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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, Just a little advice please. I had a works pension that was frozen some 8 years before I got married. My wife and I are going trough divorce and she seems interested in some of this pension. Question is as the pension was paid into and frozen before we married is she entitled to some of it? I am retired and disabled and claiming pension credit + enhanced PIP and Enhanced Mobility. the pension she is looking to have part of pays £42.27/Month She is 58 and due to retire at 67. She has a work p\lace pension and she earns around 1,500/month her new partner
  2. Hi, I'm hoping someone here will be able to help. I'm at my wits end. On Wednesday last week the police turned up at my house and arrested me on suspicion of fraud. (A complaint made by my sister and about which I was interviewed on Saturday - I've done nothing wrong and hopefully that is what the result will be) On Thursday morning my Housing Benefit was paid into my account and I was able to use my account. By Thursday afternoon the money had vanished. I couldn't get hold of my bank immediately so I transferred my savings (only £100) into the account - assuming it was just an error
  3. I have a personal account with the coop bank, which I've been using to trade Bitcoins on localbitcoins.com. I recently had a trade of £1250, for about 7BTC. The buyer paid into my coop bank account, & the escrow was released for the bitcoins. A few days later I received an email from the coop's fraud department, saying the buyer's bank had claimed that the buyer hadn't received their Bitcoins, & they wanted the payment reversed. The coop froze my account (which had a balance of £250) & requested "proof of entitlement". I obtained screen-shots of the trade, proving the
  4. Hi everyone I'm having a battle with my meat company and am not getting anywhere. They are refusing to accept responsibility and won't refund me for the cost of the ruined meat and are holding on to my credit balance when I cancelled the account one month ago and whilst I am convinced I am in the right I don't know that I am. What happened was that during the summer the courier left my meat order with neighbours that I am not very friendly with and on that occasion they signed for the meat and promptly went out for the rest of the day. After that I asked the meat company to p
  5. I am not sure if this is the correct section for this?? I have taken this out of a letter sent to the Finance Mail. N.L. wrote: I have power of attorney over my mother’s financial affairs. This lady accompanied her mother to her local bank, where they signed papers so that on her death (they were told by the bank) there would not be any problem accessing her account. They also went to another bank and were told exactly the same thing. (all they would have to do is produce the power of attorney on her death) her mother has since died. However on approaching the banks (obvious
  6. About three weeks ago i opened an account at barclays with my NEW business Manager as it is a brand new business account (business has been trading for 5 year) After meeting with business manager and opening a business account we proceeded to trade as normal at my business. On the 29th of May i paid in some cheques from my clients, which was about 100K, i informed barclays about this even before i put the cheques in and i also told barclays what the funds would be for, Business manager told me that it was ok to put them ALL in as i had informed barclays before i even did so. On wedne
  7. Hi there I'm currently going through a repossession process with FP & seeking advice on here via another forum As an aside, when I contacted FP for a redemption figure the amount had jumped loads higher than had previously been quoted on letters etc & after querying it I was advised that it is because they had decided , without advising me, to freeze the interest nearly 3 years ago & now there is about £7000 to add back onto the redemption figure! This is the first I've heard about it & certainly had no idea the figures being quoted on other correspondence where
  8. I'm currently scratching my head over an issue with NatWest. For a number of reasons, my company was dissolved for not filing accounts just before Xmas. I was expecting this eventually, but it still took me a little by surprise as all the advisory correspondence seemed to get stuck in the Xmas post and didn't arrive until New Year. This meant the company accounts with NatWest were frozen - the first I knew was when I couldn't log in online or use the debit card. I understand this is the process, and even though there was a balance of a few hundred quid in there, I don't really have any gr
  9. Hi all, I'm posting this for a mate.His Debit Card was either lost or stolen a couple of weeks ago. The loss was reported to Halifax within 12 hours after making sure the card hadn't actually been left at home.Halifax then agreed to send out a new card.One week later, no replacement card had arrived, and after contacting Halifax, he was told that his account has been frozen as some some purchases were made in the area in which the card was reported as last seen. (East London is a pretty big area)They sent out Statements for my mate to verify transactions against (which still have not arrived o
  10. Hi I got an email from [email protected] explaining that the following: "Old" or "Frozen" Pension Plan? . Attractive alternative to borrowing Minimum of £2,000 paid to you You must have an "old" or "frozen" pension Minimum £16k cumulative pension value required Free & No obligation Absolutely no credit check They then ask you to fill in a comprehensive form with your personal details and the pensions you have frozen....... How can they get you immediate cash?
  11. Hello In first, sorry for my bad english, im french ! I would like to talk about my problem, i explain the situation step by step : - In may i opened a basic account with halifax, a guy asked me my agreement and my french passport, i gave them ! - He asked me what i do in england, i told him im a professionnal gambler in sports, so i wouldnt like any overdraft, credit, checkbook, and just a simple card for withdraw my benefits ; thats a fifty-fifty relation ! - Few minutes later, my account has been open, and that was ok. - Two month later and many withdrawals from s
  12. Any advice on this would be very much appreciated. Barclays have frozen my personal and business accounts and are demanding repayment in full. I'm overdrawn £1,765 on my personal account. The overdraft limit is £1,600, with a £150 buffer. The business is no longer in operation. That account has no overdraft limit but somehow I've arrived at £1,700 overdrawn in that as well. I have no other bank account and my credit rating is already dreadful as a result of other, ongoing debt problems. I doubt I'd be able to get another account, unless there's a very willing bank out there som
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