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Found 12 results

  1. Hi wondering what is the best route to take here? Around 2008/9 I took out a vanquis credit card online which I had being paying every month with no problem they kept putting my limit up every couple of month till eventually it was - if I can recall £2000 limit. everything was fine until there was a big change in my circumstances and then I couldn't afford the payments . I was very unwell with the change and couldn't cope with any kind of responsibilities at that time. s o kinda stuck my head in the sand. at that point think I owed £1485 roughly to the credit card but as payments were not being made the interest /late payment fees kept mounting! I now owe £1830 .this balance was then passed to 1rst Credit and initially and they sent me a letter offering me a full and final settlement offer roughly for £900 which would have been Ideal big discount - but I genuinely didn't have the money to pay therefore ignored the letter. . I have since then moved house and have had constant texts, mobile phone calls (don't know how the got my number ) from all the above DCA and threats of court action from Bryan carter, Fredrickson although I never answer any calls from unknown numbers it will most likely be them so they haven't proven my ID yet, it's been about 2 years and 3 months since I last made a payment.. now Arrow global have passed it onto DEBT MANAGERS LTD, are they sending letters out weekly, latest one doorstep agent visit, to discuss arrangements for payment of the full amount owing ..and that I may be entitled to a discount without prejudice for immediate settlement ..do I keep on ignoring these letters what do you guys suggest would be the best step here?
  2. Please I need advice on how to handle this Restons and his allied Arrow global chasing me for SB Natwest credit card. The claim was for credit card, according to the claimant it was assigned to arrow global, last payment to the account was in July 2007, since then I have no contact with the original creditor except 4 months bill sent after the last payment in 2007 and letters from DCA in 2008. I was not aware that the account was assigned and I can’t recollect receiving any Notice of Default. I have checked my credit file with Noddle and nothing showing NATWEST/ARROW GLOBALL.
  3. Hello All; I have spent quite a few hours reading around in the hope of finding all I need but I would like some clarity if possible. It seems as though my case is far simpler than others. I am on my own now after many years married and am trying to manage thing responsibly as I always would have liked to do (if you catch my drift!). I have, over the last 3 years, paid off many debts slowly and am down to the last two. I have just increased my standing order to Frederickson to £35/month to pay off the final £350 of a £1500 debt to Capital One as quickly as possible and that will now be settled within a year. This is defaulting every month on my credit file still though. Is this normal? Secondly, the biggie is a debt for an unsecured loan which built up to £7892. This was with Citi Financial. on my file, it says the date of default was 30/08/2008. Now, on my Noddle credit report (free with my Aqua card which i pay off in full every month to try to build my rating; I only spend £10 or so on it every month), it says in the status history and balance history that it defaulted in April 2013 and defaults every month from then to date. The balance history starts then too. Am I right in assuming that this was when Arrow Global took this debt over as there is no reference to Citi Financial anywhere in open or closed accounts section of the financial reports in Noddle? I have attached a snapshot of the default. I just can't understand why the default months stared so recently when the date of default is 2008. I think that this must be what is keeping my score so low (2/5) as I have no other debts and a fast rising credit card limit as I am using it only to build ratings. What would you advise I do about this final debt to Arrow Global? i have tried to contact them but they just sent a letter saying that this is now being managed by Debt Managers (services) LTD. i am just worried they are going to turn up out of the blue. Should I contact them now and arrange payment over then next go-knows-how-many-years or is the debt old enough to write off/ pay a lot less on? Thanks for your time reading this.....
  4. Hi Folks Arrow Global has purchased my credit card debt 1050 pounds, they are using Wilkin Chapman solicitors as their collectors. I wrote asking for a signed copy of my credit agreement with MBNA the original owner of the debt, which they have sent me 9 months later. Now i have other debts and they are being managed in arrangements with no issues. Wilkin Chapman have sent me a personal financial statement,. that wants to know more about what I own who i work for my national insurance number how much is left on my mortgage do i own a microwave, but nothing about my outstanding debts and my other creditors. They say they will not consider an offer of payment from me unless i send them a complete disclose of my entire life. I don't want a debtor knowing where I work! They said they will close the account for 800.
