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  1. Hi guys Thank you for all your feedback. Most insightful. From the advice you guys have given, I think my next course of action will be as follows: - - Wait for AG to send another letter (current letter has no deadlines, or demands). - My next response will be another request for statement of account and/or proof of ownership of debt. - Request a copy of notice of assignment, as one was never received. - Remind AG that no further correspondence will be made until above information has been provided.
  2. Hi fellow CAGers I recently received a letter from Arrow Global demanding over £7k. Suffice to say I genuinely have no idea what this alleged debt is for. I sent a letter to Arrow Global requesting a statement of account and included a £1 postal order. I have just received a reply from Arrow Global, but it doesn't make much sense. See below. If anybody could advise on the appropriate course of action I should take I would be most grateful. Many thanks Arrow Global letter: - Dear xx Arrow Global Limited account: xxxxxx ASSIGNED BY Fairmile Partnership 1 LLP (ACCOUNT NUMBER 1234567) We thank you for your letter dated xx/04/2014, addressed to Clarity and passed to Arrow as assignees of the account. We acknowledge your request for documentation pursuant to the Credit Consumer Act 1974. We do not accept we are the creditor as envisaged by the above statute. This account arose under an overdraft facility. Even if this account was regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, Part V of the act does not apply to this facility and there will accordingly be no executed agreement. In addition, we confirm: - the total sum paid is £0.00; - The total sum outstanding is £7xxx.7x; and - The amounts which will become payable comprise interest and costs, depending on what enforcement action is taken against you. We confirm the account is not statute barred under the Limitation act. Last payment was made int he [sIC] sum of £1.xx to our external agents Allied International on xx/09/2009. Please contact Clarity to make arrangements to pay your debt. We return the payment of £1.00.
  3. Hi Steampowered "By using goods or services you are generally deemed to accept an offer by the other party to provide those goods or services at their standard rate" This is another issue I have with water company. I have no choice in the matter. I do not want to use their goods and services, but they told me I have to. I have no choice when it comes to selecting the best value for money water company. I live in rented accomodation so I do not have the luxury of doing what unclebulgaria67 suggests; getting disconnected from water services. It's a catch 22. Water company rightfully state that water is a basic human need.. and then in the same sentence they state they can't cut me off because it's a basic right. But they can profit from providing me with a basic necessity. It's madness. The whole system is corrupt from the top down. Roll on a meritocratic society or a system where our elected leaders look after the interests of the masses and actually follow through with their pledges.
  4. Thanks for all your replies folks. Much appreciated. I think we are getting to the crux of the problem here. Steveod hits the nail on the head... regarding terms and conditions. The problem I have with water company is: - - They are a private company, they operate for profit. How much of water bill goes towards cost of water and how much is fat cat shareholder money. I am more than happy to pay for water and sewerage, but not when most of my money goes towards fat cat salaries. Am I not entitled to see a breakdown to the penny of where my money is spent? - I cannot use another provider. I am forced to use one water company. I have no choice... totalitarian regime - Acts and statutes require consent from the governed. I did not consent to the water act, nor did I agree to the privatization of water. - Is there a social contract where it states I have agreed to adhere to acts and statutes passed by bankers and corrupt politicians. If I have not caused harm, injury or loss to another human being, then as far as I am concerned I have committed no crime. All other laws are man made, and therefore require my consent. This includes acts and statutes
  5. Thank you for your response unclebulgaria67. "There does not need to be a contract." I have had this debate with water company already. They claim the Water Act 1991 means a contract is not required. If this is the case, I require proof of their claims. Where did I agree or sign an agreement saying I acquiesce to the water act. Is there a social contract which I've missed. In the meantime I shall request water companies code of practice as their last letter to me was downright disgusting. Blatant threats were made in the form of; give us full amount or we will take your money without your permission.
  6. Hi guys My local water company is threatening me with court action regarding alleged debts. Since moving into my rented property 3 years ago I have been requesting a contract and a true bill all this time but to no avail. The water company is now threatening me with court action for refusal to pay... even though I have never refused payment. I have accepted to pay in full on condition they provide me with a contract and a true bill (breakdown to the penny of all costs). What is the best way for me to proceed if court proceedings are the only option. Should I prepare a 'letter before action' for courts, or keep asking water company for a lawfully binding contract and ignore their idle threats! Any help would be most welcome. Thanks guys.
