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  1. There are complaints about UC and I will outline a few of them in case you can relate to any of them. 1) Delays in receiving first payment. If your first payment took 2 months to arrive, would you be able to cope? P.S. Claimants can ask for an advance 2) Being 'worse off' on Universal Credit There are Tax Credits claimants who are staying on that benefit for as long as they can, because under UC, they will receive less money. 3) Computer literacy For those who do not have an e-mail address / internet connection, they will likely struggle with UC There may be other reasons why you could fear migrating to UC but as I see it at the moment, it sounds like you are afraid of being afraid. As advised, I would just wait it out.
  2. I asked because your HB claim could bounce you over to UC independently of what is going on with your JSA. That could well be the trigger that sends you across to UC.
  3. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/update-on-the-future-of-dwp-jobcentres
  4. Are you aware / in receipt of Housing Benefit?
  5. You will get paid on a specfic date of every month. If you claim Housing Benefit or Tax Credits, then those claims will cease when you are transferred to Universal Credit. Existing claimants are only being moved across to Universal Credit if their circumstances change e.g. you were no longer eligible for the support group. I wouldn't really worry about the Universal Credit rolllout. It will take through to the end of 2018 for it to have rolled out to every Jobcentre - let alone move across claims from ESA.
  6. Universal Credit look at your monthly earnings rather than how many hours / days of the week you are working. The advisors are working to the guideline 35 hours on the minimum wage. It is possible to earn too much money to be eligible for Universal Credit. In the event that your earnings take you over the threshold for Universal Credit - and without specific information e.g. any dependents / disabilities / help with housing costs etc. none of us will be able help you with that - your claim will close. I think it is a case of playing things by ear with your work coach / the call centre. If your advisor schedules an appointment when you are at work, then the call centre will reschedule you for another time If you get any concrete answers to this question from Universal Credit, then please share!
  7. I'm going off on a slight tangent but what surprised me recently was the Sun feeling sorry for people on benefits. Rupert Murdoch must have developed some compassion! https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4874020/mum-four-found-dead-in-freezing-home-after-failing-to-pay-heating/
  8. I stopped getting involved on these threads in June. I enraged the Site Team by suggesting to the OP that we have a Face to Face conversation. I get that in an ideal world we would restrict our responses to questions on this page but there are circumstances where someone needs a Face to Face. In the end, FRU / Bar Pro Bono Unit etc. did not help the original poster so she would have had to have dealt with this on her own had I not volunteered. The Judge found that there had been an official error by the Local Authority but that the OP should have known about it. I have advised the OP to appeal the decision on the grounds of perversity. When finding the OP liable to repay the over-payment, the Judge had said that she had accepted the evidence of the OP in its entirety. The OP had explained to the Judge that she could not understand the Entitlement letter that the Local Authority had sent her in respect of her benefits. This is where I think the perversity arises. For what it's worth, I will say that persuading a Judge to prevent a Local Authority from pursuing an over-payment is nigh on impossible.
  9. Hello, I am wondering whether you have used the complaints process at all? Have you spoken to your local MP? Can you ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration of the Decision - with a view to taking the DWP to the Social Security Tribunal?
  10. Dx1000uk we have a problem. I do not have an agenda to take this conversation away from this thread. It's just that nobody else is responding and I found it weird to continue the conversation in the open. I will continue to do so if that is what the rules are. I am certainly not trying to tout either. If you are saying that I cannot help with her Tribunal, then that is fine. I will read the rules as a matter of course. I am a a member of moneysavingexpert forums too and that is the reason someone gave in a forum there. I assumed the reasoning was the same.
  11. I forgot about that! Yes, when new members join, the system prevents them in order to minimise spam.
  12. Ooo, tight time frame! Though no worry, it's enough time. When works for you? P.S. Our conversation is not inviting anyone else in the thread to respond to a question so it should shift to private messages.
  13. Hello, I sent you a private message but it seems that you did not get it. I researched the law around this area in case you did get back to me so I am prepared to help. What I uncovered along the way is that 'benefits' law is an area of law with hardly any remaining practitioners. I am sadly unsurprised that you had a hard time in sourcing advice. The government withdrew legal aid for appeals at the 1st Tier Tribunal because it felt that people can comfortably represent themselves. I would only agree with the government in the event that local authorities used lay representatives. In actuality, they can and do use lawyers. Let me know how we take things from here.
  14. They might be able to advise you on your situation.
  15. If you have received a Mandatory Reconsideration letter from UC, then your next step would be to appeal to the Social Security Tribunal - attaching a copy of that letter to your appeal. http://hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/HMCTS/GetLeaflet.do?court_leaflets_id=2724 Read the forms on this link and if you have any further questions then just let us know.
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