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  1. My son has recently returned to live with us. It transpires that he has a court fine which he has not paid. We found out about this when he collected a "Removal Visit" letter from Collectica at his old address. He rang Collectica and offered to pay £100 (which I offered to lend him) and then further instalments. This was declined, and he was told that he needs to pay the entire amount by tomorrow morning. I told him to email Collectica to put the offer in writing - which he did. I've been reading this site for information, and it seems that collection agencies/bailiffs have different
  2. Hi All, I have red though several of the threads but still I need some clear advice. Today I received a Removal Visit letter from Collectica in regards to a Unpaid Magistrates Fine, with the client name simply as HMCTS London NW. Now I have no idea what this fine could be for since I don't drive, don't own a car, have a valid TV license and nothing outstanding as such. Now I live on the South Coast so also confused as to the HMCTS London being involved. The amount they are after is £984 sound exceptionally high for a court fine, but I may be wrong... Now my real question is how do
  3. Hi, This evening an open (not in envelope) Removal Notice from Marston was pushed under my door (I live in a block of flats). Its says 'despite previous visits and notices this matter has not been settled... .' Its for a claim of £635. The client is illegible something like Knots, Avon & Somerset. I have never heard from these people and have not received any notices from any Court. I am sick with worry and would greatly value your advice. I am a 62yo single woman on Housing Benefits and who works in a supermarket 2 days a week. I have no car,
  4. Hello, I went on Friday 23rd Of May to a beauty retail to buy hair removal sessions. The woman done a patch test on me and we took appointment for the week after. She ask me to pay on the front and ask by cash. I paid £210. After few hours I started being red where she've done the test. I went to a boots store they say I have an llergy reaction, gave me a cream and this is it. I went back to the beauty store on Tuesday 27th explaining that I can not do the treatment I had a reaction and if I coud get my money back. The lady told me to come back the nex
  5. I am thinking of applying for a mortgage this year, so thought it would be good practice to check the old credit file. I found that a default had been lodged on my Call Credit file for £5,650.00 by "Barclays Partner Finance" ( default date has been set at 11/05/2011 ) when I am sure they have changed the date of default forward, as I defaulted on that loan way back in 2008. But on top of that, they forwarded that same debt onto a Debt Collecting agency called "CapQuest Investments Ltd" who have set their own default for the debt - Date 31/12/2009 amount £5,961.00. I am
  6. I have been at university for the last 3 years but after calling Marston Bailiffs apparently I owe £575 to HMCTS North East London Magistrates for TV Licence. I dnt even own the property or own my TV?! I have called the debt company who advised me to call the magistrates. But I just need advice on how to possibly over-turn this. I had no knowledge of this debt till today and yet it dates back to November 2011? Thank you for your help. Eman.
  7. Hiya all, A few months ago I came to the realisation that a number of loans/ credit cards had been set up in my name Now first things first I should have been checking my credit file and never done that before until I got a letter from a debt collection agency ( at my new address ) contacting me to say that a default has been issued against me for a credit card company ( Santander ) - now I have never ever had a credit card in my life I have checked my credit file and have noticed amongst a lot of applications 9 similar successes for different companies I have written to t
  8. HI... I am after some help and advice on a default I have recently found on my credit file. here's the story(have posted before about disappearing account) I had a bank account with Lloyds for a long time, also had there credit card, overdraft and savings account. everything was going fine until some time ago when my debts got to a stage where I was paying out more then I was earning ,so something had to be done. I sent off a token payment letter asking for six months to sort my finances out on credit card, was refused but started to pay token payment anyway. This wa
  9. Hi an (alleged) default was added to my file July 2008. I settled debt December 2008 but lender refused to remove data from my credit file. Does anyone here know if the toxic data will come off this July or December? Thanks for looking and thanks in advance for any help
  10. I was hoping to get some help with an old Welcome debt which was apparently bought by MKRR in 2010, I took out a £2000 loan in September 2007 and unfortunately only managed 2 payments. Welcome appeared on my credit file until recently but all payments recorded are not accurate it says I started paying in May 2007 with first late payment in July 2007 this before I even took the loan out.History also shows as various late payments of between 1 and 6 months from July 2007 to October 2009, I have definitely made no payment or contact since October 2007, I am 100% sure of that as I lost my job at
  11. My final CCJ turns 6 today, Happy Birthday Equifax removed it last weekend But it remains on Callcredit and Experian Does anybody know how long it takes CRAs to remove it?
  12. Sometime ago I requested clarification regarding the removal of courtesy telephones for claimants within the JCP'S. My local MP addressed this question to IDS, now some months later I received a copy of the letter sent to my MP clarifying the situation. This is the response below. Dear John Thank you for your letter of 11 November 2013 on behalf of one of your constituents regarding the withdrawal of Customer Access Phones from the Jobcentres. I apologise for the delay in replying. There is an intention to commence the removal of the phones from the (my home town JCP) from
  13. Hello All I am not going to go into details as my story would be extremely long. Anyway, i have received a CCJ (Down to a dodgy company lying). It has just been added to my Credit File with a judgment date of 16/01/2014. If i pay the full amount before the 16/02/2014 will it be removed from my credit file? I have read this somewhere but not sure whether it was true.
