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  1. Hi andyorch, do you mean my post? If so could you send me a link as I can't find it. Thanks
  2. Has anyone used rescue my properties, if so please could they share their experiences, I have been fighting natwest to keep my properties (please see my other threads) for 3 years and have now run out of money so can no longer afford my solicitor. The receivers charged £20,000 to collect £11,000 rent, they should have collected over £80,00. They have done no maintenance or repairs. They haven't even done all the gas checks despite numerous letters from my solicitor, it's crazy that I am aloud no access to do them yet I am the one who goes to prison if anything happens to a tenant or their gues
  3. My problem is pretty much the same as the other posters on this thread & I have posted numerous times on this site regarding my predicament but unfortunately haven't actually had any real assistance. Hoping this time would be different. I think if you search my name on here the other threads should come up. Thanks in advance. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for this post but to be honest its as clear as fog to me. Would someone kindly take a look at my paperwork to see where I stand. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, hope admin don't mind but I am looking for others like myself who have been screwed over by Natwest/RBS. I moved some of my properties to them and took out a 5 year loan facility with them in 2007 on the understanding that they would renew the loan as long as I was a good customer & paid my dues. I did pay my dues & never missed a payment but after the banking crisis they decided they didn't want to have "buy to let properties" on their books any more & demanded all the money back, including the further loans that I had taken out over a 15 year term. As banks weren't lend
  6. Lol. Yes I understood that, but the post on how to execute this is as clear as fog for us technophobes.
  7. Have to say, not sure if the OP understands this but this makes no sense to me. Sorry
  8. The receivers over my properties haven't collected any rent for over 18 months, or done any repairs or any gas checks.
  9. LPA receivers were appointed over my properties over 18 months ago expecting me to give up & let them sell them for nothing. Someone told me on this forum to let them take them & start again. I almost wish I had taken their advice. The amount we've spent on solicitors & barristers since then would have bought a house cash. We've just had the houses valued & due to the receivers bad management & neglect of them they are now worth nearly half what they were when they took them over. Some of them are classed as dangerous, one has squatters who have told the receivers they pay
  10. Hi so sorry I never got back to you but I have kind of left it all to my solicitor so haven't been here for some time. I will send you a message with my number so we can swap stories. Regards
  11. Hi could anyone advise of any lenders who will lend on properties that are with receivers? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi I really need an experienced financial adviser ASAP. I need someone who knows a lender who will lend on properties with the receivers. I had a deal pretty much set up but the lender are now saying they will not lend unless the receivers release the properties back to the bank. The bank will not agree to this until the deal has been done. This has taken so long we now only have 5 weeks to complete. Please help. Ps I have never missed a payment & my credit score is fine.
  13. Wonder if you could apply under the having no heating tick box.
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