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  1. Thank you Bankfodder , yes I have received disclosure I beleive to be incomplete. Yes I have a least 2 call recordings which I start by saying I want to Cancel , and go in the state the fact i have been trying to communicate by chat messaging ( also have most of these transcripts) it always goes like below, Regarding the calls I always start by saying I want to cancel they ask why i tell them its too expensive , then listen to thier song and dance about why I should keep it , I always listen beacuse I want to be polite, then they start offreing "deals" which are not deals. but i always try to say lets see if anything comes closeill think about it if not lets cancel, thats why they always transfer to cancellations. but "cancellations" also starts the sales talk , but they answer by asking why I want to cancel , so surely they cant deny the fact i wanted to cancel.(but all of these are missing from the Disclosure). * The Rude woman has put screen notes saying I called in looking new deals this is incorrect I was passsed to her as passing to the the cancellation team ( the call to the guy who passed me to her is available however they seemed to have clipped the begining where i mention i have been trying to get in contact for the past X number of months to cancel. this is the only call available. She also says SHE asked me if i wanted to cancel and I didnt Answer this is incorrect she never asked me that , infact she was too busy shouting at me in part because her sales pitch failed , she signs off by saying "still hasnt asked me to Cancel" she also mentions that i have said i have screen shots of trying to contact VM about cancelling ( this is the only truthfull statement in the screen note) she mentions no calls logged after 09/20 and about asking a manager to call -never got that call. I personally would prefer to take Legal Action if there is Grounds to do so , but again the problem is the account is in OH's Name and she being in the indusrtry that needs SC2/DV clearence now dont want to go thorugh with it at the moment i seem unable to convince her that this does not matter. i dont think with out taking such action they is a chance of them offreing even a minute amout of the £19 extra charged for almost 5 months. i think the time runs out on 28th so i will have to go through this by tommorrow . the files are in .docx format and seem to have been a copy+paste job so its very messy . P:S : just found a file under complaints history i have filledtheir online form on 08/20 asking to cancel , on this form i have asked for them to contact me by email , this too never happned apparently fo this was closed and i was sent a dedlock letter .
  2. I Apologise for the late Reply it was only that As the account in my OH's name i was tryting to convice her to go for the letter of claim, she wasnt receptive being under the impression that it would be detrimental to the industry she works in , she has misunderstood this . oh well... Anyway I too was a bit Overwhelmed about a Claim on this case as I didn’t know what to base it on. earlier I had sent them an email warning when the date to comply was due as you had suggested . while still contemplating on this I have received a Reply to the SAR early this morning . it requires signing up to an external site which connects you with their parent company Liberty global to download the file . the file wasn’t available so I sent an email saying that this would be my last communication failing which they would have deemed to have breached their obligations . now they have sent the file. however they seem to make it as hard as possible for you to get this done the file is password protected they send a text a mobile number to access the file however the mobile number they sent the text file is not the number on the Account it’s a mobile number I used to call them a couple of times and should in no way have associated it self to the account I did not give them the authority for them to use this for account purposes . under account details the correct mobile number is listed but they did not use this. Also they sent the email notification in the early hours and by 9.00 a.m had sent 2 message expiration notices . it is at this time I sent them the email saying they are in danger of breaching their obligations( may be I was wrong). Im still going through the data but their isn’t much it seems to miss all the important chat transcripts ,there is just 1 call a guy saying he will transfer to some one . the screen notes from the Rude woman is available (not the call ) unbelievably she is lying in the screen notes too . this is the only screen note available . one incomplete chat transcript from 14/08/20 which say DPA wasn’t passed yet I have it saved going through to an advisor with a name . importantly they have not included anything which I say I want to cancel or “looking to cancel”. there is a complaints history section , ill go through this fully and hopefully update tonight . iam wondering if there is grounds to make a complaint to the ICO i think i might nyway make another comlaint to VM about the screen note the woman has put it as i can prove it is incorrect
