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  1. Received a County Court claim form for a Statute Barred debt going back to 2000, Completed Claim Form with Defence Statute Barred, received a letter from Court that my response to claim is deemed to be a defence. Drydens Fairfax was the Solicitor then another took over each I sent notification debt Statute Barred. I've contacted Arrow Global to let them know its SB and put in a complaint to them. Letter said claim was transferred to Manchester County Court then we received another to say it had been transferred in error and is back at Northampton. It now says on MCOL defence received 03/10/2014 and defence rejected yet I haven't sent any other defence in. Infact , when I called on 03/10/14 to Query case going back to Northampton was told it had been stayed. So what do you suggest now. REALLY appreciate your help on this didn't mean to shout just glad of help, Thankyou
  2. I have an alleged debt relating to MBNA for £19k, the last payment relating to this goes back to 2009 and I have zero chance of finding any money towards this. It has been passed from debt collector to debt collector all of which I have manged to fob off without sending payment or acknowledging the debt. Arrow Global then purchased the debt and they latterly engaged Blake lapthorn solicitors who wrote to me threatening court action. I replied to them asking for proof of any alleged debt and also advising them that I was no longer Resident in the UK. Blake lapthorn responded by supplying a copy of a signature box and a few separate pages of T & C's. I replied that the paperwork did not conform to the 1974 CCA and that they should therefore drop the claim. They ignored my letter and proceeded to court where they obtained a judgement, I was unable to defend as being out of the UK, I was not notified in time and the paperwork was sent to an old (wrong) address. I do come back to the UK from time to time, should I try and get this judgement overturned (do I have proper grounds to do so) or just ignore it? Attached is a copy of the application form masquerading as a signed agreement.
  3. Hi there, I entered into a Tomlin Order with Arrow in Feb 2013. We agreed to a final settlement amount of £552.27 payable monthly at £15.34 starting on the 31st March 2013. I had a letter through after about 4 months saying I hadn't paid anything and we realised I hadn't put a reference number on the bank transfers, the amounts I had paid were found and put against my account. On Saturday I received a letter saying thst RMA Resolve are now managing my account on behalf of Arrow and if the balance is wrong or if I don't think the letter is for me to contact them. The balance wax £483.44 as at the 22/09/2014 I called my bank and they read out the dates that I had paid -18 payments in all. I called RMA and the nightmare begins. They have never heard of a Tomlin Order, they have been sent the account as Arrow say I have only paid £32 odd! I have to email the Tomlin to them (a trip to the local library as our scanner has packed up), email proof of payment (£5.00 for the bank to produce statements plus a 40min round walk to our local branch), then they will have a meeting about the best way forward! I called Arrow to be told nothing to do with them now. What can I claim back in compensation? The Tomlin says they should review every 6 months and they haven't but apart from this I have kept my side of the agreement. I have checked the accoun details and reference number of Arrow and it is all correct. Any advice? Thanks
  4. Hi, hope admin don't mind but I am looking for others like myself who have been screwed over by Natwest/RBS. I moved some of my properties to them and took out a 5 year loan facility with them in 2007 on the understanding that they would renew the loan as long as I was a good customer & paid my dues. I did pay my dues & never missed a payment but after the banking crisis they decided they didn't want to have "buy to let properties" on their books any more & demanded all the money back, including the further loans that I had taken out over a 15 year term. As banks weren't lending at that time I was unable to repay the money so Natwest appointed LPA receivers. This never went to court as they use "the law of property act 1925" a very interesting read if you have time. I have been battling with Natwest ever since & have spent a small fortune on solicitors & barristers. Please see my other posts for the early part of my story. Unfortunately I cant post the rest of my story at the moment but I will as soon as I can. The main thing I need to do is find others like myself so please contact me, we may be able to help each other. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi I keep on getting letters from Arrow Global for a defaulted 02 account I got into difficulties due to me loosing my job back in 2011. the account is still registered at my parents address it also shows that address on my credit file they are not sure which adress I am at so they are sending letters to both of them. I have not responded so they are sill in the dark They are defaulting my credit file every month What would be the best way forward I tried to get 02 to take a payment they just said it was in the hands of the DCA company. Thank you
