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  1. I get that lol - how did you know my aunt had a budgie? Can they knock at the door? Do I respond to the letter?
  2. "the letter you have will say everything but WILL?" "WILL?"
  3. Blimey! Well HB IVA went to Freeman Jones who contacted me once and when I explained everything never responded...despite several emails to them and calls. What so you suggest? Really appreciate your help and replies.
  4. DX - thanks for the responses. Please see attached. Hope this helps. Thanks - Taba Lowell CAG1.pdf
  5. "We moved about same time and I let HB know" - yes I did as per my previous post
  6. We moved about same time and I let HB know - heard nothing from them at all - IVA was still ongoing but I was on a payment break I didn't ask for
  7. Well, we owed some arrears but it was so long ago and the fact that they have not contacted us at all....
  8. Hi, we used to use BG when we lived in our previous property which we left over 3 years ago. At that time we had pre-paid meters and were paying some arrears to BG . Today Lowell have contacted us with £3,600 owed - first contact in 4-5 years. They state that my IVA failed. Yes it did- about 3 years ago due to HB being bought by FJ and no contact from FJ...any suggestions? Many thanks in advance. Taba
  9. they sent me a list of transactions...i guess most from Harrington Brooks. I haven't asked for a copy of the agreement yet
  10. Stigman, this was so long ago that I do not have the statements. IVA through HB is gone - transferred to Freeman Jones who essentially ignored me. Cabot are lying as I have never used cheques in the past 10 years. Andyorch - no response from them since I asked for proof of cheque.
  11. I have done so - the account and sort has already been provided and seems correct but I haven't used cheques for years!
  12. Cabot Financial have today sent me a letter re an old HSBC Loan totalling £8694.35. It had been part of my IVA which failed thanks to HB/ Freeman Jones.. .I believed this to be Statute Barred but they have said that I made a cheque payment (I didn't) in 2015 and have sent a list of payments - I never used a cheque ever to pay this debt it was from my account until the IVA took over. The loan began October 2008 - Cabot state I (debtor) made a cheque payment of £29.42 on 21/08/15 - I didn't...my IVA was ongoing at this time Cabot say they became owne
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