  7. It seems that you made the same mistake I did ref replying to them. I wrote a thread showing how parking eye turnips respond to letters. I wanted to see how they responded. No surprised when I found out my reply letters fell on deaf (and dumb) ears. As such, as so many others have countlessly stated. Do not bother replying to them. It's hard not to, for me it was, as I do not like to be bullied or threatened. I'm not in school any more. That's why I replied. I couldn't let it lie. Grrr
  8. In the words of the late great Bill Hicks; "'Hey! Don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride."
  9. A very salient point. Not sure what goal is. I just want to live a peaceful life, and not be harassed. I have learned over the years to pick my freeman battles carefully. Get in and out with minimal effort and move on. I agree that I have wasted too much time with these parasites. Let's see what their next plan of attack is and if their next correspondence gets filed correctly in my filing cabinet... the bin.
  10. Exactly. it's all very pot and kettle. The silly sausages
  11. part 2 there is no part 2, managed to get all images in first post Updates will be placed here as and when matters proceed with parking turnips
  12. I thought I would share my experience with these lecherous bottom feeders otherwise known as Parking Eye. In hindsight I should have ignored them from the start, but I was offered into commerce, and I thought it best to stay in honour and politely respond by rejecting their offer. Pictures paint a thousand words, so here is correspondence in chronological order. Your thoughts are most welcome. First notice from Parking Eye Reply 1 Parking Eye letter 2 Reply 2 Parking Eye letter 3 Parking Eye letter 4 Parking Eye letter 4 part 2 Last reply to Parking Eye Parking Eye letter 5 there is only part 1, I had problems loading images at start hence why I wrote part 1 in title
  13. UPDATE I phoned the AA today to check my policy is in order. Which it is. Then I asked about my 5 years NCD. The AA then phoned Swinton to check I had 5 years NCD. Lady from AA phoned me back to tell me I now owe them an extra £48 because I only have 4 years 10 months NCD - which they rounded down to 4 years. Suffice to say I told AA I wasn't going to pay any extra money and I will dispute £48. Because of my honesty, I now potentially have Swinton and the AA chasing me for extra monies. I am fuming. The whole car industry is a [problem]. They are messing with the wrong person here. I have no money, no house, nothing, and yet they ask for whatever they think they can get away with. As a last resort I will declare moratorium and offer to pay back 10p a week, but only after I've caused a stir and complained to the highest authorities in the land.
  14. Hi vusys1 "you say swinton and the aa have now cancelled your policys is this correct??? " No, AA were willing to cancel my policy if Swinton would have reinstated my policy to the end of Nov. But because Swinton cancelled policy, my AA policy remains intact (AA was never cancelled). I've not heard from Swinton for over a week now, so I am assuming no news is good news. Should I phone them or just leave things be? Maybe they are letting my cancellation slip under the carpet. If they do 'bother' me again, then it's hammer time. Letters will be going to fsa, swinton complaints folk, oh and of course their ceo; Peter Halpin. Bring it on. Thanks for your help guys. Long live cag and all the beautiful people who sail with her.
  15. @vusys1 "if you took out the AA policy before Swintons had issued a renewal offer (usually 21 days before the renewal date)." Yes I did take out AA policy before a renewal notice was received from Swinton. Is that bad? I mistakingly took out AA policy 2 months before Swinton policy expired. I assumed my insurance was due in Sept instead of Nov (I must have had brain freeze or something). My loss ref 2 months premium down the drain. "Give us the dates the AA policy started and the Swinton it will then be easier if any overlap or not has occurred" AA policy started on - 16th Sept 2010 Swinton policy - 19th Nov 2009 - 18th Nov 2010 Swinton cancelled my policy when they phoned me (29th Oct 2010) to tell me my insurance was due for renewal and I'd told them I already had insurance with AA. I never gave Swinton consent to cancel my policy. I phoned AA and explained situation to them, and they said they would cancel my policy for no charge, which I thought was nice. I never received any renewal notice by post from Swinton.
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