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  1. Hi I went at my halifax branch today on the morning, with the proof of my checkbook I told them im a professionnal gambler, good and comprehensive advisor talk with me while the department of fraud made the verification of my benefits The advisor fax my proof, my account has been defrosted in the minute Im naturally happy, and i hope ( or not, as you want ) this thread serve for someone Thanks for the help too !
  2. I called them this morning, and the customer service said they cant give me details at their levels in regards of my situation ! I will try to go tomorrow for ask some explanations about my situation, and why not i will ask the number of the bank fraud department I think the checkbook of bank of america from my moneybookers account alerted this department ... Im fed up of situation, because i told them im a professionnal gambler, and they didnt need to be worried if big amount from my moneybookers account came to my bank account, so they knew the situation ...
  3. Hello In first, sorry for my bad english, im french ! I would like to talk about my problem, i explain the situation step by step : - In may i opened a basic account with halifax, a guy asked me my agreement and my french passport, i gave them ! - He asked me what i do in england, i told him im a professionnal gambler in sports, so i wouldnt like any overdraft, credit, checkbook, and just a simple card for withdraw my benefits ; thats a fifty-fifty relation ! - Few minutes later, my account has been open, and that was ok. - Two month later and many withdrawals from s
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