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Found 9 results

  1. I have an alleged debt relating to MBNA for £19k, the last payment relating to this goes back to 2009 and I have zero chance of finding any money towards this. It has been passed from debt collector to debt collector all of which I have manged to fob off without sending payment or acknowledging the debt. Arrow Global then purchased the debt and they latterly engaged Blake lapthorn solicitors who wrote to me threatening court action. I replied to them asking for proof of any alleged debt and also advising them that I was no longer Resident in the UK. Blake lapthorn responded by supplying a copy of a signature box and a few separate pages of T & C's. I replied that the paperwork did not conform to the 1974 CCA and that they should therefore drop the claim. They ignored my letter and proceeded to court where they obtained a judgement, I was unable to defend as being out of the UK, I was not notified in time and the paperwork was sent to an old (wrong) address. I do come back to the UK from time to time, should I try and get this judgement overturned (do I have proper grounds to do so) or just ignore it? Attached is a copy of the application form masquerading as a signed agreement.
  2. Hello. B.Lapthorn have started chasing me for a alleged debit owed to their client (Arrow Global). Arrow Global were assigned this debit in 2013 - I sent Arrow Global a CCA request and received no response and did not chase them up. The latest letter from B.Lapthorn says "we note you made a CCA request in 2013. Please confirm whether you made this request and if so forward a copy of the same. If you do not have a copy please confirm whether you wish to re-submit a CCA request". I would appreciate some advice on how I respond. Many thanks.
  3. Hello all, I really could do with some advice. I have an alleged debt for 20k with MBNA which was sold to Arrow Global then Blake Lapthorn. I have two (yes two!!) defaults on my credit file for this same debt. One from Mbna & one from Arrow. Both defaults will drop off my credit file in around 50 days at which time I believe the debt will be statute barred too. When they drop off, my credit file will look much better than it has for the past few years. To throw a spanner in the works, I have received a letter from Blake Lapthorn asking me to contact them within 14 days with a repayment proposal or they will commence legal action. Whats my best course of action? These are my initial thoughts - 1) Try and delay things until the debt becomes statute barred. 2) Enter into a payment arrangement to avoid a CCJ. (If I did this, will the default still drop off and no information be available on my file?) I have a few defaults and one CCJ but they all drop off my file this year. I desperately need to avoid any other advese because I'd like to get a mortgage at some point in the near future. Thanks
  4. Hello again CAG I am almost at the point of my financial life being totally clear. I had two outstanding defaults on my credit file, one fell of in August 2013 and One falls off in February 2014 - then my credit file is clean and my life can go on as normal... However, Blake Lapthorn have taken over a debt from Arrow Global, totalling around £7k, originally from HBOS. This was for the debt that defaulted in August 2007 and "fell off" in August 2013. It is not longer on my credit file. However, in my naivety, I paid £1 per month towards this debt for a long time to have it "frozen". My last payment was 3rd April 2008. Blake Lapthorn "think" my last payment date was 2010, but I have confirmed with HBOS that this was incorrect, that there was a transaction on the account in 2010 which was interest raised when HBOS sold the debt to Arrow Global. So, Blake Lapthorn is wrong. Blake Lapthorn have not yet filed court paperwork, and I have contested my last payment date to buy some time, while they investigate. If this case doesn't proceed until >3rd April 2014, then it would be statute barred, right? meaning: - 6 years since last payment - 6.5+ since default was registered If this is correct, then I really need some advice of what to do to distract Blake Lapthorn to stop them rushing this through court to register a CCJ before this cut off date. They don't know yet that 2008 was the last payment date, but they have gone back to investigate their records with HBOS. They will find out very soon, lets assume just after Xmas. How can I buy 4 months without them arguing to the court that the "only reason for delay for court was because I was timewasting" - how can I do this guys?? I'm hoping for some real practical ways to hold this off and ensure that the debt is statute barred. I cannot risk a CCJ when I am so close to being clean and having a perfect clean slate. I run all of my debts perfectly now, and I made some mistakes when I was a student. I just want to be free from all of these nasty DCAs and bad credit. Thank you every so much for your thoughts, guidance and comments.
