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  1. Sorry it's not a letter it is an AOE it doesn't look right though not that I know but I would attach a copy if I knew how.
  2. Hi thank you all there's a lot to consider my wife received a letter this morning from bristow this is from 2001 and 2002 she remembers them a few month ago knocking at the door asking for council tax arrears from these years one for £474 and the other for £86 she remembers asking if they were here under a current liability order or the same one from 2001 she remembered something she had seen online and he said from 2001 and he didn't call again until now of course. Can they still do this even though it was from 2001?
  3. Would the employer obey this just from a letter from b&s or would they have to see some sort of court paper work? My partner is more concerned for the embarrassment that so many people know of this as it was sent to the wrong department.. Thank you for your reply.
  4. Hi all I hope someone can help me ? My better half called me from work yesterday saying she had been in the managers office as he had received a letter from their head office asking if he could confirm her address as the company Bristol and sutor were unable to contact her at this address, she said the letter was asking for payroll number earnings address and confirmation of her working there. The letter states for attachment of earnings. My question is can they do this we have no knowledge whatsoever about what it is for this letter was not even sent t
  5. well i did not recieved breakdown of costs..........and no confirmation they have recieved my complaint great company this is..........
  6. Hi have sent an email to complain about the fees and the way things were done to newlyns.no confirmation they have recieved it and also no breakdown of cost sent to me yet.......i have also just learnt that if they make a levy they have to leave a copy of the warrant which they didi not do.
  7. I have just phoned newlyns to get a breakdown of costs and i asked if it was possible to have details from the first visit(which i believe did not happen) i got the response of i dont know i asked who the balif was i got the response i dont know it was just an area balif.asked for the name of person i am speaking to gave me his first name but i am not allowed his second name..ok a little strange
  8. no that was my partners...this is in december 2011 i was supposedly parked ilegally at 22.50pm in the town centre cctv image.
  9. phoned council to get CEOs email to make a complaint i was put through to the manager of parkingwho was a very obnoxious lady and basically the reply i got from her was i have to deal with baliff i offered to pay for the fine she said i cannot do that because it is with the baliff.so i have to pay them.i replied i don not agree with balifs fees so i will not be paying them but i am happy to pay the fine. she then said she cant take the payment.
  10. and also complained about the council not helping and just telling me it has nothing to do with them.
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