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  1. Any advice on this would be very much appreciated. Barclays have frozen my personal and business accounts and are demanding repayment in full. I'm overdrawn £1,765 on my personal account. The overdraft limit is £1,600, with a £150 buffer. The business is no longer in operation. That account has no overdraft limit but somehow I've arrived at £1,700 overdrawn in that as well. I have no other bank account and my credit rating is already dreadful as a result of other, ongoing debt problems. I doubt I'd be able to get another account, unless there's a very willing bank out there som
  2. I presume there's a reason for the lack of responses to this. Maybe I'm missing several identical threads? If so, please could you direct me to them specifically. Or is it that the fee is actually reasonable? The bailiff seems to call on a Tuesday. I'm concerned that the locksmith will be here tomorrow. Based on the information I've been given so far, or lack thereof, I intend to somehow pay the full amount today. I don't know how I'll do that - it will involve many phone calls to family.
  3. He called again today. I still don't know what to do so I've done nothing. He knocked and put a card through the door this time. The due amount is the same. The worrying part is that it says: 'You should be aware that there exists a power under Schedule 4A of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act to enable us to enter your property, BY FORCE (he's underlined this), using locksmiths where required to execute this warrant. This worries me for several reasons beyond the obvious ones. I used to work from home as a photographer. The only thing I have of value is my c
  4. lordcrocket - From the court, I had the letter about the hearing date, then the letter about the reduced fine and payment arrangements, then the letter confirming receipt of my payment but that I'd still have to pay any debt collector fees. I've found a letter from Marstons. That says: Original amount due: £139.59 Your part payment of: £64.59 Current balance due: £75.00 I had 7 days to pay it before they contacted the enforcement agent to attend my address. The amount to be paid immediately is now £275. Yes, the car tax issue went to court. I wrote to them in ad
  5. I'm lost when it comes to which letters I have and haven't received. Part of the trouble is that I had (probably still have) quite severe depression. Perhaps stupidly, the only way I could deal with my financial mess some days was by putting any letters in a drawer, unopened, and focusing on trying to work. This whole thing makes me so sick it almost paralyses me. Hence days like today - I'm trying to actually deal with it. I'll try to stop being silly and open some letters though...
  6. I'm hoping you can give me some advice as regards how best to deal with this: I received a magistrates fine for non-payment of car tax. I wrote to the court in advance of the hearing, explaining the reasons for my non-payment and the fact that my income is non-existent. They decided on a reduced fee of £65, to be paid in weekly £5 installments. I missed some of these payments and they then transferred the debt to Marstons. As soon as I received the letter notifying me of this, I arranged to have the fee paid in full (fortunately, we'd just received a small amount of cash which we
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