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  1. What action did you take, following the letter that was uploaded as a pdf?
  2. 4 hours he left between arrival and flight departure... not the 6 hours he initially said. He caught the 09:55 from Plymouth, due to arrive at Heathrow at 14:25 - plenty of time for his 18:40 flight. Ended up arriving at Heathrow at 2300 last night, and didn't bother getting a hotel, just slept on the floor of the airport. Had to rebook a flight, and was on a plane at 7am this morning. He has got travel insurance, which I will go over with him when he gets back. It has an excess and a £500 limit though - so his preference is to claim back from NE if possible. 3 hours broken down, waiting for another coach to come. Then got stuck in traffic jams, then stopped for an hour somewhere, then roadworks so had to turn around to go another route. But on the bright side, he got given a card on the coach saying "We're sorry, give us another try.... to claim your discount etc etc "
  3. Hi, Currently, a member of my family is sat on a broken down coach, which is supposed to have arrived at Heathrow. He has missed his flight, and will have to try and book one for tomorrow. According to the conditions of carriage: http://www.nationalexpress.com/help-and-advice/about-us/conditions-of-carriage.aspx and He allowed 6 hours between scheduled arrival and the flight departure. Would a hotel room at Heathrow overnight be considered a reasonable and foreseeable loss?
  4. What Becky said, but with added expletives. I don't suppose he put any of this in writing did he?
  5. So they signed a contract until 13th August - that is what the landlord is holding them to. At the end of the original year period, it becomes an AST, which is a rolling monthly contract.
  6. Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some help! (and sorry it is so long - I don't want to dripfeed) In January, I moved into a new build property. I contacted my previous suppliers (SSE) and asked them to move my account over to my new property - a simple process, I hoped. I was wrong! In March they came back to me to say that they couldn't take over my account, as British Gas had me classified as a business address. I then spoke to British Gas Business - advised them that the house is indeed residential, that I wanted it corrected to show this and a bill so I can pay my balance with them before moving back to SSE. They also updated my address, which they had completely wrong. They advised it would take 6-8 weeks in order to change the profile of my address, and for a specialist team to recalculate my bill. Also, that they would freeze my account, and to ignore anything that came through the post from British Gas Business, as the residential team would be taking over. During this time, the letters starting rolling in - a bill of £1500 for 4 months electricity, and letters advising that debt collectors would be coming to the property; that they were disconnecting me in 7 days, that they were adding £100's of charges on my account in late payment fees. During this period, I called BGB, who advised that it was still in process, and that there was a backlog. When I got the letter advising of disconnection, my partner got quite worried, so I called BGB. This time their adviser said that they tried to call me twice on my mobile to advise that I needed to sign a contract before I could be moved over to a domestic profile. As I hadn't answered their calls, they had cancelled my switch. (No letters, emails or voicemails left to advise of this) - the reason I didn't answer is because I work! During this call, I was told I now needed to pay £1750, or they would be continuing with their threats of disconnection and bailiffs etc - despite the fact they were still billing me for business tariffs. When I mentioned that residential prices would leave my bill to be less than half of this, I was told that "You can make an estimate of your bill and pay us that" - surely it's their job to bill me correctly, but never mind! Finally, after asking for escalation to a manager to lodge a complaint, I was told that they would again freeze my account, and pass this to a complaints team to handle - this is when I requested that everything was to be conducted through email only. Over the last couple of days, I have had an email from their complaints team regarding this. They have now moved my profile over to domestic; however will not recalculate my bill unless I sign up to a contract for Electricity with them. Also, they admitted to me that they were informed in February that the property was domestic, but just continued to bill me as a business. What else can I do to get this resolved, other than signing a contract with them? I feel it is grossly unfair to be expected to pay double the amount for my electricity supply, because their systems incorrectly had me assigned as a business. Equally, I don't want to be tied into a contract with a company who have treated me so appallingly.
  7. Why did you offer to go halves, if you think he is to blame?
  8. Before I finally quit after many attempts, I was very sceptical about the NHS services and quitting - I foolishly thought that it offered no value and wouldn't help me. I was very wrong. It was the smoke free service that got me over the final hurdle. Financially, you can get stop smoking products on prescription, which is significantly cheaper than purchasing them normally. I used gum, lozenges, inhalators and patches - not all at the same time, I alternated between them and found what I preferred in different circumstances. I found that patches worked well to dull cravings during the day, but not eradicate them. When I was driving, I would use an inhalator as well as the patch. The gum worked really well for me too. I wasn't a fan of the lozenges, as they tended to give me a sore throat - however I kept at them as almost a reminder that if I started smoking again, I'd have to use more of the darned things!! By far the biggest help for me was the carbon monoxide breath tests. These would show to the health worker that I hadn't cheated, thinking that no-one would find out. I was only cheating myself, I know... but now I had something tangible to prove I hadn't cheated, it really worked. Good luck, you can do it. It's a stupid habit, you are effectively going to the cashpoint every day, taking out a tenner, setting fire to it, and breathing it in. You can quit, and you can effectively give yourself a £300 a month pay rise.
  9. I'm not seeing how this is inappropriate... You initialised the conversation on social media - a public site, but are unwilling to tell Barclays the issue to let them resolve in the same public area? They aren't the rude party in all this, in my opinion.
  10. Very much a poor attempt at a cloned website. Clicking on the addresses on the contact me page takes you to the addresses of capdef!
  11. When you shutdown, your laptop will 'switch off' all the memory in each of the components of your laptop. When you then switch it on, it completes something called POST (Power On Self Test) - so effectively it is restarting your graphics adapters etc and testing that they are operational. When you restart, it keeps memory state etc for the components, so they aren't rebooting - which is why you are noticing a difference in behaviour between shutdown and restart.
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