  14. Hi Guys, I have one late payment marker from Barclaycard from 3 years ago which I have been told may affect my chances of getting a mortgage in the near future. This is the only late payment I have on my Credit Report in the past 5 years so would like to try and get it taken off if possible. I think the payment was literally 3 days late due to a banking error on my behalf but it is still there either way! I do have some other marks on my credit report which are 5+ years old but they are due to drop off after this year so aren't such an issue. I was just wonder
  15. Hi I was pointed in the direction of your website and it has been very helpful. I am looking for advice, rather urgently, since i came home from work yesterday, to find a 24 hour removal notice through my door. This was a shock as the last contact i had with jacobs was back in aug 2013, the account was put on hold as i disputed it ( bit of a lon winded reason why, but it was a back dated change a few months after i left the property. I am a lone parent, working part time and my circumstances changed twice, propmpting all benefits to be recalculated, ending in this underpayment
  16. I have two PCN's from the local council, which apparently have been handed over to a company named EQUITA which keep sending me threatening letters concerning removal of my car and other goods. This has been ongoing for a while now. The notices are being sent to my old address, and according to the letters, the bailiffs have been to my (previous) address on numerous occasions to remove the car! Today I received a letter with "BAILIFF REMOVAL" printed in red ink and large letters and asking me to contact them (on an 0870 number!) and make arrangements to pay this debt now. I hav
  17. Hello I need urgent advice before tomorow please Marston is coming with removal guys to an address. This adress is council property and my wife main tenant owner solely. me and 3 children live too. But house in wife name. I got court writ nearly 29,000 from a claim that was friend name. friend was man driver i was passsenger, we got hit and claimed. but court struck t off. now i need to pay court costs everything and not my friend. Why? but problem is everything in house my wife buyed. i buyed 2 bed only. Marston coming tomorow with removal guys. what should do?
  18. Hello everyone, Just what I needed the week before christmas! The council have a liability order for rates. I fell behind with payments as I haven't been paid for several months. The letter was posted through the letter box, so as soon as I saw it I called them. They said it had to be paid in full and to ring back with payment. I told them that I don't have it, he said they'd be back to take stuff and if they couldn't get anything they'd commence bankruptcy proceedings. He also said they finish on Friday and it would have to be sorted by then. I've tried to ring h
  19. Hey everyone I hope i'm posting this in the right place as i'm new to the forum! Just a quick question really! I have recently payed off all of my debts (woohoo!) and I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on getting my CCJ removed. The judgement was made back in October 2010 and I have a letter off the debt collection company stating because I paid the debt off within one month of the date of judgement I can use this letter in support of my application to have the registration cancelled, but the problem is I have no idea of how to go about this. Can't seem
  20. I have had a Barclays account from the age of 16 and I am now 23. In December 2012 I changed bank to Natwest and I had gone into my Barclays branch to change the account to a free one as I was on the current account plus paying £6.50 I believe. In February I changed address and I sent off the change of address form to get the address changed to my new one and Ive not used my Barclays account since until I decided to transfer money into it and the money was bouncing back. A week ago I tried logging into my Barclays online account and found
  21. Hi Guys, I'm new here so please bear with me if I appear to know next to nothing about this whole thing and please excuse if I'm asking a question already asked. I am currently trying to apply for a mortgage and it had thrown up a few problems, the first was a default registered against me by Lowell, I have now managed to have this removed as when I informed them that they made it clear there would be no default and that I have never received a default notice they were more than happy to oblige. Unfortunately my partner also has a default on her credit file placed on in July by Barcl
  22. Hi, I've seen this question raised many many many times on here over the years "How do I get a default removed?" - Well after some hard work I managed to get 2 defaults removed from my credit file this week and working on a third. So it is possible to get defaults removed and not just marked as SETTLED but completely removed. One company even removed the entire account. One of the defaults was on my account since 2009 and the Financial Ombudsman instructed it to be removed in a written judgement back in 2009. (This goes back to the forum post I made back then regarding a vehi
  23. Hi all, I received a debt letter some months ago and sent the prove it letters I have never taken out those home collection loans as the APR's are horrendous. They have told me they have closed the account as they can't find the credit agreement after about two months of looking. I asked them will the debt be removed from my credit file and they sent me this: I can confirm that our letter dated the 18th September stated “At this time we have closed our file and will not make any further contact with you concerning payment against this account unless the cop
  24. Hi I'm going to try and get a default off my credit file from hsbc, I owe them about 1200 which I'm paying back 50 a month to their 'solicitors' DG , I'm going to ask them if they would accept a full and final settlement offer and agree to remove the default, I'm not sure whether to write to hsbc or to DG solicitors? Thank you for any advice!
  25. Hello! I truly hope someone can give us some good advice on this situation. The current situation is that myself and my wife have been trying to get a 95% mortgage, which has been accepted but under a condition we can get a TMobile Default removed on my wifes credit. Up to this month we didn't ever know she had a default on her account so was a shock to see it on the credit report. The default is from 10/11/2011. Upon investigation with T-Mobile it appears the situation happened as follows: My wifes had a T-Mobile contract on her name but for her ex partner. Whe
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