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  1. You need to ask for a breakdown of figures of how the Council came to their decision. Once received you can ask the Council to review, make sure you point out the errors in plain childproof English as Council workers are not employed for their intelligence! and if not ask them for a deadlock/final decision letter to take to the independent tribunal. Stigman
  2. Hi, The true experts in this field will be along as soon as they are free. As it is the Friday and leading into the weekend, responses may be slow as everyone is with families etc. The Council should have provided you with a breakdown of the financials and how they reached their decision. The letter should state that you can take it to an independent tribunal but await others who are more knowledgeable. Your UC online statement should also show how much your are paid for your Housing Benefit. I am replying because we are having
  3. I updated our details as we recently moved (May this year) with a certain price comparison website that uses a small mongoose as well as his servant and family as their advertising. I had not connected the two and have had no searches by anyone on my credit reports that I receive. Stigman
  4. To update the op and this thread. I tried to call HSBC only to be on hold for 30 minutes and then cut off Today, I went into HSBC, the letter is from HSBC, the letter is genuine and the guy even showed me a copy of the same letter addressed to me on his tablet. He was shocked that the telephone number comes up as a scam number in Google searches but I also pointed out that the number is not listed in HSBC's own phone book in their help section. He had no comment on how they found my new address, nor the reason as to why. I will now be send
  5. My letter and Cheque is attached. I have searched like Listless the addresses both on the Cheque, and the Business Centre and these comes back as correct for HSBC. Even the FCA number in the small print on page two is correct. The pages have a good quality feel to them, not something you would expect from a scam. Just so weird that the telephone number that they ask you to call is not only on spam lists but also not showing on HSBC's own Phonebook list in their help section. I will be phoning HSBC tomorrow and asking them directly. Stig
  6. Just to update this thread for the op. I have received the same letter with a cheque for £25, the letter had my correct A/C Numbers on as well. The letter is vague as all it states is that they have reviewed their collections and recoveries departments and that it did not meet the standard that they expect. The letter does not say what had gone wrong or where, what standards had failed and I will now be following up on this. This stems from our Accounts from 2008 btw and we continuously thought with HSBC before it got to the collections stage so they ha
  7. I thought that there was a statutory 14 calendar day limit to be informed by post? Stigman
  8. Does the information that Cabot have supplied match with your own Bank Statements & Records? Stigman
  9. Although Henriksen have a Scarborough address they share the same offices in Leeds as LCS. Henriksen or HCollect are the same Company and tried to collect a Statute Barred debt from me late last year but a quick Statute Barred letter sent them closing the account and returning to their clients. Henriksen are collecting a lot of work at the moment from JC International who have purchased a lot of old Talk Talk debts. Do you have or know of any Statute Barred debt that has been sold to JC International? Stigman
  10. Hi, It means that Cabot have purchased the Account from Halifax, Halifax is correctly showing zero balance. Cabot is correctly showing the amount and the same date as the original Halifax account of January 2014. As you have CCA'd Cabot, this means it is either a Credit Card or Loan, have you reclaimed all charges and checked for PPI as the deadline is coming close so you have to act fast. SAR to the original creditor (Halifax), SAR template in the Library section. You should have been made aware by letter that Cabot had purchased the debt from Hal
  11. Lowell's are very litigious at present so your chance of a claim form coming through the post in the future will be on the higher end of the scale. However, as DX as already posted the final figure is made up of early termination charges and other charges along the way. These can be used as part of your defence as well as Vodafone's payment history if a claim form ever comes through your letterbox. You need to get a Subject Access Request to Vodafone straight away, the link for the SAR is here... https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387306-Full-Subject-Access-Req
  12. If the bailiff is refusing to take the car it means it is not a lot of value and therefore the bailiff is hoping it is more of an inconvenience to you so he will get his payment and move on as otherwise he would be exerting maximum pressure for your son to pay or a low loader will be round and your sons car would be gone and stored and unless payment received it would be auctioned. You need proof of this latest ticket that the bailiff is talking about, did your son have a ticket which he forgot to pay? Stigman
  13. Hi, Others will be along to advise but do not remove the clamp yourself as it will be classed as Criminal Damage and if you dispose of the clamp it will also be theft. Have you got a purchase receipt? How did the bailiff find the vehicle at the new address? Was this through an ANPR hit where they drive around streets looking for vehicles in their database? As long as you can show that your son used his own funds to purchase the vehicle (bank withdrawal/debit card receipt if garage etc.) as mainly the log book shows the keeper not the owner so you need to establish proof of ownership.
