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  1. Thanks, ( i know this is a bit naughty) she could just say 'oh i top it up £200 every 3 months, i didn't notice the display had gone blank etc'. and they have no way of proving otherwise?
  2. That sounds more promising than facing a 6 year bill. Is there no other way for them to check when it failed then? like i say the meter hasn't been read in 6 years and the only people who have been are the councils contractor who does an annual inspection but obviously doesn't look too much into the meter.
  3. Yes that's the type. However on the ofgem site it states this with regards to back billing 'It may not apply if you: Have been using the gas or electricity supply but have made no attempt to contact the supplier to arrange payment. This includes moving into a property and making no attempt to let a supplier know you are the new tenant or homeowner Have wilfully avoided payment Have not co-operated with attempts to obtain meter readings or resolve queries requested by the supplier. This includes failing to allow access to the property or failing to respond to requests for meter de
  4. Hi thanks for the replies. No it is not making any noise. Also not received any statements etc. from british gas, only the £15 payment every winter?! I also think back billing only applies if you highlight the problem? not if say they come to read the meter and find you arent paying. I asked what she would do if this happened and she said she would just say she topped it up £20 a week but didn't know what she was using as the display isn't working. I don't think they would believe this though and surely they could check if it's been topped up?
  5. Hi all, asking for some advice on behalf of a family member. She moved into a council flat 6 years ago and has never paid for her gas. It is a pre paid meter setup, the meter is turning (quite fast) but the screen is blank. I She has been given annual safety inspections by the council but nothing has been said and also received a yearly cold weather voucher from British gas! I asked why she has never mentioned it and she said after she left it for a year she was scared of getting a massive bill, silly really as she now probably faces a much much bigger one. But anyway that
  6. Ok, what if i don't provide it? will they go for a CCJ?
  7. What do you mean it's may not must? So will i have to provide full bank statements to HMRC, in which case they will see i can pay e.g £200 a month which they will then take?
  8. Thanks, only thing is on the link it says you may have to send bank statements etc. This is bad for me as they will be able to see i can easily afford to pay off a large amount each month. I don't really want to do this and would rather pay something more manageable e.g £40/50 per month. Also as this is a joint debt am i still liable for the full £1500? or could my partner also set up a payment plan for her half?
  9. But if HMRC will make me pay back over 12 months @ £125 a month, wouldn't i be better trying to negotiate a lower monthly payment with Rossendales (i would prefer a lower monthly payment). Also, what would happen if i was to ignore this altogether, what are the chances of HMRC applying for a CCJ? Thanks
  10. Hi thanks for replying. In short yes i do owe the amount specified. So if i ring HMRC they will look to take the payment over 12 months (£125 per month)? However what i am saying is shouldn't i try and negotiate a lower monthly payment with Rossendales which is what i want (only really want to pay £40 per month max.)
  11. Thanks for the reply. Will HMRC ask for proof of earning etc.? Or do i just offer an amount. And what if they refuse? will/can they then apply for attachment of earnings? My issue is that i can afford to pay a lot more than i would like to pay.
  12. Hi thanks. Should i just ring HMRC then or do i need to request it be sent back to HMRC by talking to Rossendales?
  13. Thanks for the reply. Will it definitely go back to HMRC then? as i say it has already been handed back to them once but now it is back with Rossendales for a second time. If i deal with HMRC direct will they not just take money from my wages (either though tax code or Attachment of earnings)? Therefore would it not be better to try and negotiate a lesser monthly payment with Rossendales?
  14. Hi all, First time poster looking for some advice. The debt is for overpaid tax credits and the amount is £1500 (£750 each me and partner). i haven't replied to any correspondence, which started with letters from Rossendales, then it was sent back to HMRC and now back with Rossendales who have sent a 'final demand before legal action. n anyone please help with a few questions. 1. What would likely happen if i ignored this? Chances of Rossendales/HMRC applying for CCJ? 2. If i CCJ was applied for would i be given a final chance to pay before it showed
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