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  1. I have been, their responses are as useful as a chocolate teapot! Full of fake apologies.
  2. Paperless billing, but yes they have emailed me the bill with this amount, despite telling me 3 times now that I don't owe it.
  3. How do I escalate this? Have heard nothing from the CEO in reply to my email dated 22/03/16. Just checked my Clearscore file and they've registered a default on my account. I'm seriously ticked off!
  4. Hi Guys, Yes, I have emailed the CEO directly. Got home from work today to find another pointless letter for MDR.
  5. Right, now I'm livid, got home last night to find they'd passed my non-debt to Moorcroft!
  6. Hi Caggers! Brief History. I was a legacy customer (old Telewest customer) since 2005. The last contract renewal was in 2007 when I moved house the previous time, so contract was well out of band. Notified them in December that I was moving and would like to take my services with me, they said sure, no problem and could probably provide the services I wanted. Great. I moved house 9th January. I contacted them on the 19th January to find out what was happening with my service installation at the new place. Was told the service was activated on the 17th. That would have been a miracle as the house has no cable through the wall. Upon asking them to check, they had reactivated the service at my OLD address. Having established that this was their fault, and establishing that they did not in fact operate in my new area they agreed that the account was closed, I owed them nothing further and in fact was due a refund of £21. Result! Phoned Sky and got a great deal. 3 weeks later they send me a bill for a months worth of charges. After swearing at the statement I calmed down and called them. Explained everything to them in great detail (had to repeat myself a couple of times because, overseas call centre), they apologised profusely and said I dd in fact have nothing to pay (no mention of the refund though) and to disregard the bill. 2 weeks ago I get a reminder that I still owe the amount on the recently provided bill. Off I go to tweet my displeasure to Virgin Media in a lovely public forum. They were on it like a rocket, very helpful and said it was now all sorted. Monday I get a threatening letter saying pay up or they'll pass it no to a collection agency, and today I get another bill! I want to charge them an admin fee for dealing with this cr*p and having to put with the stress! Advice please, how do I deal with these muppets?
  7. Hi all, I'm posting this for a mate.His Debit Card was either lost or stolen a couple of weeks ago. The loss was reported to Halifax within 12 hours after making sure the card hadn't actually been left at home.Halifax then agreed to send out a new card.One week later, no replacement card had arrived, and after contacting Halifax, he was told that his account has been frozen as some some purchases were made in the area in which the card was reported as last seen. (East London is a pretty big area)They sent out Statements for my mate to verify transactions against (which still have not arrived over a week later), and he is now starting to suffer financially as a result of not being able to access his funds for over 2 weeks now. (His account is comfortably in credit)The Phone Drones on their UnHelpDesk are unsympathetic and really unhelpful.Advice please!!
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