  14. Contact HMRC directly and set up a repayment plan. Ignore Rossendales. Pointless asking them, they will only say no so they can take your payments and obtain their hefty percentage fee. Stigman
  15. Hi, Please can you click on the link, copy and paste the Questions and add your responses back in this thread for the best advice on how to proceed. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?419198-You-have-received-a-Claim-What-you-need-to-do.-**UPDATED-2016**(1-Viewing)-nbsp Stigman
  16. Hi, Glad you have found the error of your ways and hopefully will be your last, not your parents but a change of friends would not go amiss. Great that you have researched RLP, please have a search around the forums, you will receive approx. 4 letters from RLP, RLP do insert your name into the paragraphs to give it a more personal touch, however it is not a fine, it is a speculative invoice so therefore please ignore, after the letters from RLP have dried up, a Debt Collection Agency may write a couple of time but it is good news as you are nearly at the end of receiving letters.
  17. Pointless sending a SAR to a DCA, they hold very little information & you will get back a couple of A4 pages for your tenner, you always SAR the Original Creditor. However as it is Pastdue ignore as they have little to no power and rely on the debtors lack of knowledge for their sole existence. As pointed out above it is Statute Barred next year so ignore the letters, the chance of a CCJ is slim, however if one does come then post back here where help to defend will be given. Did you inform the Energy Company when you moved out? Stigman
  18. You could appeal to the Traffic Appeal Tribunal Service, I have had a quick look to see if you come under the Compelling Reasons that you did not submit your full evidence and that the Council photograph was photographed from a position where the punture was not shown (however, the leasing Company of my car only takes a photo from a certain angle and not all the way around so this may also be the local authorities procedure). The appeals process is explained here https://www.trafficpenaltytribunal.gov.uk/before-you-begin-your-appeal/ You will though need documentary evidence as to the p
  19. Unfortunately no, however the adjudication officer could of at their discretion made you still pay the reduced amount. Can you please post your details of what the offence was & what was your basis of appeal? Stigman
  20. I do not understand why they turned you away due to personal reasons, if you no longer reside within the borough that the Charity operates then they have the right to refuse you. It seems to me that they have been more than accommodating in the past, but have now declined you not for personal reasons but because of budget constraints means that they must now solely concentrate on those residing within the borough. I am a trustee of a Charity and our goal is for people within our locality. I would suggest doing either an online search or go to Citizens Advice where you can be put in
  21. It's not only if any PPI was added but any illegal charges (for example charges for telephone calls or letters). If you do not have your original agreement or the statements, you will need to send Provident a Subject Access Request to obtain these, this will cost £10, a Subject Access Request letter is in the templates section. If you have had multiple loans, include all of the agreement numbers on the Subject Access Request. Do not use any reclaim Companies, you can do it yourself for free, if you need any help in this just ask away. Stigman
  22. International Airlines Group Mr Willie Walsh Chief Executive Email [email protected] Telephone 020 8564 2800 Switchboard 020 8564 2800 Website http://www.iairgroup.com Postal Address 2 World Business Centre Heathrow, Newall Road, Hounslow, TW6 2SF Stigman
  23. Your friend should have paid for the shop to do an independent inspection, if this inspection proves that the failure is down to a manufacturing defect then he could have had the TV repaired as well as the refund of the inspection report by the TV's manufacturer. If your friend just authorised the repair and no independent inspection report exists prior to the repair then i feel it is highly unlikely that any Court claim will be won. Stigman
  24. As long as you keep up with your monthly minimum required payments as requested and also that the Credit Card account is not over the limit applied then it should show as a circle with a green dot. This means that the payments are kept up to date and made on time, if the circle has a red dot within the circle then the payment is showing as late. The exact payment history will not be shown to other creditors but your history of making payments on time will be. Stigman
  25. They can increase the prices while you are within contract, however as long as you give notice to BT within 30 days of receiving the email, you can leave BT with no early release financial penalties. Phone them up, go through the endless options, select leaving BT, and if you want to stay haggle for a new & better contract, if not take your money elsewhere. This only applys to phone/broadband and not to any TV contracts like SKY etc. Stigman
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