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  1. if you are pensioners, you should claim underlying entitlement to carer premium if you are working age and receiving ESAIR, IS or JSAIB, you should cease claiming carers allowance, as couple rate of severe disability premium is worth £50 or £60 quid more than couple rate of carer premium
  2. it appears that you have been to tribunal and your appeal was dismissed - the tribunal's decision is binding upon you and the PS not sure how long ago your tribunal was - did you appeal to the commissioners or upper tribunal?
  3. I am confused BB you said you get zero help from your LA, but you are getting a DHP
  4. you have nothing to lose by taking the appeal further the Nelson v Fife decision is the leading caselaw, it is worth reading is there anything unusual about the room that would stop it be used as a bedroom, such as no heating, no lighting, no windows, no ventilation?
  5. It looks like it is the middle rate of DLA(care) 3 weeks @ £55.10 per week = £165.30
  6. it appears that ransom was actually $500 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-35458992
  7. keep the council informed of what is going on ask for CTR to be continuous based upon new circs if necessary request discretionary cCTR
  8. when you say shared a house, were they joint tenants or did they have separate tenancies/licences? did your friend terminate the tenancy/licence when she moved out?
  9. you do not need to make fresh claims for HB/CTR - it is simply a change of circumstances
  10. although his qualifying age is 65 for retirement pension at 63, he is already old enough to qualify for guarantee credits (please note that the fact that he jointly owns a property may affect any entitlement) he does not need to sign on
  11. another issue will be that to simplify calculations for DWP - it is highly likely that the level of assistance will be standard rate - and not take into account CT banding or charges
  12. a question you may get asked is "why did he not get wage slips & bank statements sent to his parents address?"
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