  6. Just need a quick piece of advice as waiting for a senior manager from MBNA to phone back. I have a loan with them, and have been paying off an amount each month under an arrangement. I have missed a couple of payments, and received some letters etc. I phoned on Friday to bring the payments up to date, gave a CC number to do this, which they took. They told me on the phone all was ok, now up to date. Later that evening they left a message on my answer phone to appologise but that they didn't realise I was paying with a Credit Card, they only accept Debit cards. So I phoned on Saturday and paid by debit card. They again confirmed that everything was ok. I got a letter yesterday, dated 1st Feb saying, "our records indicate that you have defaulted on your reduced payment plan. Failure to repay the missed payment and subsequent payments will result in the registration of a default at the Credit Referece Agency and the eventual termination of the agreement" etc. etc. I assumed, given the date, that it had just crossed in the system with my payment, but I thought as I had a spare moment today, I would just give them a call. The girl on the phone was very appologetic and said that defaulted the account on 28th, it was now showing as a balance of Zero as they have sold the debt on. WHAT? I have requested to speak to a senior manager and one is due to call me back. Where do I stand with this one, does anyone know? Many thanks, SD
  7. Hi wondering what is the best route to take here? Around 2008/9 I took out a vanquis credit card online which I had being paying every month with no problem they kept putting my limit up every couple of month till eventually it was - if I can recall £2000 limit. everything was fine until there was a big change in my circumstances and then I couldn't afford the payments . I was very unwell with the change and couldn't cope with any kind of responsibilities at that time. s o kinda stuck my head in the sand. at that point think I owed £1485 roughly to the credit card but as payments were not being made the interest /late payment fees kept mounting! I now owe £1830 .this balance was then passed to 1rst Credit and initially and they sent me a letter offering me a full and final settlement offer roughly for £900 which would have been Ideal big discount - but I genuinely didn't have the money to pay therefore ignored the letter. . I have since then moved house and have had constant texts, mobile phone calls (don't know how the got my number ) from all the above DCA and threats of court action from Bryan carter, Fredrickson although I never answer any calls from unknown numbers it will most likely be them so they haven't proven my ID yet, it's been about 2 years and 3 months since I last made a payment.. now Arrow global have passed it onto DEBT MANAGERS LTD, are they sending letters out weekly, latest one doorstep agent visit, to discuss arrangements for payment of the full amount owing ..and that I may be entitled to a discount without prejudice for immediate settlement ..do I keep on ignoring these letters what do you guys suggest would be the best step here?
  8. Hi guys, Hope some of you can help. I know I had a personal loan with Egg. Originally taken out as a CC and personal loan in 2004 and later combined into a loan sometime in 2006 or 7 (not sure exactly). I believe my last payments may have been in 2010, with a possibility of it being earlier (doubtful) I've returned from 6 weeks abroad and received 2 letters from shoosmiths and a court claim . A claim for which the 14 days has expired. Issue Date: 13-08-2014 Total amount: 5071.33 (inc. costs) Claimant: arrow global limited Solicitor: Shoosmiths llp Original Credit: Egg Particulars of Claim: 1. The claimant's claim is for the sum of 4803.45 being monies due from the defendant to be claimed under a regulated agreement between the defendant and Egg banking PLC (no. Xxxxx) and assigned to the claimant on 28/02/2013, notice of which has been provided to the defendant. 2. The defendant has failed to make payment in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. 3. The claimant claims the sum of 4803.45 4. C has complied, as far as necessary, with the pre action conduct practice direction. Number Could anyone please advise me what I should do? I feel sick and depressed already (and currently unemployed). Is there any realistic chance of this being unenforceable . ..or is it too late to respond, just accepting the debt and trying to make minimal payments. Many thanks in advance
  9. HI. I have received a claim form, dated 17/3/14 from Shoosmiths LLP, acting for Arrow Global, who are trying to collect an old capital one credit card debt. I have already sent of a CPR31.14 request, after reading advice on these forums, and have completed the acknowledgement of service online. I am unsure of what I need to do next. I know I have a certain time limit to submit my defence, but I am a little unsure of what that defence should be. I have defaulted, and I have not made a payment since the first of February 2008. I am guessing the Claim has been issued now to avoid the debt becoming statute barred? I have also received a letter from Shoosmiths LLP, dated 25th March 2014, indicating their clients intention to request judgement against me on 5th April 2014. They have also given me an opportunity to make a lump sum payment to their client, to avoid court action. Any advice will be gratefully received!
