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  1. Thanks queensclose, that's an extremely good point and one that hadn't occurred to me. Looking forward to bringing that to the attention of the ICO and the Ombudsman.
  2. Yes, their behaviour seems a bit bloody-minded, when there's no benefit for them in this position. Given the damage involved in carrying a default, I'm more than prepared to fight it all the way. However, nice to see Gerry getting in touch, I shall email him and see where we get.
  3. So - back in 2009, I signed up with EDF for my electricity, got the supply confirmed. A week or so later, I got notice that I was being transferred to Scottish Power. I've got no idea how this happened - might well have been from slightly iffy comparison sites, but no matter. I registered this as an erroneous transfer, and got confirmation within a few days that I was going back to EDF. Unfortunately, and I can't remember exactly why, the actual process of shifting me back to EDF took about 3 months. Now I was going under the assumption that, as under the Erroneous Transfer Customer Chart
  4. I'm currently scratching my head over an issue with NatWest. For a number of reasons, my company was dissolved for not filing accounts just before Xmas. I was expecting this eventually, but it still took me a little by surprise as all the advisory correspondence seemed to get stuck in the Xmas post and didn't arrive until New Year. This meant the company accounts with NatWest were frozen - the first I knew was when I couldn't log in online or use the debit card. I understand this is the process, and even though there was a balance of a few hundred quid in there, I don't really have any gr
  5. That's really helpful, thanks. It's common sense that we can't be made to pay the business rates on someone else's property, but of course I'm worried the law might not work that way. So would the best procedure be to ask for an adjournment on the basis that the facts are incorrect to give them time to sort the bill out properly? Could the magistrate consider the matter there and then and make a charging order for part of the amount claimed if they find our documentation incomplete, for example? Or is it an all-or-nothing situation where if the basis of the summons is inaccurate, it will get k
  6. My ltd company moved into a large empty factory about 3 years ago on a long lease. Immediately, we divided it up into small offices and workshops and then sublet to a variety of small businesses. I notified the Valuation Office and the LA that this is what we were doing, and requested that they reassess for the purpose of business rates. I wrote and phoned regularly, and eventually about three months ago, the VO sent an inspector to take measurements etc. We had a conversation that day and she agreed to backdate the arrangement by two years. We then heard nothing more for a couple of mont
  7. I'm in the process of clearing up my credit file, and most of the problems I had from 2005-6 are now dropping off the file and becoming statute barred now of their own account. However, I've got one default from Capital One from 2007, a long time after I cut up my credit cards, and my priority is to get it removed as soon as possible. I've been reading a lot of the threads particularly regarding the procedure for issuing default notices, and was hoping a knowledgeable cagger could offer some advice specific to my situation. Basic facts are: 1. CapOne credit card taken out in solvent
  8. I'm currently trying to find some representation for a friend of mine, ideally on no-win, no-fee basis. He was knocked down by a driver / truck from one of the big courier companies, on private land. The truck was reversing at high speed, with its reversing beeper switched off, and sent him flying. There were about a dozen witnesses, and if they hadn't hammered on the back of the truck to stop it, it's quite likely my friend would have finished the day considerably flatter. Fortunately, his injuries weren't too bad - mostly shock, but still quite substantial bruising, and he had to hav
  9. They didn't. They sent one notification addressed to a former tenant, incorrectly addressed, so we heard about it second hand. They didn't send anything to any of the companies actually resident in the building.
  10. Unfortunately, my faith in the legal system has now had a complete battering. For entirely legitimate reasons (I've been quarantined at home with swine flu FFS!) we wrote and asked the court to delay the warrant hearing for another week. The warrant application was based on false information, and all we needed to do was attend the hearing and put the facts straight. They failed to give correct notice to the occupier of the intention to obtain a warrant, for one. The judge decided to ignore this request completely, and executed the warrant there and then. Apparently the utilities compa
  11. As a footnote, the warrant WAS wrongly addressed. However, the bailiffs argued very forcefully that this didn't matter as "their legal team had checked the details". All complete rubbish, of course, but fortunately the police officer who came down stood his ground and refused to let them force entry, as the warrant was inaccurate. This was despite threats to report him to his superiors, etc, etc. They were then going to go to the Magistrates' court that morning and get the warrant amended. I argued that as the address was wrong, they couldn't have given notice to the occupier of t
  12. Thanks a lot, GTP - genius! The power's supplied to one building (the address on the warrant, and also the billing address), but the meter's in the premises next door, at a different address. All I need is the time to sort out a reasonable payment schedule without plunging everyone into darkness - this should do the trick. Cheers!
  13. Hello all, Currently in a bit of a bind with Eon, who've obtained a warrant to disconnect the electricity from my business premises. They're supposed to be coming on Tuesday, so I'm trying to deal with this pretty urgently! The situation is that we share a large old converted factory with four other small businesses. Each company is self contained, but there's only one electricity meter & supply. We asked to get these divided, but the suppliers wanted to charge something like £4k each. Consequently, we decided between us that my company would collect the money from the other tena
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