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  1. Sorry for delay! Cant get on here to respond easily. The B&S debt is for a council tax arreaes, I let them in before i had an understanding of such things, they levied on my couch, microwave, tv, tv stand, laptop (which is actually my sons) and a wardrobe! I have no idea of value but if i was buying them I would probably give £100 for the lot tops!!! imho obviously.. ...I have heard that the couch is exepmt as it doesnt have fire tags on and is unsaleable but that may be incorrect, I have been paying them £40 per month but since approx November 2014 they put it up to £112 per month as it had to be clear by the financial year end.. ..they wanted £150 but i couldnt afford that so they accepted £112 minimum. Is it true that if levied goods dont cover the cost of the debt recovery it can be disputed? mark
  2. Ive worked it out before.........If I was to pay every bill including the debt which has goods levied against it for £112.50 to bristow and sutor - council tax, I am approximately £50 in the black, if I paid every debt I am between £450 and £460 short every month. I appreciate people are in worse situations but I just cant break the back of it........I need a re-set! Mark
  3. hello dx, I have found the claim form dated 14-07-2014 and also the ccj judgement dated the 11-08-2014 stating payments of £142.47 I have a letter dated 31-10-2014 from united utilities regarding a plan i set up with them for £40 first payment due on 10-11-14 Unfortunately these lapsed through lack of funds. At this point is it to late to contact united utilities? Mark
  4. Hello dx, sorry for the delay. The answer is yes! I have a ccj dated 11-08-2014 The case number matches and the amount is £1139.00 How do you suggest i proceed? Mark
  5. Hello dx, ok...... I received a notice of enforcement action from united on the 30th of 09 2014 beause i couldnt keep up with the agreement made. outstanding balance subject to action £1139.83 instalment amount overdue £142.47 another notice of enforcement on the 17th of december 2014. outstanding balance subject to action £1119.83 instalment amount overdue £60.00 notice of warrant on 27th of Feb 2015 claim number xxxxxxxx outstanding balance subject to action £1119.83 then the final notice yesterday. I am going through lots of letters to see if there is any other paperwork as i type this, please excuse my amateur response..... The problem started in 2013 after the seperation and redundancies but i dont have an exact date sorry. Yes its for my current address. thank you mark
  6. Hello friends, First post so please excuse my very minor knowledge in the matter I need help/advice with. Lat week a bailiff from Crewe county court knocked on my door stating he had a warrant from the court regarding a ccj issued on behalf of United utilities water plc, I said I had no knowledge of the issue and he left, he left a mesage on my answer machine the following day asking me to call him. After reading information from various sites I decided not to call (unsure how I should have proceeded or what I would say) I came home last night and a letter had been hand posted through my door that is essentially a photocopied template with details filled in by hand. It contains yesterdays date (hand written) a claim number (hand written) a warrant number (hand written) the claimant (hand written) the amount of £1,192.08 (hand written) and a stamp that says the bailiffs name, bailiff, Crewe county court and below that a telephone number and a second stamp saying 'URGENT' The writing states that the warrant has been issued for the payment...... ....or removal of your goods to the saleroom unless within 24 hours the above amount is paid into the court office, you will leave me no alternative but to carry out the warrant by re-attending your premises with the auctioneers van and porters to remove your goods to the saleroom to satisy the warrant. You will have to pay additional removal fees and auctioneers costs. The bailiff has never been into the property to levy goods, can he simply turn up to collect goods, especially if I am not there? I feel i must say that this situation is not come about because I simply refuse to pay, it is the net effect of family seperation, and 2 redundancies within the same year that have compounded financial issues. I am a single father of two kids that live with me, I work full time but earnings only cover basic living costs....there is certainaly no lifestyle to talk of. I have a number of other debt issues but this is an immediate problem I am worried about. My car is an old banger and probably has a value of £200 tops but it is essential that i keep it for work commuting and hospital appointments (my youngest has a heart condition and requires regular visits to liverpool chest and heart hospital and alder hey) Could someone please tell me how to proceed, I have almost no assets, live in rented accomadation, and wages dont cover the cost of living ...i have nothing left to pay off debts and they are compounding badly. Last year I let a bailiff in and he levied goods against a council tax bill which I am paying £112.50 a month for to stop him taking items away which means I cannot afford to pay the current tax.. ...as an example of the situation getting worse. I hope this makes sense. Thank you for reading. Mark
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