  10. Hi, I had a Virgin credit card with a credit limit of £8,500 and could not afford to repay it. No payments or transactions in four years and the debt has been now been purchased by Arrow Global. With charges it's around £10k now and they have issued a summons and I have filed online a defence for the full amount. What is the best course of action from here. I have priority debts which I am having to deal with and they will have purchased this for a fraction of the actual debt and piled on the solicitors costs. Thanks for any advice.
  11. Hi I wonder if anybody can help . My wife received a claim form from Northampton county court from a company called arrow global in regards to an hsbc loan . We checked up on the details and believed the loan to be statute barred . However , we returned the form to the court stating we disputed the claim and gave the reasons and enclosed a copy of a letter i had sent to Restons solicitors who are acting for arrow . After reading a similar case on here i asked for a true copy of the credit agreement all records held on my wife transcripts of all telephone records by hsbc and themselves true copies of assignment and or default notice proof that the debt is not statute barred any other documents they will rely on in court and a few other items I gave them 14 days to reply and if no information was forthcoming i would report it to the court . The court replied immediately acknowledging the defence and said they will serve a copy on the claimant giving them 28 days to inform the court on how they wish to proceed or the claim will be stayed. After 7 days ( today ) Restons wrote back to my wife saying she did not sign the form only a digital signature and unless she signs it they will not acknowledge anything . What should i do now , the court has acknowledged it , i have a signed delivery receipt from Restons and they have also sent a copy of my wifes letter back with their letter proving they have had it . Should my wife just write back and inform them that they only have 7 days left ? many thanks in advance for your help
  12. Trying to make sense of the terms and conditions of ebay's Global Shipping Programme - In places, somewhat confusing and possibly unfair. This would seem to indicate that all fees and charges have been paid up front.... This clarifies the claim that all fees, including VAT has been included in the price paid for shipping.... Then we get to this section: Err.... Unless I am mistaken, previous clauses would suggest that no further charges will be liable once payment has been made.... Finally, the unfair clause: So eBay can amend the T&C without giving notice - Something is seriously wrong with that ! Having paid for this "service" on the assumption that import duties, VAT, brokerage fees, and shipping costs have all been paid up front, should I incur any additional charges, would I be within my rights to: a) Lodge a PayPal dispute and/or b) Do a S77 charge back on my credit card. c) Demand that eBay refund any additional charges on the grounds of unfair contract or mis-sold "service".
