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  1. Just to update. I requested a reconsideration back in July and just this morning got a reply. Took a while but worth the wait. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59926[/ATTACH]
  2. Yes, although only an estimate as I don't submit a final figure for my income until January when the tax return is done. I'm not sure if I did get an award notice, I'll have to have a dig through the big box of depressing documents to check. Surely though if they have been informed of any change it is there responsibility to deal with the information and act upon it.
  3. I've got a SAR prepared but I thought it might be worth just asking them for a copy of that particular call. Probably better just to go with the SAR do you think? No, I didn't ask why they were over paying because I didn't know. I assumed that since I had fulfilled my obligation to notify them of a change of circumstances they would have made the appropriate adjustment. They actually haven't said what the overpayment amounts to yet either . Thanks
  4. Long story short. Got a letter from HMRC saying we'd been over payed due to not informing them of a change in our son's circumstances. He had started a modern apprenticeship in October 2014 after leaving school. I phoned and informed them at the time but although they acknowledge the phone call they claim that no request was made to update our details, which is quite frankly absurd. Why else would I have been on the phone to them otherwise? Anyone have any experience of this or how to challenge it?
  5. Strangely there's no mention in their T&Cs about NCD entitlement being at their discretion. It just says that as long as they get paid you'll get it back. Bearing in mind that the other party admitted liabilty, what would happen if: They DON'T reinstate her NCD and she goes to another company and they ask if she's had any at fault claims in the past 5 years ? The answer would be no. Next question. How many years NCD do you have? The answer would be down to whether current insurer managed to get paid or not? I can't see that standing up to a challenge to be honest.
  6. Had a look at the T&Cs and it states the following: "No claim discount The following will not reduce your no claim discount: • payments made under Section 4 (Windscreen damage) • payments for emergency medical treatment fees under Section 1 (4) • accidents where you are not at fault, as long as we have recovered all that we have paid from those who were responsible. • accidents where you are not at fault and those who were responsible were not insured, as long as they are identified." I wonder if this has ever been successfully callenged. It seems to me to be a very unair condition of the policy.
  7. But that's the point. The other party admitted liability and the £350 excess was waived. So they've had nada. To be honest the bill they're chasing is probably quite a lot as they took 2 weeks to fix a very minor ding and gave her a courtesy car that cost 70 odd quid a day so I'd imagine they'll be quite keen to get reimbursed.
  8. I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. A while back some one bumped my wifes car while she was parked in a car park putting shopping in the boot. Other party admitted liability. Wife contacted her insurance and notified them but stated that she was unwilling to shell out the £350 excess and that she would wait till other party had contacted them to confirm liability. Eventually wife got a text from her insurance saying that other party had admitted liability and the excess would be waived. Car got repaired and returned. All good so far. Now she's been contacted by her insurance saying she will have to consent to their lawyers starting a claim action against other party insurers as they are now refusing to pay. Fair enough. What's got my goat is they're refusing to reinstate her NCD until they get their money back. In view of the fact that the other party have already admitted liability are they within their rights to do this?
  9. That's that out the window then. Thanks for the replies folks.
  10. Since they don't have my permission to publish my data by means of a signed and properly executed credit agreement is it maybe worth trying to get them to remove the default? They've been so very nice so far.
  11. Yeah, I've just double checked and the last payment was March 2009. Next question is: Do the CRAs remove it after the sixth anniversary of the cause of action or the actual default date?
  12. I am in Scotland. I should have said that.
  13. Having had another look at it the start date is recorded as Sept 2009. If I remember correctly last payment was made to the account in March 2009 and the first red blob was placed on it in April 2009. Am I right in thinking that it's now Statute barred?
  14. Another small update. Never heard back from Arrow Global's solicitors. I've had a look at my credit file though and AG have posted a default running from feb this year (2014). Are they allowed to do that with an alleged debt which is now statute barred?
  15. Just to update. On 14th Jan I wrote to the solicitors acting for AG stating I didn't acknowledge any debt and that any action they cared to raise would be contested. 2 days later they replied that they had put it on hold awaiting instructions from their client. Heard nothing since. Monday I got call (which i presume is in connection with AG) from someone claiming to be from Advants who did the 'confirm your details' stuff which I declined. She said they had lettered me regarding this very serious matter. I told her I had received nothing and wouldn't be discussing anything with her. Never heard of advantis so i'll await something in the post.
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