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  1. An SAR has now been sent and also a letter to the DWP explaining the maladministration and misrepresentation to Tribunal based on that maladministration requesting the justification of their reasonings based only on legislation, DMGs and case law but I haven't had an acknowledgement from either. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Thank you for the reply. The first tribunal I went to but didnt understand any of the legislation or that what the PS had presented was totally irrelevant to my case. I was refused a right to appeal and refused attendance at the Upper Tribunal which still only had the erroneous information presented by the PS. After the Upper Tribunal I had, by then, learned the legislation, DMGs Case Law and multiple sources of Gov't information all of which confirmed the correct legislation and confirmed my housing costs were initially correctly assessed by income support and Pension service for 2 years b
  3. Hi id6052. Thanks for your reply. your comments are accurate if a bona fide case has been taken to tribunal. In my case the material the Pension Service presented to Tribunal was not relevant to my case or my claimant category. The PS were guilty of maladministration in unlawfully stopping legislated housing costs and misrepresentation of my case at Tribunal. The judgement, based on maladministration was a miscarriage of justice. I had no idea of what the PS had done (maladministration and misrepresentation) until after the Upper Tribunal and then w
  4. Does anyone know if the Pension Service is legally obligated to correct mistakes they make when it is brought to them and what legislation or Case Law is relevant to that obligation? TPP
  5. Thank you HB. Right from the start when my legitimate housing costs were stopped under the guise of the PS made a mistake, there has been a brick wall and the PS has refused to address any of the issues I raised (after I had learned what they were doing sadly after the fraudulent Tribunal presentation) which would have shown clearly from the legislation and DMGs that the PS was wrong. I even wondered if it was an unlawful way of culling benefits whilst the gov't had time to legislate them out or reduce them. The resistance I have met against correctly applying the law has
  6. Does anyone know of solicitors expert in dealing with such cases who provide legal aid? I have searched for such solicitors and the only ones I can find who have legal aid know nothing of the relevant welfare benefit law. TPP
  7. Has anyone dealt with maladministration by the Pension Service causing a miscarriage of justice and denial of legislated housing costs (mortgage interest support) and further presenting to Tribunal the wrong information /error in law thereby resulting in a wrong judgement based on unlawful and fraudulently presented material? TPP
  8. Hello HB Thank you for your responses. My MP "wasn't able to help" apart from giving me the contact details for the Citizens Advice Bureau. There is definitely maladministration by the Pension Service. My case is so simple and uncomplicated and maladministration has made it into something so complicated which it should not have been. The PS is not only responsible for maladministration but flagrantly acted beyond their powers (ultra vires) mandated by the Secretary of State. I am so appreciative of any help to break through the defensive "brick wal
  9. Hi everyone, Any help or advise on where to go on this would be most welcome please as it's a battle I've been fighting for just over 6 years, without a break, and I NEED to get the Pension Service to put right the ultra vires decision (on the wrong legislation) and recieve the back pay owed. I am 110% correct in my findings from both DMG and legislation, the Pension Service are completely wrong and no-one will look at it. I list below a copy of the letter I have last sent, a brief outline of events leading to the wrongful withdrawal, by the Pension Service (PS), of allowable housing c
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