  3. Just to update this thread , I have got another email regarding the the SAR request, This time from the general VM webteam email address, It's got the same GDPR reference number This time the cheeky sods say Thanks for getting in touch with us about your Data Subject Rights Request, which we received on 18th January 2021 They seem to be moving the goalposts on the time line . I'm thinking of ignoring this email and wait till the time runs out on the 28th. Thanks
  4. @BankFodder thanks for the advice , i iwll do as advised and send them a short email advsing of the above . btw : i never di get a call from a manager but it doesnt matter as the SAR is on the way. . I also wrote to the ICO regarding the situation here and discreetly recording the conversation , their answer suggests the VM advisor was misinformed , i thought ill update it here as information for anyone else who may have doubts , the information provided is from the ICO lead case officer. " In the situation you describe it appears that you would not fall under the material scope of the data protection legislation, ie you would not have to comply with it. This would mean that in terms of data protection legislation you would be able to record the calls without the organisations / individuals knowledge or consent. Please note that I am only able to provide guidance about data protection legislation and any obligations you have under this. I am not able to comment on any other regulations that could potentially apply. "
  5. Just to update this thread , I Only got confirmation from Virgin media that they received the SAR reqesut on 12/01/21 , they say it was received on 29/12/20 ( it was sent on the 28th) this is probably becuse the email address they give on their GDPR page Here is diffrent to the one the below email was received from seems to have been forwarded . i hope the one month they mention starts from 28/12/20 & not 12/01/21 below pasted is thier email . Thanks for getting in touch with us about your Data Subject Rights Request, which we received on 29th December 2020. We'll get to work on your requests and we’ll be in contact within one month. P:S : they have decided to send me a bill for Feb/march for the inflated price even though im due credit and will be leaving in the last week of january . lol muppets
  6. Thanks Bank fodder, I understand , it was my mistake, however as I recorded the other calls & for the fact i was able to setup another account at the address , it has proven the fact that VM agents have been misleading me , by saying this cannot be done for so many months. it remains to be seen what the SAR will show
  7. Happy New Year Every One, Just to Update the thread, a Couple of things Hppaned /Did not happen. The Promised call by manager on 28/12/20 by a manager did not materialise todate. I did howver get a call by retentions ,which iniially offred me the same offer as the first bloke did ,(the Rude woman from retentions offred a higher Price) Then went down below £40 , I have refused and told im not intersted & go ahead with the cancellation Because, I have signed up in my spouse's Name ( which is actually me ) as I have always dealy with the account with her authorisatition VM always say they do not need talk her as i have entered the security details correctly. In signing up i have found that ,they have made up lies to keep me as a customer in the sense that, the first bloke that I spoke to has mislead me as i was told once I cancel no Virgin Media account would be available for the particular address for another 3 months ( he may have meant in my current account holders name , im not sure though). more importantly, The rude was downright meislading and lying to me , as she mentioned I would be without broadband for 2 whole months as the disconnection would be immidiate( i knew this wasnt true it is always 30 days notice) then apparently nobody else at the propertywould be able to sign up for another month. The call I received from Retentions I casually asked if they could see my chat conversations going back to August and if there were any notes on my Account , The Answer was in the affirmative ( So the again conformation the rude woman was lying). Also confirmed that the Complaint I filled out online after the call is there and the Old complaint is also on the system.i was happy i had got this confirmation..but.. But im afraid i did make a major mistake that even though i pressed the record option only a few seconds of the call has been recorded ,im not sure how this happned as the recorder hasnt let me down before, unfortunatley i had sent the SAR before this call I Have recived confirmation of the new account setup due to take over a day after the current gets cancelled. Thanks.
  8. Thank you BankFodder, I have done as advised , but may be to my fault i removed the last sentence , as it remains to be seen that why my reqeust to cancel the contract in august by giving 30 day notice wasnt carried out ,this was only given through the messaging feature . i i wll await their contact.