  13. First post so apologies if this is covering issues that others have talked about but I am going round in circles on this one. My husband had an Egg loan back in 2005. He went into a Debt Repayment Plan with Spectrum in 2006 and was paying £1 a month and stopped paying that in 2010. He has received a claim form from Restons Solicitors acting for Arrow Global Ltd and the issue date is 27th May 2014. He's never received anything from Restons or Arrow confirming that the debt had been assigned to Arrow. The Particulars of Claim are very brief: "The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant under a contract dated on or about 15/08/2005 in the sum of £3xxx.xx PARTICULARS a/c o: 1xxxxxxx DATE ITEM VALUE 10/07/2013 Default balance 3xxx.xx Post Refrl Cr NIL TOTAL: 3xxx.xx" My initial thoughts were that there was no mention of the fact that it was an Egg loan and no mention of an assignment to them. Also, shouldn't the Particulars be 'clear and concise'???? They certainly are not. I filed an acknowledgement of service online on 4th June. I sent a CPR 31.14 request on 4th June requesting the contract and also requested a default notice, assignment and formal demand. Letter in today from Restons dated 13th June. They've sent the Loan Agreement under CCA 1974 and it's dated 8th August 2005 and signed by him on 13th August 2005. They've also sent us two annual Egg loan statements and shows that the last payment of £1 was made in May 2010. They have rejected my request for the other documents as they are not 'mentioned' in their Particulars. The account number they have quoted in the Particulars is Arrow's reference for my husband, the one on the agreement is completely different. Obviously I need to file his defence asap. I wanted to go down the statute-barred route but cannot as the last payment was received in May 2010. Incidentally, the Egg loan came off my husband's credit file in May as it had been 6 years since he had defaulted. Can I submit that the loan has not been properly assigned to Arrow and/or he's received no notice of this? Also can I get them on the fact that they are solicitors and their Particulars are very poor and therefore he cannot properly defend himself? Any help muchly appreciated
  14. Morning All, Hopeful somebody could offer assistance.... A "Friend" of mine has decided she wants to follow her dream of travelling and working abroad, only issue with this is... she's now changed her mind, unfortunately she has paid the aforementioned company £1000 for the privilege The company offer a service of sorting out the paperwork and guaranteeing a job on her arrival in Australia, again she has looked into the company AFTER signing a contract and paying out money, seen that the reviews arent so wonderful and is struggling to make a claim for a refund. The website states (section 19 on the FAQ Section) that "We understand that unexpected things may happen! Therefore we offer you a lot of flexibility. However, the actual deposits are non-refundable. If you find yourself suddenly unable to travel, we are able to change your dates and you can keep your deposit as a credit for 10 years!" They have advised her that they will only pay back £325?!?! Anybody advise?!? Obviously she understands she'll lose her paid deposit "£275" but to only offer her £325 is £350 less than she should get back.... Regards
  15. Hello I am new to this site and I was wondering whether anyone could offer some advise to a puzzling letter I received yesterday. It is a letter from a debt agency calling itself Global Debt Recovery Ltd. Reference to a debt via Barclays Bank (Motormile Finance) £857.24 I have no knowledge of any debt with Barclays Bank or a Motormile finance I phoned them up and they stated that it was from a debt re: 2004.. ..I denied all knowledge of the debt and why are they only contacting me now 10 years later. They also stated that they tried to contact me in 2010 at my current address which I have resided at for the past 5years but I do not remember seeing any letters from them. I am just after some advise of what to do before I am legally bound to anything?
