings address and confirmation of her working there. The letter states for attachment of earnings. My question is can they do this we have no knowledge whatsoever about what it is for this letter was not even sent to the correct department as you can imagine she was very embarrassed and it is not only her manager that knows but also others from head office that knows too. Hopefully someone can give us some advice or point us in the right direction.
  15. The Council have forwarded 3 Liability Orders to Bristow and Sutor totalling £1200.00 who have written to me by post and asked me to pay £156.00 per week, this was unaffordable. I went online and said that I would pay £22.00 per week direct to the council to clear the debt, the online form only allowed me to write 250 characters, I did manage to note in there that I would NOT allow the baliffs access into the property. I have sent a letter to the council asking if they will take the debt back and allow me to pay them direct - yet to hear back from them Bristow and Sutor have telephoned me today and confirmed that they have received my email, they will not stop any action and that if I pay direct to the Council it may not come off the debt with them.. . I just again stated that we would not be allowing them access to the property and that we would be paying the council direct at £22.00 per week. Am I doing the right thing ?? Is there anything else I can be doing ?? Any help would greatly appreciated
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