  5. Hey everybody, Love this this site, helped me loads with getting a claim from Arrow Global struck out. Here is an outline of what happened: -Debt was from natwest credit card from 2007 -Claim was put through Northampton County Court by Brian Carter (surprise surprise) -When I requested the documents, they said they were handing the case to the claimant Arrow Global -I did everything as requested by the court, had allocation questionnaire that I handed in -Case was moved to my local court -A country court judge ordered that before any further proceedings, a court order was made that the claimant supply the court and myself with the CCA within 28 days (I think) of the order being made -Arrow failed to supply the CCA and the claim was struck out by the judge on the 21st of June. Here is what the letter I got from Arrow said, they acknowledged that the court had struck the claim out on the 21st June and it was typed by the court on the 26th of July. After over 4-5 months since I requested a CCA they finally attached one, and it looks like it's all there. Now they are saying that if I do not communicate with them or sign the declaration (no chance) they have attached then they will reinstate the claim. Can they do this as it has been 49 days (7 weeks) since the case was struck out. Also they have not supplied the default notice, notice of assignment or anything stating how much I owe. Also I was staying in Scotland at the time I signed the agreement and the address on the cca states this. I'd been living in scotland for 2 and a half years so would the debt be statute barred since it has been over 5 years (my credit file says there were 8 missed payments before the end of 2007, which I'm assuming meant the last payment I had supposedly made was back in June/July of 2007)? I'm hoping somebody can help me with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many Thanks
  6. Moving into a private rental and so did a credit search on myself this weekend before letting agents did - there is a random CCJ on there placed in 2008 (so due to come off Sept 2014) - contacted Northampton to get some information on this as I am not aware of the debt or where it has come from at all (I was a student in Preston and it is registered to my 1st student house, which I left in 2000... even though I am on the electoral roll 2000-2003 - never did that!- as well as on electoral roll 1999-2005 at parents house. Anyway, Court advised that needed to speak to Bryan Carter - they advised that had now been passed to Arrow Global and gave me reference numbers - Arrow couldn't find or track me through Case Ref or through two account numbers given. Now placed a trace on the account to find it, but Bryan Carter couldn't guarantee that they would be able to, which leaves me at a complete loss as to how to settle this debt. I wasn't aware of the CCJ at all and have never received any correspondence about it - even though have been on electoral roll and easily traceable (unusual name!) since 2005 when I moved back to my hometown. I can't prove that the debt isn't me, but seeing as it is roughly about £200 I would really just like to pay it off and get my certificate of satisfaction. The CCJ appears on Equifax so have a score of 270 on there, but not on Experian or Call Credit so my credit score on those is about 832. Anybody else had issues like this?
  7. Dear fellows, As advised I am starting a new thread on the flight that I am about to embark on; the battle to set aside three CCJs appearing on my credit file. Moreover I can see that Nationwide has defaulted my dormant bank account in 2008 completely made up of charges. I will start a separate thread on this in appropriate sub forum. Background: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?370066-Arrow-Global-Notice-of-Service-by-the-Bailiff-***Suspended*** As discussed in the thread, I made N244 application to set aside one of the three CCJs. Why only one and not three N244 because the first N244 is made as counter attack against N63 received for one of the CCJs. Plan: Now that the hearing date is set for the third week of January 2013, I plan on sending CPR 31.14 request to Arrow Global and this time for other CCJ as well (two out of three CCJs are made by AG) so that to nail down at least two CCJ at the same time. Of course for the second CCJ I need to make a separate N244 application which I will make very soon. Once I have received documents from AG, I will then move with SAR to whosoever the debts belong to. I do not recall any debt from AG or any other creditor. I haven’t had any credit for at least 8 years. The credit files have no mention of any accounts in arrears/ defaults except the CCJ shown spot on. Just to make sure that I have not missed out on any information that I must receive from AG, please advise here the same so that I add it to CPR 31.14 request. Critical questions about the 14 days rule for claimant to respond to CPR 31.14 request: Does this apply to my case where I have the set-aside date coming up in almost 8 weeks time? Is claimant bound to respond to my request within 14 days? If above is not applicable in this case,, then do I need to mention any time frame in my CPR 31.14 request Your swift response would be highly appreciated as I wish to move quickly on CPR request in order to see the evidence AG is carrying against me. Thanks and best regards,
  8. Well I had a call from someone in work (don't know how they got that number) from someone asking about a debt which is years old. Now I believed it was statue barred and asked them to send me proof that I owed this debt as I know nothing about it. They agreed to send me all the paperwork and they sent me a copy of a signed agreement from 2004 and then payments made from harrington brooks. Now I do remember being with Harrington brooks but this was back years ago and everything has been paid off in full. They said the debt was paid up until 2010 but I still owed £2000, baring in mind the original debt was for 1500 and according to them payments had been made reducing the debt by £800. I heard off them last year around this time and I asked for the same proof and I also asked for proof from the original debtor who said they had no record of the account. In the credit agreement they've sent me a copy of it has all the PPI in it. The payments aren;t shown as coming from me. I've written to this company to ask them to prove the payments from harrignton brooks were from me (as I didn't trust them) and also a breakdown of any PPI etc. Well today I received a claim form from Northampton CC and it's for £1886.66 pus court fee £75 and solicitors costs of £80. I can't afford this. I have just finished paying everyone last year, defaults were due to drop off my account in 1 year and I|'ve been working on my credit rating after finally learning my lesson. I really thought I'd paid everyone and now this. I am terrified of a CCJ is there any way to settle something outside of court and get them to take off the PPI and charges. I could cry I've ruined my life.