  16. hi, any help would be grateful. arrow county courted me, i admitted part of the claim, i asked for copies of original agreement, deed of assignment, deed of novation. hey sent me copy of application form . statement of the account, agreement terms and conditions. they say as my defence is based on financial difficulties, they do not consider my request to be proportionate or relevent to the issue in the case, and therefore my request for documentation is refused. its before district judge on 9 july
  17. Hiya Ladies and Gents, A few years back I had a CC with MBNA which I disputed due to them being unable to provide an enforcable credit agreement. They pursued me for the outstanding balance for a while and eventually passed it over to a company called Optima (i think) who harrassed me for a few months and then gave up after offering a settlement figure of approx 10% of the balance which i declined. I haven't heard a peep from them since. This was 3 years ago but last week I got a letter from MBNA stating that they transferred the right to collect this account to a company called MFS Portfolio Ltd. Just wondering if anyones had any dealings with this company and what to expect now. Thanks in advance for any advice. Travis
  18. Hello there, A letter from solicitors Blake Lapthorn arrived at my address about 10 days ago. It was addressed to my estranged husband who I have not seen for about 6 years. I suppose I should have just thrown it away but I decided to read it. The usual blurb was written on it and I guessed it was some kind of debt letter asking for his whereabouts. Again I should have thrown it away but I thought I would telephone because I did not want my name associated with him. After all he had caused me to be in debt to the tune of about £7.000 plus he owed me £26,000. I talked with the usual threatening collections person. She would not give me details of the debt owed but she told me I was jointly and severally liable. After some thought I realised that this debt related to a joint account I had held with my estranged husband from 2005 - 2008. The account had an agreed overdraft of £100 and on the day we separated he used his debit card to buy groceries that took the account into un-arranged territory. I contested this with the bank because surely the EPOS payment should have been rejected. How I wish i had demanded the return of that card from him. I was very distressed and ill so bank charges mounted up as I sent more letters. Finally the bank said they were going to make a payment as a matter of goodwill and I thought that was the end of it. The account disappeared from the online banking screen and as I had requested it be closed I thought that is what happened. After all, I was ill at the time. This was back in 2008. Returning to the present I wrote to customer services at Blake Lapthorn asking for an explanation because I thought that account had been closed. A reply laid out full details of the debt. The debt had been sold on to Arrow Global Limited in 2010. I was not informed about this and nor do I remember receiving any requests for payment. Apparently a CCJ was obtained in 2012 but I have searched using Trust Online and can find no evidence of this judgement. Further, because I had to clear the known debts he incurred I have an account with Experian and my credit rating is good. The only reason it is not excellent is that I have not had any credit myself for some years as I do not believe in it. I have received a request form the solicitors to complete an Income and Expenditure sheet which I do not feel inclined to do. I continue to be ill and am awaiting urgent surgery for an aortic valve replacement. Without being emotive I do not have very long to live unless this surgery is carried out in the next week or so. I cannot postpone it to deal with this. Frankly, I am like so many of us at the end of my tether. What should I do? Please help.
  19. Hi i have recently cheked my credit file and seen a ccj on there the guys i owe the debt to are arrow global. After getting in contact wth them and telling them that at the time of your letters being sent regarding this matter i had fell out with family and was not living there. They have agreed to set the judgment aside . They said they will send a consent form to me and i need to sign and return it to them and they will send it to the courts. Does this mean it will completly remove from my credit file. Thanks
  20. Hi everyone, First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for any advice you can offer. I have a letter in front of me, from DWF LLP on behalf of Arrow Global Limited, asking me to repay £4709.51. There's a sentence referring to previous letters they have sent, but I haven't received anything. It goes on to say "We require your proposal for repayment of the above amount. We enclose an income and expenditure questionnaire for you to complete and return with your offer of repayment within the next 7 days. Should you wish to discuss this matter please telephone our recoveries team on 01132616178. We look forward to receiving your reply during the course of the next 7 days". There's also a form enclosed asking for a detailed run-down of my income, possessions, property and the like, which I've noticed at the bottom has a section with the paragraph "On providing the above information I/we acknowledge liability for the debt outstanding and my/our offer of repayment is:"... To give you some background on me, I'm very wary of credit, loans or anything similar due to hearing stories about stuff like this. The only loans I've knowingly taken out are the finance agreements on monthly car insurance payments. I'm not overdrawn and have only ever had my current bank account. My cars are always bought cash, as is anything else I buy for the house. I have a contract phone, but it's paid up to date. I literally have no idea where this has come from. The only thing I've noticed on finding this forum (thank God!) is that people have been contacted by this company due to debts with Orange, and while I was with them, I don't know of any debt. I did receive a final bill from them after paying a final bill, but after an argument with customer services it was cancelled. I'll be honest, I know I've done nothing wrong, but I'm bricking it. Please help!
