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  1. thanks dx as always!! , I will cancel next DD payment. Would there be a risk of CCJ as I have been making payments and as you may have mentioned before I have sent the SB'date to the moon. I have read something about an extra 40 day limit.
  2. Just A follow on from this, I have been contacted by Cabot saying they don't have the information I have requested and will get in touch with the original lender. they have also said they would update me in another 12 days. What should my next course of action be?.... i.e after 12+2 days. Many thanks!!
  3. Thanks DX I will certainly do as advised, i just wish i came here earlier the amount would have been SB'd. I will keep the forum posted as I progress this.
  4. Hi All, In 2011 I took out a loan with HSBC whilst at Uni. In 2014 I unfortunately defaulted. It went into HSBC collections and the debt now at c5k was then sold into Cabot Financial, who have now offered 50% f&f settlement. I have been making notional payments and the debt has fallen off my credit record last year. Please could you help with the following please : 1. Should I take the offer up to pay the £2.5k: 2. I have read that before making a payment I should ask for a CCA, if I do will this affect the offer if Cabot produce the agreement. 3. Are mortgage lenders still
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