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  1. Long story short I was struggling financially up to 2013, then in 2014 I broke both my legs... I'm now job hunting Just. I know. (On unemployment benefit). -- My finances look like a 17K disaster. Credit cards... £3040 Hillesden Securities Default since Dec 2011 £2850 AMEX Default since Nov 2011 £1402 Natwest CC Default since Feb 2011 £2,650 Barcleycard default since April 2012 (One was MBNA) Loans Arrow Global £538 Default since June 2011 Natwest Loan £6295 Default since 31 Jan 2012. Once I get a j
  2. No kitchen. 1 Room, 12ft x 10 ft. plus 4 x8 bathroom. Nothing else. (Ground floor is 3 rooms / middle rear is 1 room plus toilet / top is the Atic room) Only kitchen is the house is outside on the ground floor, with outside toilet.. "BA might well be the girl to look at this in more detail" - Who ???
  3. "Is debt from this property Micnuk?" Yes, but the other tenants are new. 2013. (Its classed as a HMO, but the Council has it down as "First Floor Flat". front.) - just a Victorian terrace house, One room and a tiny toilet n shower. (No shared rooms). Proper slum lord job.
  4. Laptop, mine about £50 toaster, mine £10 Landlords..... microwave table 2 chairs Wardrobe Chest of draws Grill Kettle First month was £44 (paid).... Starting End on Feb, 5 x £200
  5. Ummm, Unfortunately my house mates are from Lithuania, and dont speak a word of English. they would let anyone in as they both work nights. grrrr Thanx Craig. Im fine with the Controlled Goods Agreement part. Just not the £200 per month !
  6. My problem is this..... I have a Controlled Goods Agreement with Bristol and Suitor.. My problem is this.. My monthly Income of Housing benefit and Job seekers... Minus my Rent and the Controlled goods agreement leaves my with just £55 a month. The Controlled goods agreementis £200 per month for 5 months. ** Is the a way no negotiate a lower monthly fee ?? *** (As im an trainee Accountant and I need to go job hunting in London ) I have been unemployed for almost 18 months after breaking both my legs !!! and my only pais of shoes have fallen
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