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  1. Hi Guys. In 2016 I had a PDL with The Money Shop. Due to financial difficulty I stopped paying it in January 2017. Recently out of the blue I started receiving emails from CRS about the debt. They were duly ignored. Within them was an email about sending me a Letter Before Claim (they didn't) as well as a couple of repeated emails about the implications of a CCJ. They have my address and I haven't moved since the debt was accrued. A couple of days ago I received a letter from AJJB Law being very disappointed in me for not replying t
  2. Okay, so an update on all of this as I finally received a letter back yesterday. This is the letter I initally sent: Natwest agreed that the address change was wrong and out of order and have agreed to purge all of my credit files of this link. That's all well and good. However, they have upheld that their charges are all in line and fair. They completed overlooked the fact that their returned item charge placed the account into overdraft and then they bean to charge monthly unauthorised overdraft charges on their previous charges month-on-month. They simply quoted
  3. I've managed to put together a decent letter but is there a particular address that I can send my letter to?
  4. Okay, I'll set to work on it. Thanks again!
  5. That's very interesting. Looking at it, the first charges were placed on 30/10/11. The default notice was charged on the account 22/02/2012. However, according to my file the default was actually registered on 31/07/2012.
  6. Many thanks for that DX. I've had a read and think there are definite grounds to argue it. Ideally I'd like them wiping and the default removing. However, I'm not sure how to begin, are there any templates for this type of thing?
  7. Hi All, recently I have been trying to rectify my credit history and upon checking my files was shocked to discover that I had a default on my file for an old Natwest Account I had stopped using in 2011. I was certain that I left the account in with a few pounds worth of credit and transferred all of my outstanding payments to my new account. As it was just a basic account with no overdraft, paperless billing and was used almost exclusively online, I just left it as it was. Checking the details I was shocked to find that the address was registered as in Leic
  8. I'm trying to get details on an old defaulted account so I can add it into a DRO. I emailed Wonga CustomerCare on the 10th: The next day I received this reply: To which I replied that 'At this time I would prefer to communicate by email or post, and not under any circumstances by telephone' They replied with "We have tried calling you today unsuccessfully (they don't have my current number, and are not getting it) and then continued the email with precisely the same reply as above! So I sent an email of complaint to [email protected] including the pr
  9. They're predominantly PDLs with one or two default contracts in there. I don't think there's anything i can claim other than a reduction in charges. But even then they'll be written off by the DRO so will not be paid either way.
  10. So just to be clear - would I need to resend the SAR and another £10?
  11. Hi MM, The DRO is being done through debt advice charity, StepChange (formally CCCS). I chose to go through with this method because I can't afford to repay all of my debts and being insolvent for 12 months is preferable to repaying token amounts for years and years to come. But also, I don't dispute any of my debts (barring the aforementioned KDS and Natwest) so I don't think I really have grounds to argue them. However, with regard to Credit Cards, I'm currently dealing with C1 trying to get a default removed by them. I can't post the thread here as my post count is too low,
  12. Hi guys, Back in 2009 I defaulted on my Capital One account. It only had a limit of £100 but back in those days I used to pay it off in full each month. However, my hours were cut and so I started making smaller repayments. However, interest and charges sent the account overlimit and then overlimit fees + charges + interest led to the account falling into default. A short time later I paid off the debt in full (£192) and thought no more of it. However, reading this forum I have come to the belief that the default was solely to blame on the inclusion of charges & interest. S
  13. Hi Linda, I can't really offer good advice to you because I'm currently fighting very similar problems myself. I too fell into the PDL trap and felt that my whole life was spiraling into chaos, but advice from this site helped me to regain control and get things back on track. Having read your posts I just wanted to pop a quick post up to say that even though it may not seem that way right now, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You are not alone and the folks on here are amazing. Stay strong and best wishes
  14. Hi MM, A quick update: Last week I emailed every single one of my defaults from all three credit files (turns out some show up on CallCredit but not on Experian and vice versa) in order to gain reference numbers / total amounts owing. Now a lot has happened and is in varying stages so I'll go through what I found step-by-step. 1, KDS Finance They have two accounts dating back to 2009 on my Experian report. They were paid off back in 2010, but for the past few years they have updated my file with two '6' marks, meaning the accounts are six months overdue. I emailed a co
  15. Hi guys, I've just made the first steps to fixing my financial mess and am arranging a DRO. However, I need to arrange statements of each debt with account numbers and total amounts owing. Now after spending a while being chased by the delightful folks at companies like MMF, Red Castle, Fredricksons and Lowell, I previously changed my mobile number and requested that the ones I've been in contact with only contact me by email. However, now I need these statements I'm going to have to go to them, but I don't want to give these people my current address (and the endless stream of thre
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