  5. Hi, hoping for a little help: Claim Issue Date: 21/6/13 Ack of Service sent Letter to blake lapthorn sent 1/7/13 Telephoned them 12/7/12 and e-mailed 13/7/13 asking for response by 12pm Monday 15/7 Received e-mail today (16/7/12)confirming extension to file defence - date agreed 21/8/13 Sent e-mail to CCBC today, with e-mail attached advising of extension I have spoken to Northampton today and they advised (prior to me receiving the extension) I should enter a defence detailing the facts and none supply of docs. Blake Lapthorn confirmed in their e-mail that they do not have the documents;agreement, default notice, assignment and have requested them. However they cannot provide a firm date when they will receive as their client (Arrow Global) will need to obtain from the original creditor (Egg). My questions are: Do I wait and see what happens - if no documents, then enter a defence stating this by 21/8/13 enter a defence now and wait for response send N244 with order for disclosure and if non compliance apply to be struck out Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks
  6. Hi I have received a county court claim from Arrow Global, this is a debt from MBNA/Virgin, I have sent acknowledgment of service, giving me extra time to file my defence, stating I dispute all the claim, its for 4100.00 plus costs of 80.00, I have sent letters months ago requesting refund of charges which MBNA are refusing, I need help please going forward, should i send a CPR request to Blake Lapthorne, a nd send another letter to MBNA/Virgin asking for refund of charges. any help gratefully received.
  7. Hi My husband received notification that a CCJ would be issued (debt from MBNA of £3,500). Sought advice from CAB and sent details in that showed he would not be able to make a payment. Next got a letter stating CCJ issued and full payment due - no notice taken of budget info. My husband contacted Blake Lapthorn - he has mental health problems - told to send in evidence. Sent it straight away in July - by Recorded Delivery and Fax. Nothing heard since until today when letter received stating they have not received medical evidence and seven days to send it in. This issue is really causing a lot of anxiety - any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Hi, I hope someone can help me - I'm desperate and time is against me. I have tried to search the forum for what I do first, but being in a panic my head has got very muddled & I'm praying someone will hold my hand. I have received a Northampton County Court Claim Form from Blake Lapthorn on behalf of Arrow Global. This is for an MBNA credit card. The issue date is 16th January 2013. The particulars of claim read: The Claimants claim is for the sum of £4320.25 being monies due from the Defendant to the Claimant under a regulated agreement between the Defendant and MBNA and assigned to the Claimant. Notice of the assignment has been provided to the Defendant. The defendant has failed to make payment in accordance with the terms of agreement and a default notice has been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974. AND the Claimant claims the sum of £4260.57 TOGETHER with the costs of this claim. They are also requesting £85.00 court fee and £80.00 solicitors costs I do have a debt to MBNA, and I haven't paid anything for probably eight months. I knew there were large amounts of charges in this debt - perhaps £800.00 or so, and had sent a letter to MBNA asking that they returned these monies. I heard nothing, and hoped this might go away until I was back on my feet financially. I'm self-employed. I do have some records from MBNA because I have statements that I requested and the original credit agreement, I think. but I don't seem to have a copy of an assignment of any sort. I just don't know how to proceed, but know I must do something quickly. I hope someone might be kind enough to give me advice and help. Thank you so much if you feel you might be able to guide me.
  9. Hi Guys, Hope someone can help me. I received a letter 2 weeks ago from Blake Lapthorn regarding a claim that had been entered against me advising that it was still outstanding and they would like to help me set up a payment plan etc etc. Now I knew of the debt but hadn't been able to pay anything for over a year and up to this point hadn't received any letter up until now. The debt relates to a Virgin Money agreement taken out in 2007 with the last payment being made in Nov 2011. I stuck my details into the Trust registry at a previous address and lo and behold they had been granted a CCJ in Feb this year even though I hadn't lived there since Dec 2011 and I am on the electoral roll at my new address (They must know where I live as the solicitor sent me this letter to my new address) Now I guess there isn't a lot I can do now but I just wondered where I should go with this. Obviously I know I owe some money but how do I find out what the balance is made up of and what they know about me? I have no paperwork and don't know if there was any PPI etc. The amount outstanding is approx £500 more than the limit of the card. I sent the solictor a letter advising that their clients name, balance etc meant nothing and to provide me with more details, heres the reponse: Dear Mr *** We are able to inform you that Arrow Global Limited are a debt purchase company who have in this case, purchased a debt from MBNA. We can confirm that the debt of £3,935.40 is in relation to a Virgin Money credit card Agreement numbered ************ and dated 30th August 2007. The debt was assigned to our client on 20th December 2011 and notice of the assignment would have been sent to you. The last payment was paid to the account on 25th November 2011 in the sum of £7.00. Please now provide your proposals for repaying the debt owed to our client. Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks B
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