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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have today received a very upsetting letter from a company called wilking chapman llp solicitors in Grimsby stating: "Arrow Global Limited We write to advise you that a Claim form has been issued at the Court. The Court will serve the Claim form upon you shortly. The Claim form includes a claim for costs and interest as well as the outstanding debt. Please direct any correspondence or queries you may have regarding this matter to us, and not to our client direct. Please ensure all cheques are sent to our office made payable to Wilkin Chapman LLP. Yours faithfully (actually signed Wilkin Chapman) WILKIN CHAPMAN LLP Arrow Team " I do not have any idea who Wilkin Chapman or Arrow Global Limited are, but did have a very old Direct Line loan (that was last consolidated around Aug-Sept 99,with ppi) that as far as I was aware had either run out of time, or they had finally realised it should've been settled on ppi (due to my losing my job and being unable to pay the monthly instalments whilst I was off sick on no/half-pay etc etc prior to losing my job).At the time they would not pay out because I had missed payments due to being off work so they said it 'invalidated' the claim(!) IF it does relate to this, because the letter does not include anything that relates to Direct Line or even anything about the amount owing or anything (there is a reference that starts with DEBT/ART ) then surely they would contact you prior to starting court proceedings? I am still unable to work due to disabilities & ill-health and the last contact I had was from a company called Bell(?) I think, who never contacted me again after I spoke to them on the phone and asked them to supply me with the paperwork relating to the alleged debt as I had never taken out anything with Arrow - they literally went away to sort it out and never came back, and that must be about 1-2years ago. Had Wilkin Chapman contacted me previously I would've had the same conversation with them. Please advise me what is the best way to react to this letter? does this mean they have actually issued a court action of some kind? or is this just a threat-tactic etc? I am really worried and have a lot of ill-health so cannot cope with this kind of stress - also if it does go to court would it be a court local to them in Grimsby? as I could not travel there either. I sure hope some of you can help as I am in such a panic now. Thanks in advance. NOTE: Claim form has now been received 14/2 Unbelievably having received that letter from Wilkin Chapman yesterday, without any prior contact, I have just had in the post a claim form from Northampton (CCBC) County Court which states in particulars of claim: The Claimant's claim is for ________ (removed) being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant in respect of a regulated load agreement between the Defendant & Fairmile Partnership 1 LLP (then a number in brackets) and assigned to the Claimant on 13/05/2011, notice of which has been provided to the Defendant. The defendant has failed to make payment in accordance with the agreement and a default notice has been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The Claimant claims the sum of __________ (removed) they then add £190 for court fees and £100 for solicitors fees. The Claimant at the top is shown as Arrow Global Limited at an address in WC1 The Claim form is signed by a Christopher Richard Grocock So what I should do now? I do not want to login to the link given until I know how I should respond. This was sent via normal post in a brown envelope/not regd post etc. I am presuming that this must relate to the unpaid loan from 1999 due to the figure (Between £6-9000 have removed the exact figure in case anyone from those companies reads these forums) which would be around the right mark + I don't owe anyone else that kind of money etc... I have no idea who Arrow Global or Fairmile are??
