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  1. Hi, They are exactly as listed which is why I'm confused as well, I have requested the information from post 25, waiting on that to come. Every time I ask any of them about removing the levy fee plus all other fees which can't be charged as it's invalid I get told all the fees have been legally added which is why I have started the formal complaint process. I have told the council I will pay every penny owed to them direct as soon as I get these fees sorted out as they seem to have already taken £403 out of what I've paid so far for some off there fees. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I asked for a breakdown from the bailiffs and was told they don't do break downs but I could have statements of my account. They emailed this to me and all in all under the old regulations and new regulations they have ended up adding £879 in fees to my account. I rang the council to inform them of these charges added as on the old regulations they could only charge the two visits of 42.50 and that the compliance stage fee should not be added as they are all pre new regs and the enforcement fee should not have been added as the bailiff was informed on the door step of vulnerability so should have left and given me time to seek advice as per the new regulations and the council said ok the levy is invalid we can see that on our system but the bailiff can still charge the van fee and anything after April 14. Fees incurred are :- 01/12 - levy fee £67 01/12 - (h head fee) £24.50 01/12 - removal fee £9.00 All the same day 06/12 - van fee £280 06/12 - first attendance £24.50 Same day 08/11- second attendance £18 11/14 - compliance fee £75 11/14 - compliance fee £75 05/15 - enforcement fee £302 I have put in a formal complaint and rang them back to look into the fees. I can't believe that they would be by law allowed to charge these especially as they have admitted that the levy is invalid as the car wasn't mine. Any thoughts ? Thanks
  3. Hi, yesterday I saw the council and she couldn't do anything as its a different team I need to see so waiting for a meeting with them. However I did ring to ask about the bailiff fees and they said they are as follows:- Two compliance fees of £75 each And an enforcement fee of £302 Do these seem right as I they only came out Monday and no letter prior to the visit and the letter they left had no fees on or the amount owed just a big standard pay now demand. all debts are pre April 14 so I'm very confused and just want to pay this now but not the wrong fees if I can fight them. Thanks
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm learning to drive for my daughters sake and have a old Car on the drive roughly worth £200 I paid £100 for it, it's a great little car but worth peanuts, it was there the other day and they wasn't bothered as it's clearly not going to cover the costs so at least they didn't try to add charges for it. Going to the council this afternoon so I will update to what outcome I get. I have health issues at the moment as well and this is all adding extra stress which is not needed so I will inform them of this as well, just hope I get an understanding person. Thanks
  5. Yes, all are pre April 14, can they still come out and charge for the new fee schedule on liabilies older than April 14 ? That's something I have seen no information on. They have never been in my home or managed to levy on anything I own and never will. Just starting to wonder if a complaint of the fees would fall on deaf ears at the council though. Been paying this so long that all this again is so annoying. Thanks
  6. Sort of, they have a levy on my father in laws car, which they have had proof of ownership and the car was on hire purchase at the time also so it's invalid which they know but it seems there not too fast to take the invalid fees off. They are really starting to get on my nerves. Thanks
  7. Hi, thanks for the reply. My daughter does DLA for her condition, I was receiving carers allowance to look after her but I'm working nights now so we have no childcare costs. The council are aware of my daughters condition, and the bailiff has been informed as well so apparently they will approach with caution ! What ever that is, he was not happy about being left talking through the door, I was home alone with three kids and the dog growling at the door so he posted the standard red letter. Not sure how helpful they will be but will have to see I guess . Thanks again
  8. Hi all, I've posted on here before and found you to be very helpful and I'm at my whits end again with this. Any help and advice much appreciated. Here goes I've been paying the bailiff £87 a month since 2012 and they suddenly wanted more, 349 a week more! I cant afford that and would not pay it either way but I logged on to the bristow account online which states they have 4 active accounts, amounts as follows :- 1-£16.41 08/03/11 2-£928.19 02/07/10 3-£991.54 04/06/13 4-£917.18 29/07/13 I rang the council as a bailiff attended yesterday and had to speak through the door as I have a disabled daughter and she would get frightened by these guys, and council said I have 3 liabilities which are :- £1007.10 08/07/11 £916.54 24/06/13 £540.18 29/09/13 I'm completely confused so have a meeting with the council tomorrow to explain all this to me but wondered what your thoughts were or anything I could use to get the council to take it back ? Many thanks Kbarwill
  9. thanks i will do that, my sisters camcorder is fully charged and waiting by my door. I also have proof of ownership on the camera just in case they fancy levying on it as it will be the only thing they see. i would happily complain about this company and the way they conduct themselves on behalf of the council. thanks kw
  10. I hope that does not happen as my partners car is on the drive after work till morning and as this is our only means to get my daughter to hospital when required i could do with out having it towed ! fingers crossed they got the message x thanks again what a weight off my mind
  11. Hi all, just thought i would let you all know, i spoke to the council again regarding my situation and how unreasonable the bailiffs were being and ended up threatening complaining to the local mp and got a phone call straight away to help me sort out a reasonable amount which i can afford each month. they also told the bailiffs not to turn up at my address as we are vulnerable and to ring them first should i fail to make the payments, which of course i wont as its the amount i could afford, thank you for your advice it was very useful . thanks all x
  12. Hi dx thank you for replying, how would i go about making a complaint to my local mp ? and would this really make a difference as everytime i have spoken to the council they make it sound like its not their problem any more and i should just deal with the bailiff which is really stressing me out and my heart drops everytime the door knocks even though i know their on hold at present. Im not sure how well the enforcement regulations are adhered to so im not certain the vulnerability situation will work. any help much appreciated. x kw
  13. hi all im new here and looking for a bit of advice with bristow and sutor bailiffs. the story so far is a few years ago i got into some trouble with council tax and got chased by the bailiffs for it. I ended up getting threatened so much by them on the door and on the phone that i asked my mum to help me pay off the bailiffs and i would give her the money monthly, which she was kind enough to do. Im now in trouble again as i was made redundant last year and had my third child all in a matter of a few weeks so my head was all over the place as you can imagine, i had to wait ages for my redundancy to come though and by the time it did the council had already sent the debt to the bailiffs. I have had a few visits off of them but each time i have just plainly told them they are not coming in, i have rang the council who has put a hold on bailiff action untill this friday 21/09/12 telling me i must come to an arrangement with the bailiff by then or action will continue. My problem with this is i feel my househol d falls into the vulnerable category as my daughter who is one suffers from acute asthma and reflex anoxic seizures and is a very poorly girl most of the time. The council are aware of this as i have told them of the acute asthma but she has only just been diagnosed with the seizures, I was hoping to get the council to take the debt back and arrange something with them as the bailffs want way more than i can afford as im unable to work because of my daughters conditions and the amount of meds she needs on a daily basis. Should i ring the bailiffs or not ? i was going to record the conversation to show the council the type of people they have working for them as every time in the past i have phoned they have threatened me and told me to pay the full amount or nearly 500 a month . any advice is very much appreciated. thank you for you time
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