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  1. Sorry for delay! Cant get on here to respond easily. The B&S debt is for a council tax arreaes, I let them in before i had an understanding of such things, they levied on my couch, microwave, tv, tv stand, laptop (which is actually my sons) and a wardrobe! I have no idea of value but if i was buying them I would probably give £100 for the lot tops!!! imho obviously.. ...I have heard that the couch is exepmt as it doesnt have fire tags on and is unsaleable but that may be incorrect, I have been paying them £40 per month but since approx November 201
  2. Ive worked it out before.........If I was to pay every bill including the debt which has goods levied against it for £112.50 to bristow and sutor - council tax, I am approximately £50 in the black, if I paid every debt I am between £450 and £460 short every month. I appreciate people are in worse situations but I just cant break the back of it........I need a re-set! Mark
  3. hello dx, I have found the claim form dated 14-07-2014 and also the ccj judgement dated the 11-08-2014 stating payments of £142.47 I have a letter dated 31-10-2014 from united utilities regarding a plan i set up with them for £40 first payment due on 10-11-14 Unfortunately these lapsed through lack of funds. At this point is it to late to contact united utilities? Mark
  4. Hello dx, sorry for the delay. The answer is yes! I have a ccj dated 11-08-2014 The case number matches and the amount is £1139.00 How do you suggest i proceed? Mark
  5. Hello dx, ok...... I received a notice of enforcement action from united on the 30th of 09 2014 beause i couldnt keep up with the agreement made. outstanding balance subject to action £1139.83 instalment amount overdue £142.47 another notice of enforcement on the 17th of december 2014. outstanding balance subject to action £1119.83 instalment amount overdue £60.00 notice of warrant on 27th of Feb 2015 claim number xxxxxxxx outstanding balance subject to action £1119.83 then the final notice yesterday. I am going through lots of letters to see if there is any other
  6. Hello friends, First post so please excuse my very minor knowledge in the matter I need help/advice with. Lat week a bailiff from Crewe county court knocked on my door stating he had a warrant from the court regarding a ccj issued on behalf of United utilities water plc, I said I had no knowledge of the issue and he left, he left a mesage on my answer machine the following day asking me to call him. After reading information from various sites I decided not to call (unsure how I should have proceeded or what I would say) I came home last night and a letter had bee
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