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  1. No, it’s just I’ve been in there before and taken things, I was only caught once, the other day, and when caught I gave back the items I took As CCTV is in use, perhaps they could add up these small items cost.
  2. Hi, just to confirm, is it likely that the DWF letter will include the accumulated price of things I may have taken before (which wouldn’t add up to more than £10 I presume). If it does, would I have to pay that? Or is it same approach, ignore all. thanks
  3. Thanks again. I’ve been feeling very anxious about this and you’ve helped.
  4. To follow up, does anyone know how these bans work? How are they enforced and maintained? Thanks for any help
  5. Do they often not even send correspondence? I really appreciate your guys’ help
  6. Thanks for your help. Do you have any idea when these letters tend to appear? I live with other people and don’t intend for anyone to know
  7. Will I need to pay the dwf requests? If it will get them off my back when they arrive, I will do so
  8. Don’t worry, I will never, ever do this again. I have learnt my lesson tenfold, I thought it was harmless and nothing would come of it. I was wrong. What do you think will happen? Will police be involved?
  9. I have never been caught before. I have taken the odd thing, but nothing worth much at all
  10. I have read all other threads. Was caught stealing something of £1 value. The security guard, who wasn’t usual sainsbury’s security, stopped me and said I was a repeat offender, although I’ve never been stopped before. Nothing I have taken has costed much. I was asked to sign, and gave my dob, address and name. Can anybody help me with information and advice for the next steps, I am fraught and feel terrible FYI, I was given a banning letter and the police were not called. I returned the item, and took what I paid for, however I’m worried they may enforce charges for the items from previous occasions and this may make DWF experience more difficult
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