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  1. I was on Universal Credit with the lcwra element until November 2021 when I reached State Pension age. Schedule 9 Para 5 states that if a claimant has lcwra when they reach SP age AND get PIP Daily living at the enhanced rate, then the lcwra element continues. I haven't received lcwra since I retired and I have been trying to clarify this with various departments of DWP and have had a variety of responses none of which is helpful. I have been informed that lcwra only continues after SP age if the claimant is the younger partner in a joint claim. This may turn out to be the case but Schedule 9 para 5 makes no mention of this. Can someone please help me to sort this out? admg3 (1).pdf
  2. Basically yes. Had a recurrence of anxiety and depression and ignored post for several months. I know I've been stupid but I want to deal with this situation and move on.
  3. I had a court fine re vehicle tax which has now gone to bailiffs. Can I get the fine sent back to court? I have anxiety and depression and a range of physical health issues. I am on universal credit. If the court won't let me deal direct can I set up a payment plan with the bailiffs?
  4. Thanks for your response Andy. Yes as far as I am aware she informed the council because she made a claim for HB for the place she moved into. I'm not sure if the council are pursuing her for CT for the period when they shared the house or after she left. It just seems unfair that she gets landed with his bill. She seems to have done everything right but he was working (not sure if he was also claiming benefit) and getting cash in hand.
  5. A friend shared a house with a man for a few months. She was not in a relationship with him nor was he a friend. She just happened to live in the same house. She left the house about 4 months ago and apparently the man she shared with is now in prison. She is being pursued by the council for this man's unpaid council tax. I understand that the council is allowed to pursue fellow tenants, but is this still the case when the council knows where the other person is living (ie prison?) Is there any way that she can avoid having to pay someone else's debt?
  6. Hi all , I have received the letter from Smart Parking regarding the £90 they are attempting to extort from me. They say if I don't cough up within 14 days they will passed to a debt recovery agent. Presumably I respond with an appeal letter. Do I do the GPEOL stuff now or does that come at the next stage ? Any advice ?
  7. What's GPEOL ? Sorry I'm not great with jargon. Thank you so much for all the responses, I feel a lot better about it now.
  8. It was a Pay and Display car park and the ticket was on the windscreen. The majority of the car parks in that area of town are free and I was in a hurry and wasn't paying attention. I wouldn't have minded so much if it had been a legitimate fine which is £40 discounted to £20, I'm just outraged by the sheer cheek of the demand.
  9. Thanks for responding Renegadeimp. Can you give me some idea of what to put in the appeal letter? Do I ask for a breakdown of the "damages" they have allegedly incurred ? Does it even matter what I say other than the fact that I'm appealing?
  10. I got a £90 "fine" (discounted to £45 if I cough up within 14 days) from Smart Parking. I gather that this is not like council parking fines or penalties but is in fact an invoice for the damages they have incurred ! Is this legally enforceable ? I'm reluctant to just ignore it and hope it will go away because I don't want the stress hanging over me. What do I need to do to make this go away ? Should I contact the Co-op who own the car park (it says coop car park on the ticket)? What is a POPLA ? Is there a template I can use ?
  11. Hi, Just thought I'd let people know that we have succeeded in getting a Treasurers Account at Nationwide. Obviously it helped that we are Not for Profit and not everyone can go down that road. We opened our Recovery Cafe recently (for people with drug and alcohol problems) and we had a celebrity visitor yesterday which was amazing. I wanted to let people know that if you persevere you can succeed !
  12. I would appreciate some advice on opening a business account. Myself and a group of other people have just set up a cooperative. It is a not for profit organisation and we are a registered cooperative with FSA. We desperately need to open a bank account in the cooperatives registered name in order to meet the requirements of potential funders. However we were declined by the cooperative bank (irony!) and I need some advice before applying to other banks in case we jeopardise our chances of acceptance. I think that I am the problem because as a result of a recent bereavement I'm not on the electoral role (I moved in with my sister for almost a year and I forgot about filling in the form when I moved into my new place). I suspect that my credit isn't good anyway. Is it possible to just have 2 other members as signatories on the bank account or would that make no difference ? Is it easier to get a Community bank account ? We need to have 2 signatories for withdrawals so I'm not sure if something like cashplus would meet funders requirements. We don't need/want borrowing facilities, just an account where money can be payed into and we can operate the cooperative. Advice please ?
  13. ]Hi all, I've just had another letter from PCC (Portsmouth City Council). It seems I spoke too soon. They say they can only backdate CTB until June 2012 and they have sent me a bill for £352.96 for April and May 2012 which includes £122.50 costs. I assume that this is made up of bailiffs fees and court costs. Surely the fact that they backdated the CTB would mean that the original basis of the liability order was incorrect ? Also they admit that they were wrong to use the bailiffs in February - does this mean that I can take the case to the Local Government Ombudsman and claim compensation ? The tone of the letter is very sceptical regarding the fact that I submitted the original form in time in April 2012. They say "You claim that the form was lost but we can find no indication of this" How can I prove that the form was lost ? Isn't it the nature of things that are lost that they can't be found ?
  14. ]Hi, I'd like to thank everyone who gave me advice regarding my problems with CT. I followed the suggestions and copied the letter of complaint to the CEO of Portsmouth City Council and Mike Hancock my local M.P. I received a standard response from the Complaints Desk - not even sure that he actually read it, but I had a really nice letter from Mike Hancock last week enclosing a copy of the letter he sent to The CEO, and today I had a letter from PCC saying my request for backdating had been successful! Obviously I don't know what will happen regarding the Bailiff fees. Does this mean the liability order is quashed ? I'm so grateful for the support and advice I have been given on this site. I can't make a donation today but I will definitely do so on Friday when I get my benefit. [/font]
  15. Hi Brassnecked, Further to my earlier reply (bailiffs are based in the council offices). I have just searched PCC website for Bailiff's services and come up with nil!! What does this mean ? I also notice that there is no email address and the style seems to be slightly different from other PCC correspondence.
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