  9. Hello everyone, Hoping you can help me out here, came across these forums after doing some web research based on a letter the follwoing letter I received from Mackenzie Hall- MH Ref: xxxxxxxxx Client: Arrow Global limited Sub Clinet: Fairmile Partnership 1 LLP Principal Sum: £xxxx.xx ATTENTION - REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ACTION Our client Arrow global has instructed us to commence with pre-litigation doorstep visits against you for the outstanding balance. To avoid this action a monthly repayment plan must be in place within 7 days. You cans et up a direct debit arrangement by telephone, calling one of our operators on 0844 4115627. We require a first payment of £xx.xx on 25/02/2013, followed by installments of £xx.xx from 25/03/13 until balance is cleared. No response to resolve this matter will leave us with no option but to sanction a doorstep visit to your property by our field collectors, Meritforce. I must admit that this is not the first letter, after the first letter i checked my credit report, while its not great, there is definatly no mention anywhere of owing any of these people any money, so thought it must be a mistake. Now this second letter has appeared I'm getting slightly concerned. Can anyone point me in the right direction now please as I dont want people banging on my door demanding money for something I have no clue about...
  10. In 2007 I took out an orange contract, but only had it for 11 days after my company offered me a company mobile phone. So I cancelled the contract within 14 days and sent back the phone in an envelope ORANGE supplied me to send them phone back in... After that I heard nothing from orange. Last year - October 2011 - I received a letter from a company called Frederickson International who were acting on behalf of Arrow Global at my new address that advised I owed a communications bill to the value of £220 - I wrote back to them and advised them I knew nothing about it and could they send me a breakdown of the bill. I received a letter back saying they wont be persuing the debt any further... In March 2012 - I received a letter chasing the same debt from a company called Rossdales - who again, were acting on behalf of Arrow Global and this £220 i supposedly owe. I advised them of the communications I had with Frederickson and they referred me back to Arrow Global. In July 2012 i applied for a mortgage with a high street lender and it got declined. Due to an unsettled default notice on my credit file by a company called Arrow Global in October 2010. I sent Arrow Global a SAR to find out what the debt is and they sent me the details but with NO breakdown of what exactly the debt is for - saying they would be unable to send me an itemised bill of the calls I made in the 11 day period I had the phone as Orange wouldn't no longer keep that information. I called ORANGE and since July 2012 have spoken to 10 different people. 5 of which say there is no outstanding balance, and most recently after begging they look back at my history and provide me the details, saying I wont come off the phone untill they investigate it properly crying etc etc.. . - they are now saying I didn't return the phone. I reminded them that i sent the phone back in a pre paid envelope that ORANGE had sent me (they have a record of sending me the envelope) I was asked if i had the receipt/proof of postage... . Of course I don't, it was 2007. They told me from the IMEI number they can see that the phone was only used for 11 days and then it was stopped and the IMEI was never blacklisted. So im guessing whats happened here is, they think I never returned the phone - they sold the debt to Arrow Global and in 2010 ARROW applied a default notice against my name - but how? I never received any correspondence about ANY of this. .. nothing for 4 years and then suddenly Im lumbered with this.. . Im a single working mum of two who is trying to buy a house and I cant even get a high street lender so Im going to be stung with a massive fee and a high interest rate. I dont even know what to do. .. Ive already lost a house to an alternative buyer because i just cant afford the fee to get a mortgage because I have "bad credit".... Please help...
  11. Dear members, I have been living abroad for the last 5 years now. I own a house in the UK which has been rented out through agency for almost 7 years. I recently have learnt that a few DCAs have acquired CCJ against me at this mortgaged property address which had never been my home. Some have gone to the extents of securing a charge at the property. Almost in all cases, the DCAs have played the same old game of filing for a judgement just before the debt was about to become statute barred. The credit files (Experian, Equifax, Call Credit) do not show any longer, the debts for which CCJs have been issued. It all started when the letting agent entered the house after the previous tenant moved out. The agent picked a letter addressed to my official name marked “HM Courts & Tribunals Service”. With authority, he read the letter which was a “Notice of Service by the Bailiff” issued by courts due to “Failure to provide statement of means”. The hearing date is 16th of November. Though the notice says that the court hearing can be cancelled should I provide statement of means and submit to bailiff’s office, but I intend to contest it as I do not acknowledge the debt. The DCA is Arrow Global. I have gone through the forum and have an understanding that I have grounds to challenge the CCJ due to the following facts: I was not in the country to defend when initial CCJ notice was served (proofs available) It was not served at the proper address (the property address is NOT the last known address). I DO NOT acknowledge the debt (this could have be proven had I known about the case and could have gone through the route of SAR and the request for original agreement). I would request the members to please advise: If multiple CCJs can be set aside through a single application. How can charges at the property resulted through these CCJs, can be annulled (step by step process would be highly appreciated). In my understanding, if I am able to set aside the CCJ (the Arrow Global above), the hearing on 16th would automatically stand null and void ?. Your time and attention in responding to my query would be highly appreciated. Talk_Voip
  12. Hi all, Newb here. I'm in the same position as a lot of other posters, having received a claim form from Bryan Carter/Arrow Global through Northampton CCBC on Friday. Having read through some of the threads on on here, I've sent off the acknowledgment of service to the court and sent a CPR31.14 request to BC from the template I found on here. The sum is £299 +£15 court fee + £50 solicitors costs, with no interest claimed. What happens next? p.s. I signed the CPR31.14 request, I hope I didn't make a boo boo there.
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