  21. Hello, I am hoping someone can offer advice about a Debt Collection Agency that has been on my case since 2008. I do not owe them or anyone the money they are suggesting. I have never taken out a loan or a credit card. Here is a history of the situation. I apologise for the length but I wanted to make sure I included the history of what has happened. Over this entire time I have lived at two addresses. From this point on I will state these as Address1 and Address2. • 17/12/2008 – Receive first ever letter at Address1 (dated 11/12/2008) from Allied International Credit (AIC) relating to this debt of £2507.7 (that I have do not own) to Client Triumph Asset Service, stating it is a final notice of intent – that I have ignored numerous letters threatening action against my wages, assets and property. • 17/12/2008 – Call made from work on a withheld number to AIC regarding this debt. I call to ask it there has been some kind of mistake as I have never taken out a loan/credit card nor have any debt outside of my mortgage. After being passed on to a debt analyst, the analyst informs me and says something about a debt with Citi Bank, although he says this so fast I can only make a guess this is what he said. He says I must pass on my Date Of Birth to discuss the matter. I refuse as I don’t believe I am the person who owes this debt. I state that from this point on I will correspond with them via letter only • 18/12/2008 – Send recorded response to initial letter after advice from this consumeractiongroup forum (with an old account I can’t remember) online stating I acknowledge no debt to the company with a CCA Request and a 1 pound postal order for this request – no response • Following this check credit account with Experian and Equifax in case a fraud account has been set up on my account. No such account or debt exists. Am unrecorded enquiry search was conducted by AIC on 21/11/2008 (with no DOB - only name and address). There is no debt nor mention of any credit card or loan on my credit report. • 10/03/2009 – Receive 2nd letter as Address1 (dated 05/03/2009) from Allied International Credit with notification of intended visit. They have clearly ignored my letter as they state I have ignored their attempts to communicate. • 11/03/2009 – Respond to 2nd letter stating that AIC have ignored my letter enclosing copy of my original letter. I state I have not received the CCA I requested and this is a summary offence. State that if they continue the harassment towards me and offer no proof of debt that I will report this issue and AIC to OFT (Office of Fair Trading) – no response • I take advice from Consumer Network response and Experian. They suggest I ignore further letters or simply reply with “not known at this address” to these letters. • 09/2009 – I move from Address1 to new address in Address2. Address1 not yet sold until April 2011. • 04/10/2009 – Receive Statement of Account from Triumph Asset Services at Address1 – with statement of this debt. The statement shows a payment of £1.00 on the debt on 22/12/2008. This suggests they used the £1 postal order to pay £1 off the debt despite my initial letter stating that this was payment for the CCA to prove the debt was mine. Perhaps a ploy to stop the debt going statute barred? – I ignore this • 04/2011 – Address 1 sold. Set up forward to Address2 with Royal Mail. • 07/02/2012 – Receive letter at Address1 from Arrow Global attempting to contact myself on a personal matter at Address1 asking for any correspondence to AIC go to –Letter ignored • 10/04/2012 – Receive letter at Address1 with Notice of Assignment saying that that Fairmile Partnership 1 LLP (another DCA I have not head of) has assigned the debt to Arrow Global and asking for any correspondence to go to AIC. It states that I should contact AIC to organise payment of this as a matter of urgency. Interestingly it says the debt is originally owed to Citifinancial Europe plc. This is the first time this has been noted in any letter. –Letter ignored • 31/05/2012 – Receive letter at Address1 from Arrow Global with Annual Statement. Some odd £-1 credits from 2011. Again Citifinancial Europe plc have been added as the original debtor. Interestingly the Date of Loan appears for the first time - 29/03/2005. – Letter ignored • 22/11/2012 – Receive letter at Address2 – how did they get this address? - from Pace Forward (Debt Collector from Southend) - asking if I live here. They say they will assume I do not reply in 10 days they will assume the address is correct – Letter ignored (possibly a mistake) • 6/12/2012 – Receive letter at Address2 from Rockwell (Debt Collector from Southend) stating they have been instructed by Arrow Global to contact me. Have pre-screened the debt for litigation and the debt is overdue and it must be paid in 10 days. I’m away on business – my wife opens the letter and then panics, calls them on a withheld number and states that the person with my name does not live at this address. They say they will update their records. • Letter arrives as Address2 in Summer 2013 (can’t remember the exact date). I can see it states Arrow Global so send the letter back unopened with “not known at this address” on the envelope • 16/12/2013 – Receive letter at Address2 from Shoosmiths Solicitors attempting to contact myself (listing both my new and old address), asking to contact them if I live here with reference to Address1. Also asks for