  9. Thank you for the Advice , just want to clarify two points please, i only modified minimal content to suit me , but do i , * Since advice is to sign it when I email shall I print ,scan & sign an send is as an attachment? * is the last sentence required ? * the part which says " This may also lead to legal action in the County Court" Thanks
  10. Apologies for posting again is it OK if I email the SAR reqeust? found and email address for theVM DPO. on their forums Thanks EDIT: read again Dx says to post it so I iwll do that Thanks
  11. Thanks Bankfodder I will do so & read up again. I didnt mean to tell her it just came out .she wouldnt let me speak and kept saying there are no records to say i called them or even any notes regarding chat conversations. changed her story later on a school teacher type my way or high way.. kept asking me to let her speak even though i couldnt get in a word edgewise and i couldnt understand half of what she was saying as she was shouting . must say i have never come across anyone remotly rude of this type ,most have been freindly and polite even though completly useless . first time ive come across this type ever except for DCA's. will update accordingly .
  12. I Do apologise , below is my attempt at bullet points ,its still not minimal but its factual, have been contacted by Chat support since , points updated * Have been trying to cancel the contract since September price due to go up by 20% , never managed to get any one the phone , but only on their messaging feature. which also got stuck when transferring to the relevant team and gets closed. Collected some chat screen shots but not all. * Also filled out their September/October complaint form due to the inability of calls getting through. * Two Received letters from VM through September & October saying they will be in contact within a few days but never did up to date also has a complaint reference one i think is a dead lock letter as it mentions i can contact CISAS? * Today for the first time i managed to get though 3 times in fact on the phone. i was passed from pillar to post . Got transferred to a lady ( Scottish call centre ) * Noticed from the start itself she was aggressive & irritable could tell she was elderly ( no disrespect meant ) , so i was even more polite than usual , how ever she was pushing for the hard sell and and wouldn’t discount or even willing to cancel saying its better for me to keep it for the £2 discount she was offering, wouldn't let me talk (in the end i did lose my cool a little bit) and obviously giving me wrong information saying even if i signed a new contract they can charge more by the time they would install ..Thats just one of her BS. * conversation wasn’t moving so i mentioned the letters with complaint numbers i received from VM *she then started saying there is nothing on the system about those letters and it was a different department this was not her problem, then she started to stay i had never complained and asked to cancel and cannot prove anything it would be my word against theirs. *it is at this point i mentioned when i log on to the chat i can clearly see that i have records going back till august *she changes her story to say she had records, but i haven't asked to cancel , clearly she was fibbing. *unfortunately it is at this moment i said i had recorded all contact so can prove I did ask to cancel, then she flew in to a rage saying I'm invading her privacy as i did not tell her i was recording ( probably afraid i caught out her lies) and i was invading her privacy , is this correct i had read the "contacting CS " guidance that if i did not want to be recorded i should hang up and she had the right to do the same , should i let them know beforehand that im recording? * The Rude woman Tells me a manager will call me but will tell me the same thing *About an hour later Customer relations answers through chat and offers me a £18 discount with a 18 month contract after some haggling , but ill have to keep all 3 services I only use BB and im thinking this is not worth the hassle BB only is still £6 cheaper *I ask to cancel at least about 5 times till he finally relents and agree to cancel ( After about 1 hour) in 30 days but he has no idea apparently about the complaint or the extra money charged because they couldn’t be contacted and not for my want of trying . * I did ask to confirm the cancelation date on the email ,however this is not there either.
  13. Apologies posted before i read ill try to bullet point and repost , please delete the post if relavant
  14. Hi, I will try to keep this brief as i do tend to go on. my problem is similar to this thread here.
  15. Never Had PPI with HSBC in fact they dont even know what this account is ,neither do i. Father christmas will have to use santiser & disinfectant though leave them by the door.
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