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  1. I am new to using this forum but here is the response i got when i tried to send a private message, "Sorry Peace007 you must have 30 posts in order to send PM's. Your current post count is 6."
  2. Am so sorry, we could have meet up much earlier
  3. I am very happy you can help. When can we meet please. My hearing date is on Monday the 12th of June at 11am in Romford
  4. Hello Theronstar, I have been chasing the Pro bono unit and FRU, trying to get a referral and all...... going straight to the point both Pro bono and FRU as of this moment haven't been able to give me a representative or get advise on what or how to attend a Tribunal. Can you still help please? Peace007
  5. Hello Craig, That will be great. So sorry for the late response had a virus in my computer only just got it back. So where can we meet up? Barbara
  6. Am very grateful for the time and advise i have received from Craig and Theronstar. Craig at the moment they have deceided to wait till the tribunal is done. Theronstar, unfortunately most of it was verbal and on the phone but they did admit in writing that there was official error on their part despite the fact i provided the income details and also saying if i was underpaid i would have noticed.! My challenge now is finding a representative before the Tribunal sets a date so we can discuss and be prepared. CAB said since it is at the Tribunal stage it is out of their hands and i will need to find solicitors who handle such case. My dilemma once again is where can i find a Representative to appear before Tribunal?
  7. Hello, I lived in the Borough of Newham before i got married and until we had our first daughter. Unfortunately since i hadn't worked for the company for a year i wasn't paid maternity pay and had to go to the council. My husband was on an average income of slightly above £800 monthly. All of this information was given to the council. I also gave them documentation that with his job overtime and commissions could be earned from sales, but it cannot be predicted as this only available if the company requires it. I called at various times to inform them and was told that because it was not regular or fixed there is nothing to update but they will be in touch if it needed to be reviewed of which it never happened. One faithful day i went into the office in 2011 to let them know my husband was no longer working and is actively looking for another, we were horrified to be slapped with a huge HB overpayment of over £10,000 and council tax of about £1,750. They claim the overpayment covered April 2009 to April 2011. I appealed and asked for the decision to be changed but never got a response 2013, i wrote again and heard nothing until this year when i received A FINAL DEMAND from Newham council. They confirmed that there was official error on their part despite the fact i provided the income details and also saying if i was underpaid i would have noticed.! This turmoil has been ongoing for too long and now the council sent the case to the Tribunal. I need help to get a legal representative and on what to do. I have been to cab and was told they can't help once it has gone to Tribunal. I left Newham Borough in 2011 and have lived in Barking till date.
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