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  1. Hello all, I bought a prepaid funeral plan from Pride Planning Trust through Prosperous Life. I had a call from Pride Planning today saying my plan had been discontinued and did I want to upgrade for and extra £500. I refused saying we had a contract between us and now you have breached the contract by informing me that my plan has been discontinued. They offered to cancel and give me a full refund, without interest. Can anyone offer me some advice and how I stand legally? Thanks Ken
  2. Hi All, Just a little advice please. I had a works pension that was frozen some 8 years before I got married. My wife and I are going trough divorce and she seems interested in some of this pension. Question is as the pension was paid into and frozen before we married is she entitled to some of it? I am retired and disabled and claiming pension credit + enhanced PIP and Enhanced Mobility. the pension she is looking to have part of pays £42.27/Month She is 58 and due to retire at 67. She has a work p\lace pension and she earns around 1,500/month her new partner
  3. Just a quick one whilst following this thread, I had a similar letter, however I was declared bankrupt in March 2015, I knew nothing of this debt, However I was aware that my estranged wife was claiming some 10 years ago. Because of the bankruptcy am I still liable for the debt, note, the debt wasn't on the list of creditors as I knew nothing about it. Regards Ken
  4. Hi all, I'm a little bit confused, possibly an A.G.E. thing, and I can't seem to find any answers here, again, possibly an A.G.E thing I have a very small fund with an occupational pension, it will pay £54 P/A, or if I take a one of Small Triviality Payment the amount would be £1,448.05 less TAX of £217.20 making a total £1,230.85. I am Claiming Pension Credit of £740.00/4 weekly, and two other pensions one pays me £42.15/month the other £80.77/month. The are notes in the paperwork that refers to:- * Lifetime Allowance declaration * Percentage of standard lifetime allow
  5. Hi all, I've tried searching for an answer, however I can't find anything definitive, so here goes:- as I understand it,the NCD is for the person, I say this, as if you have an accident you (the person) lose your NCD regardless of what car, van, lorry (unless you have a protected NCD, or would affect your NCD Also reinforced by the fact that if someone driving your car on a TP insurance on their policy, you don't lose your NCD. now, then, if the NCD is for the vehicle and not the insured owner, why, when you change your car do you not have to start the NCD process all over
  6. I did try to deal through my insurers, however they wanted me to pay the excess and then claim it back from the third party; on advice I approached the third paty insurers who handled the claim very quicky, all done and dusted within 3 weeks
  7. Wow, quick reply, thank you so much, I think I'm being pressured into using these people, I'm thinking maybe a letter to the third party's insurers may be a better option, they seemed to want move things on quickly without fuss Kind regards Ken
  8. Hi All, I had was involved in a RTA back in January; happy to say not serious and not my fault. Third Party admitted liability, so I made a direct claim to their insurers, who promptly arranged for repairs to my car, arranged a hire car, and paid out a sum to my passenger in injury compensation. I didn’t make a personal injury claim at the time as I didn’t experience any effects that I could attribute to the accident. However just about a week later I did experience a stiff neck and shoulder pain, also pain down my arm, I knew that it must’ve been as a direct result of t
  9. Thank you king these are my thoughts also. I'm also feeling that as I'm in no particular hurry for settlement, that I could perpetuate this to stack up legal cosst on his part
  10. Mmm, food for thought, certainly solve the issue, however, I think it may create more issues lol
  11. Hi BazzaS, Thanks once again for your reply The shed is sitting on a concrete patio, it is not fixed, and is officially regarded by Lincs Planning officer as a smokers room, and by the claimant as a store, there is some confusion here, as I believe the claimant is being guided by his solicitor, but he is not telling the truth nor the full story Regards Ken
  12. Thanks for your reply, This is not a gift in the sense of gift, nor is any land involved, The guy put, what amounts to a large wooden shed on my patio, he left and said I could keep it as, 1, he couldn't afford to take it away, and 2. he had nowhere to take it to. So if this is not a contract of transfer of ownership, what would it be, and after he gave and I agreed, has he the right to rescind this agreement without consultation or agreement? This is dragging out, I have all the time in the world to resolve it, I am considering suggesting that she take the mater to litigatio
  13. Hello all who have contributed to this post, it is still ongoing; The other side's solicitor seems to be jumping around all over the place, and appears that she is flaying in deep water; as follows She appears to think the cabin was sold to me, however I have never indicated that this is the case, in all correspondence I state that the cabin was given to me, there is a verbal agreement also a text message from the other party saying "you can have the cabin and the contents", at first I refused saying that it was his and that I wanted it removed. then I have further texts saying that
  14. So posting to his solicitor would be they correct thing to do, as we don't have an address for him
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