  2. Hi everyone, just thought I would drop this in for a bit of input and advice... My mom had a policy with DL to cover her cat for the last 2-3 years. She cancelled the policy in June 2013, the last payment she made was on the 10th Of June 2013, I have confirmed this from her bank statements. Her policy documents state that the 'new' policy would (if she were to continue) would commence from 18/07/2013. You can view the policy schedules below: 2012/13 Policy - [ATTACH=CONFIG]45752[/ATTACH] 2013/14 Policy - [ATTACH=CONFIG]45751[/ATTACH] After cancelling her direct debit with the bank she received this letter sent out on the 15th June 2013, [ATTACH=CONFIG]45753[/ATTACH], which seems straight forward enough and she assumed that as the payment for June had gone out, this would take her to the cutoff/end date of the 17th July 2013 as mentioned in the letter and she just put it aside knowing she was not renewing. Then today, she received this letter [ATTACH=CONFIG]45754[/ATTACH], a FINAL NOTICE asking for the payment of £17.34 and the usual threatogram spiel mentioning debt management companies and agents etc etc, which as of course got her in a panic. She has received no interim letters between the two shown above. So my question is this, what the hell are they playing at? haha, really, what I want to know is, has anyone got any input on how to get this resolved, she spoke to them and they were less than helpful, the woman was only interested in discussing the payment options and threatening her. So I said, tell them you are not discussing it on the telephone any more, and that you will write to them, and got her to end the conversation. I know from past experience that companies like to play the heavy handed approach in the hope that customers will cave in, but I don't at this point see that she owes them any funds and told her not to pay them until they can clearly show where/what this payment is meant to cover. I plan to write in and ask for clarification regarding the policy and period this payment is supposed to have covered, and why in their initial letter they make no mention of any potential outstanding payments due on the policy. My real concern though is this, FINAL NOTICE, how can they just issue a FINAL NOTICE when no other notices have been issued? and this is like 18 days after they sent their first letter, even IF she owed this payment, which I am not convinced about, surely 18 days to issue a FINAL NOTICE is a little cheeky as the payment would have only gone on the 8-10th July anyway, so its not even 30 days past when it should have been paid 'in their eyes', i.e. when this letter was sent, she would have even been less than 30 days in so called arrears and yet already they've issued a FINAL NOTICE to her. (I hope that makes sense!) It seems a little over the top IMHO and a bit heavy handed for £17.34 and I plan to get to the bottom of it! So any input and advice on how to approach this would be most useful and grateful... Thanks all...
  3. Just had a look at my Direct Line loan offer dated 2001 - it has 0 (zero) against the Loan Payment Protection, but against Total Charge for Credit it has charged me £1,770! This took the original loan amount of £6,942 up to £8,712! I cannot remember anything about this, and certainly would have said no to PPI as any redundancy as a result of job loss would have taken care of this loan. Moorcroft took this debt over and a recent statement from them stated the amount of £1,770 was in fact under the title: Insurance Premium, rather than Charge for Credit. Can I claim this back?
  4. What a couple of days! My husband and I have separated. The house insurance was in his name with DL. He spoke to DL explained the situation and they told him that I would have to ring up, start a new policy and they would then cancel the old policy. So I telephoned them yesterday. They told me that as I was taking out a new policy, there would be no cancellation charge for the existing policy. So we went through all of the questions. We had a claim on the policy in June of this year due to a burst pipe, which DL were very good with at the time. Anyway the lady said she had to pass the new policy to the underwriters and she would call me back. About 10 minutes later I got a call back. She told me that as we had had 3 claims in 12 months, they could not offer me insurance. I queried the claims, we had only claimed once! My husband had telephoned them in April and asked about the legal cover. There was something we were considering taking legal action over, but just wanted advice. We didn't pursue this but DL stated it was a claim!! Then there was our carport roof which was damaged in the storms in January this year. DL would not cover it stating it was poor workmanship by the builders that was the primary cause (it's a relatively new house), so no claim was pursued and no payout. This apparently was a claim too. I questioned how could the other 2 times where there was no payout, absolutely nothing done in the legal query 'claim' - how can they be claims? Apparently with the roof, it's a loss - how is it a loss, the NHBC and the builders rectified it, no one has lost anything - but apparently I have claimed with the NHBC so it's a claim??? The legal question, well, I'm at a loss, no forms filled out, just a question asked, but that's a claim. I told my husband what had happened so he telephoned to cancel the existing policy. They were demanding a £118 cancellation fee. He put our case forward, including that I had been told there would be no cancellation fee, the reasons given for refusing to insure etc. Had DL given me the insurance I was willing to take out there and then, there would be no cancellation fee, it was DL who had broken the deal as such. There was confusion at DL as there was only 1 claim showing on the system (the burst pipe). DL then said they were going to listen to the telephone calls between myself and them. They called my husband back and literally declared me a liar! Husband then requested copies of the taped phone calls, written confirmation of the reason for refusal to insure, written confirmation of the details of the 3 claims etc. DL went away, huffed and puffed called my husband back and stated that they had further reviewed the tapes and due to the misinformation I was given and the way I was treated, they would reduce the cancellation fee to £60. No, said husband, I would like the information I've requested please. DL went away again, called husband back. We have reviewed your case, there will be no cancellation fee and your wife should have been offered insurance yesterday. There is only 1 claim on your property......... and here is the gem "would your wife like to take insurance out with us? Ask her to call me and I will organise it with her" I am so wary of insurance now. Is it worth it? The little extras they offer to bump up premiums, are they worth it? I have only ever had to claim twice in over 20 years of home ownership and house insurance. The burst pipe this year and 4 years ago my house was broken into and burgled whilst on holiday. And seriously DL, would I like my home insurance with you? Hell no, I'll never touch your company with a barge pole for anything! Thank you for reading and the opportunity to vent a little. Hopefully even just one person will be helped by this, stick up for yourself, don't let them get away with it. And one last point, fab forum! I've read an awful lot over the last couple of days, it gave me the confidence to fight them over this even though it was via my (soon to be ex) husband.
