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  1. Hello I have had a quick read about and am I right in thinking if your claim is for before 2005 welcome will reject your claim?
  2. No ticket as it was camera, Proof needs to be scanned and sent to both that's sorted. Post and bills piling up yes they have and are being worked through, bills were last thing on their mind kind of take a back seat in situations like they were in. any advice on actually getting things back to the council to sort out properly.
  3. they aren't trying to get out of anything they are obliged to but given the circumstances don't need the hassle or upset.
  4. Hello, Yes as the person in question was staying in nottingham not at their registered vehicle address. their child was in for about four months.
  5. Hello all,Basically my friend had a fine from Nottingham City Council for parking in a disabled spot in Nottingham town.This has been left as they didnt receive any correspondence about the issue.They didnt receive any paperwork as at the time they were living away from home due to extremely stressful circumstances, namely their child was in a mental health unit in Nottingham so they stayed in Nottingham to be with said child.Needless to say yesterday they received a visit from an agent of Bristol and Sutor, its been through court etc and they want hundreds of pounds.They have told the Bailiff
  6. Hello all, i would appreciate some advice. Today i took a walk around a local playing field with my border collie, we walked along the path and my dog was on his lead, he started to limp after trying to miss glass covering the whole of the pathway, i took him on the muddy grass and he had cut his foot quite badly. I have had to take him to out of hours vets and now has to have a toe removed as the glass has severed his foot badly, he under goes the op in the morning. My question is can i sue the council for my costs? The area i was in belongs to the council, however it is always over run with
  7. Hello just an update, We rang and they said to write a letter explaining and requested an urgent appeal. did so and they rang next day to ask when we were available so fingers crossed ...
  8. Yeah thanks for the advice everyone l know they said before was a time limit of six months so its go NA run out soon.
  9. Thanks for replies all, What is the name of the special department that deals with it then ? I would be willing to pay the weekly rent. I am confident of winning appeal, I need to get in front of the panel really applicatipns I have found are always lowered or denied.
  10. Hello there hope all is well, Basically I have had to appeal decision made back in July to lower my mobility component of DLA. Motability advised me I could keep car a maximum 6 months. This is running out and appeal might not be heard till June next year !! i have said i am willing to take a cancellation anything to get heard sooner as basically my car is my lifeline literally. i know everyone is on the same boat but has anybody got any ideas on how \i could keep car or anything at all.
  11. hey up . as far as i can see you can claim back the money you paid plus 8% per month from each date you paid. see these treads for a better idea http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?250560 and http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?267832
  12. i think its worth your while to read the threads in this forum plenty bof peeps would have been in similiar situation. i would say they would advise to scan your agrrements and post up after removed any personal info if you dont have agreements you need to send a subject access request to them
  13. hey up on claiming ppi i would read these...http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-finance/214154-welcome-finance-question.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/250560-ppi-newbie.html#post2811957
  14. hey up ant heard a thing yet fongers crossed tho
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