information as to where I may be so they can update their records. Until now I have thought ignoring was the best option, but this last letter is from a solicitor. May I state yet again I have NEVER taken out anything with Citifinancial and the only loan I have ever had has been my mortgage which I have never missed a payment on (and I know this makes me a very lucky individual). This last letter shook me a little because it is from a solicitor. I have called a solicitor to take legal advice this morning and they are due to call me about this in the next day or two. I do not owe this money and never have. I have dismissed this is a phishing, spamming campaign until now, but a letter from a solicitor (even though it is trying to find out where I live) takes this up a level for me. This forum was so useful to me in the past with advice back in 2008. Can anyone help me with this some guidance on this now? Thanks in advance
  22. I wonder could I have some help on this one. I was served with Court papers from Restons chasing a credit card debt taken out in 2001. I returned the papers to the Court indicating I was defending the claim on the basis the debt was statute barred. Restons have now written to me with a copy of the signed credit agreement stating that I made a payment in 2008 towards this debt of £13.81 and to withdraw my Defence I know 100% that I never made this payment. I can't remember the last time I made a payment it was probably around 2003 or so. How do I respond to them? Thanks for your help x help x
  23. Hi, I have today received a very upsetting letter from a company called wilking chapman llp solicitors in Grimsby stating: "Arrow Global Limited We write to advise you that a Claim form has been issued at the Court. The Court will serve the Claim form upon you shortly. The Claim form includes a claim for costs and interest as well as the outstanding debt. Please direct any correspondence or queries you may have regarding this matter to us, and not to our client direct. Please ensure all cheques are sent to our office made payable to Wilkin Chapman LLP. Yours faithfully (actually signed Wilkin Chapman) WILKIN CHAPMAN LLP Arrow Team " I do not have any idea who Wilkin Chapman or Arrow Global Limited are, but did have a very old Direct Line loan (that was last consolidated around Aug-Sept 99,with ppi) that as far as I was aware had either run out of time, or they had finally realised it should've been settled on ppi (due to my losing my job and being unable to pay the monthly instalments whilst I was off sick on no/half-pay etc etc prior to losing my job).At the time they would not pay out because I had missed payments due to being off work so they said it 'invalidated' the claim(!) IF it does relate to this, because the letter does not include anything that relates to Direct Line or even anything about the amount owing or anything (there is a reference that starts with DEBT/ART ) then surely they would contact you prior to starting court proceedings? I am still unable to work due to disabilities & ill-health and the last contact I had was from a company called Bell(?) I think, who never contacted me again after I spoke to them on the phone and asked them to supply me with the paperwork relating to the alleged debt as I had never taken out anything with Arrow - they literally went away to sort it out and never came back, and that must be about 1-2years ago. Had Wilkin Chapman contacted me previously I would've had the same conversation with them. Please advise me what is the best way to react to this letter? does this mean they have actually issued a court action of some kind? or is this just a threat-tactic etc? I am really worried and have a lot of ill-health so cannot cope with this kind of stress - also if it does go to court would it be a court local to them in Grimsby? as I could not travel there either. I sure hope some of you can help as I am in such a panic now. Thanks in advance. NOTE: Claim form has now been received 14/2 Unbelievably having received that letter from Wilkin Chapman yesterday, without any prior contact, I have just had in the post a claim form from Northampton (CCBC) County Court which states in particulars of claim: The Claimant's claim is for ________ (removed) being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant in respect of a regulated load agreement between the Defendant & Fairmile Partnership 1 LLP (then a number in brackets) and assigned to the Claimant on 13/05/2011, notice of which has been provided to the Defendant. The defendant has failed to make payment in accordance with the agreement and a default notice has been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The Claimant claims the sum of __________ (removed) they then add £190 for court fees and £100 for solicitors fees. The Claimant at the top is shown as Arrow Global Limited at an address in WC1 The Claim form is signed by a Christopher Richard Grocock So what I should do now? I do not want to login to the link given until I know how I should respond. This was sent via normal post in a brown envelope/not regd post etc. I am presuming that this must relate to the unpaid loan from 1999 due to the figure (Between £6-9000 have removed the exact figure in case anyone from those companies reads these forums) which would be around the right mark + I don't owe anyone else that kind of money etc... I have no idea who Arrow Global or Fairmile are??
