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  1. so under TCF etc..they could accept an offer of £185k when the house is clearly worth £215/220k??
  2. Thank you Ell-enn I am currently building up the courage to ask them!! I also spoke to the building society & they told me that they won't take the house to auction but will market it on the normal open market via an agent based on 2 valuations which, in theory, should be very similar to the price I put the house up for a few weeks ago?? The sale price should be in the region of £220K with total outstanding mortgages of £180k
  3. would appreciate anyone's input as struggling to know what to do next with this. I've even looked at some of those companies who buy your house off you for 85% of its value but that wouldn't leave much at all for me, if anything Also contemplating biting the bullet to see if my parents will lend me money for the arears to enable me to stop the eviction but that's pretty scary too! All I want to do is try & get more time to sell the house & achieve a more genuine price which will give me more of the equity back to help me start afresh I also have a separate comment on another forum here about First Plus & a decision they took, without advising me, to freeze interest on my loan. That has now resulted in them adding back over £7000 to the settlement figure which I was unaware of until now - can they do that without advising me?
  4. Hi there I'm currently going through a repossession process with FP & seeking advice on here via another forum As an aside, when I contacted FP for a redemption figure the amount had jumped loads higher than had previously been quoted on letters etc & after querying it I was advised that it is because they had decided , without advising me, to freeze the interest nearly 3 years ago & now there is about £7000 to add back onto the redemption figure! This is the first I've heard about it & certainly had no idea the figures being quoted on other correspondence where this much out of synch with the real balance. Is there anything I can do about this? I've already raised a formal complaint about it but so far the answers have been somewhat vague Also, can FP still proceed with repossession (under a suspended PO) whilst a complaint is outstanding? many thanks in advance for your help
  5. Hi all I've submitted my N244's & have a hearing date listed for next week. I have to either attend in person or instruct a solicitor to represent me if I cannot make it back to the UK in person The concern I have now, having spoken on the phone to a solicitor is that their professional advice is that my case isn't very strong. 1) there is no-one living in the house at the moment so no humanitarian aspect to consider of making someone homeless 2) the basis of my case to suspend the eviction is purely financial ie I want to try & achieve the best price for my house as opposed to letting it go to auction etc... & 3) I have no offers or imminent sale completions so just marketing the house for sale doesn't really mean anything to the court/claimant Feeling really down about all this now as it seems like the inevitable is going to happen & I'm scared I'll end up with nothing
  6. Thank you sequence. I will take a good look through all of that tomorrow as well as contact the court about appearances etc.. The problem I have is that I don't have anyone else in the UK to call upon to attend on my behalf. I'll have to see what they say
  7. Help with N244 completion....I've downloaded the form & will , I assume, need to submit one for each lender's case basically stating the same thing i.e. i'm trying to sell my house etc... would appreciate some help filling it in as well as guidance on what to say to the court bearing in mind it is extremely unlikely that I'll be able to attend in person as I won't be able to afford to travel back to the UK. Will they accept my "defence/case" in writing & without my attendance?? Many thanks
  8. many thanks for that. Do you happen to know if I can submit this application from overseas? Reason I ask is that I'm now living with family in France as I couldn't afford to rent anywhere else in UK so would have to organise myself if I had to physically attend a court hearing in person to defend my case??
  9. Hi all since my last posts I've received correspondence from Skipton BS's Solicitors advising that they have obtained an eviction date of May 7th. In addition, Eversheds, on behalf of 1st Plus, have also written to me to advise that a "warrant of possession" has been granted & will be enforced on April 30th. Arrears with SBS are £5435 & £1954 with 1st plus. I cannot clear the arrears & property is on the market for sale which is the only route I have to make any payts Can I approach the court to postpone the eviction pending the fact I already have the house on the market? The sole reason I'm selling is because I've recognised I cannot afford the house & don't want to continue falling in & out of arrears & failing atp's etc..with suspended PO hanging over me. Any advice would be warmly welcomed as I need to submit something asap
  10. Thanks so much all for your responses. I'll update after the weekend dependent on latest correspondence &/or phone discussions Ultimately I hope the court (as a minimum & even the lender!) see that i'm trying to take the most pragmatic approach now by voluntarily selling up instead of just dragging the situation on & on My biggest underlying concern is if they did take the heavy handed approach & take over the selling process just how aggressive would they be able to be in achieving a sale price versus its market value - my fear is that they will just sell at any price to clear their debt & sod the (little) equity I have left
  11. Hi...does anyone have any advice for me? I'm wanting to reply to them on the basis that I'm voluntarily vacating & selling my house already i.e. saving them the effort & expense? obviously I can't predict when it will sell but I'm reluctant for a lender to take a more aggressive stance to a sale ie.sell for significantly under its value just to clear their loan
  12. Dear all Everyone on here has been extremely helpful to me in the past so thank you in advance for anything you can offer me now in my current situation. I have 2 secured debts against my house, one a main mortgage & the second with First Plus is a secured loan - both debts have suspended PO in place. I thought I was able to maintain the agreed repayments however my personal circumstances have changed yet again , for the worse & as such I have put the house on the market as I simply cannot afford it & all the associated bills. I have no income & have moved in with family to eliminate my outgoings. I have written to both parties explaining the situation & so far the only responses I have received have been along the lines of "we will enforce the order/issue the warrant" & go down the eviction route! My query is that I have basically evicted myself already?! If they re-approached the Court to gain possession would the Court not take into consideration the fact I am already trying to sell the house myself to repay their debts & arrears which in effect is what they would have to do anyway?? Plus I am marketing it at the proper market value (as obtained by 3 agents) so in effect I am trying to sell asap Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. I simply have no funds to offer them. I will have some equity to take from the property when it sells which is the only positive I can take from all this. Plus the stress of trying to keep all the balls in the air will be removed as this has had a major impact on me
  13. Oh yes I had read some horror stories like that so I will do that without a doubt!! As soon as lump sum is paid I will email Eversheds a copy of the receipt & also ask them to send me a copy of their cancellation notice as well as keep in touch with the court
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