  5. I purchased a car in Dec09 which was HPI clear and looked in Mint condition.Soon after I noticed major problems with the car, had it inspected and found it to be a death trap!I took the trader to court and won, but the garage then closed and the owners went into hiding, they are now subject to a £500,000 fraud investigation and have left me being owed over £90,000 and has put my life at risk both financially and physically.It transpired that 10 months earlier the car had been in a severe head on collision and the insurance company was Direct Line.It took Direct Line 18 months to apply the write off marker to the vehicle so that it could be seen on HPI, this was 8-9 months after I purchased the car. So far 18 months this car had no history what so ever!A major series of failures occured during this 18 months: They did not know where the vehicle was located. *** The vehicle was abandoned 2 weeks in to the claim, Direct Line where never aware of this! *** Paid out to someone who did not own the car, as it went missing whilst under finance when owners company went bust! Failure to pay out to finance company Failure to seek out correct ownership No warnings placed against the vehicle throughout duration of claim. When Direct Line decided to settle the claim 18-19 months after the accident they even let the claimant retain the salvage.(As many of you may know, an insurance company should process a MIAFTR check which looks at ownership, finance and security warnings. When DirectLine paid out none of the above was acted upon)I have contacted Direct Line Executives and now RBS group legal - and after 8 months recieved a letter saying liability denied. This was then put to them again stating their failures, to date no response.I have been to all the government agencies and that has been as useful as a hole in the head, no one is willing to pursue this as I was not the owner at the time of the accident. In essence I am a third party that has incurred loss due to the fraudulent actions of others and the inability of a major insurance company to act under a duty of care to protect the public.Anyone any ideas? The paperwork I have on this is sickening and I cant believe there is no legislation or law that can assist me.
  6. Last August my daughter who is a named driver on my policy had an accident in my car. As a result my premiums went up. What I did not notice due to me not checking, was the premmiums increased from £40/month to £120/month. I finall noticed this month and contacted Direct Line who said that my no claims had dropped from 5 years to 1 year. I thought the premiums excessive and shopped around. I found another company that would insure me for £30 even with 1 Years no claims. I contacted Direct line to initiate cancelling my policy and when asked why I explained as above. However after checking I was told the reason for the big drop in no claims was that the accident last august had been entered twice and it showed 2 accidents in 1 day. My no claims was increased to 3 years. I then realised I had been overpaid nearly £400 due to their error. I asked for this money to be refunded to me and was told I could not have it back and that because I paid by direct debit then the overpayment would be deducted from the rest of the years premiums. I was not happy abut this and asked if there would be a charge for cancelling my policy and was told £30. I said I would be ok with that and asked if i would get the £400 refunded when the policy was cancelled and was told, no, I would lose it. I then agreed to have the original option of having it deducted from my balance but the new payments were still £60 obviously more than the other quote. I now feel trapped by Direct Line where if I leave I lose £400 and if I stay I have to pay more that that qoated by another company. Can they do this?
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