  24. Hello All; I have spent quite a few hours reading around in the hope of finding all I need but I would like some clarity if possible. It seems as though my case is far simpler than others. I am on my own now after many years married and am trying to manage thing responsibly as I always would have liked to do (if you catch my drift!). I have, over the last 3 years, paid off many debts slowly and am down to the last 2. I have just increased my standing order to Frederickson to £35/month to pay off the final £350 of a £1500 debt to Capital One as quickly as possible and that will now be settled within a year. This is defaulting every month on my credit file still though. Is this normal? Secondly, the biggie is a debt for an unsecured loan which built up to £7892. This was with Citi Financial. on my file, it says the date of default was 30/08/2008. Now, on my Noddle credit report (free with my Aqua card which i pay off in full every month to try to build my rating; I only spend £10 or so on it every month), it says in the status history and balance history that it defaulted in April 2013 and defaults every month from then to date. The balance history starts then too. Am I right in assuming that this was when Arrow Global took this debt over as there is no reference to Citi Financial anywhere in open or closed accounts section of the financial reports in Noddle? I have attached a snapshot of the default. I just can't understand why the default months stared so recently when the date of default is 2008. I think that this must be what is keeping my score so low (2/5) as I have no other debts and a fast rising credit card limit a s I am using it only to build ratings. What would you advise I do about this final debt to Arrow Global? i have tried to contact them but they just sent a letter saying that this is now being managed by Debt Managers (services) LTD. i am just worried they are going to turn up out of the blue. Should I contact them now and arrange payment over then next go -knows-how-many-years or is the debt old enough to write off/ pay a lot less on? Thanks for your time reading this; all the best.
  25. Hi fellow CAGers I recently received a letter from Arrow Global demanding over £7k. Suffice to say I genuinely have no idea what this alleged debt is for. I sent a letter to Arrow Global requesting a statement of account and included a £1 postal order. I have just received a reply from Arrow Global, but it doesn't make much sense. See below. If anybody could advise on the appropriate course of action I should take I would be most grateful. Many thanks Arrow Global letter: - Dear xx Arrow Global Limited account: xxxxxx ASSIGNED BY Fairmile Partnership 1 LLP (ACCOUNT NUMBER 1234567) We thank you for your letter dated xx/04/2014, addressed to Clarity and passed to Arrow as assignees of the account. We acknowledge your request for documentation pursuant to the Credit Consumer Act 1974. We do not accept we are the creditor as envisaged by the above statute. This account arose under an overdraft facility. Even if this account was regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, Part V of the act does not apply to this facility and there will accordingly be no executed agreement. In addition, we confirm: - the total sum paid is £0.00; - The total sum outstanding is £7xxx.7x; and - The amounts which will become payable comprise interest and costs, depending on what enforcement action is taken against you. We confirm the account is not statute barred under the Limitation act. Last payment was made int he [sIC] sum of £1.xx to our external agents Allied International on xx/09/2009. Please contact Clarity to make arrangements to pay your debt. We return the payment of £1.00.
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