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  1. I thought to update my thread in case someone else is experiencing the same. Cabot have come alive again, I have not responded to any letters or calls since cabot sent through an Application declaration claiming its CCA. Cabot have now written to me saying they are instructing Resolvecall to visit my home and get me to talk. Should I ignore Resolvecall? I gather from other posts on here that thats the best thing to do. Are Resolvecall able to send me a "letter of claim" and if so should I CCA them before they do. My initial thought is if Cabot are failing to enforce the debt by sending a letter of claim it could mean, as rightly pointed out on this site that they know the CCA they provided doesn't hold water.
  2. Just an update on this thread. I have been receiving relentless texts and phone calls from [email protected] about twice a day asking for me to call them back. I however have not received any correspondence in writing.
  3. Thanks both, I will post on here when I hear from them.
  4. Thanks for the help on this. In the event I get a letter of claim from the DCA, what should be my next action? Would I be able to call out the document received as an "Application/declaration" and not an agreement or would the document as received be admissible in court?
  5. Thanks and DX and Andyorch, So would it be wise to just hold tight and see what they do next, or would it be prudent to reply saying to them they have not satisfied the prescribed terms with the "application/decleration" . Im watching my mailbox so I don't miss anything.
  6. Hi Dx Please see the merged file. thanks. CCA from DCA.pdf
  7. Thanks DX, I have checked the CCA is indeed legit. The attached is 1 of two covering letters that was attached. A real pain. cov letter.pdf
  8. Noted thanks Andy, I will get in touch with them and work out some kind of one off payment. I wouldn't want it to jeopardise my mortgage application.
  9. I have had correspondence from the DCA and they have provided what looks like a CCA and confirmed the debt is now enforceable. what should I do now? I know they missed their 12+2 but that does not mean anything once they provide the CCA.
  10. Thanks DX ! for calling it out as "bogroll". I will sit tight and allow them to check their drawers and files for the appropriate documents.
  11. Thanks DX, Just an update on the CCA request Cabot have come back to me with no reference to the text in the CCA request. They have sent what looks like a statement of account. I don't believe it meets the CCA document test. My first thought was to not reply and await a CCA but hoping to hear other views.
  12. Got it, thanks DX I will carry on with life and let the DCA have a rummage for the CCA and make sure I upload whatever they send on here for validation. Cheers! I will keep you posted.
  13. Thanks Stigman, I will hang fire and wait for their next move. I have been doing some research and gather that the wait can take a long time in some cases. So moving forwards at say the end of the year would I be able to apply for a mortgage without this hanging over that process. I read on another forum someone being advised to offer 5% to get the DCA to close their pursuit.
  14. Just an update on this, I have received a letter from the aforementioned DCA that they are processing the CCA request and that until they provide the information the account is unenforceable. Goes without saying the letter seems to have been backdated not sure it takes 6 days for a letter to arrive. What should be the next steps going forward?
  15. thanks dx as always!! , I will cancel next DD payment. Would there be a risk of CCJ as I have been making payments and as you may have mentioned before I have sent the SB'date to the moon. I have read something about an extra 40 day limit.
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