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  1. Hi all, I'll try and keep this straightforward as best I can in the hope of advice please!! My partner took out a secured loan for £24,000in Oct 2007 with Black Horse. She defaulted on the agreement in mid 2008, fairly early on due to personal problems which I won't go into. She still, however paid what she could to service the account. Obviously, the account fell into arrears and was defaulted. Long story short, just after we got together, she was honest with me and let me know about the debt, so we agreed that we would start paying the full monthly payments as we could just about afford it now. Around about June-ish 2011, we had a Black Horse 'customer service adviser' turn up unannounced on the doorstep. We welcomed him in as we wanted to get the debt back on track. He told us that if we paid twelve months at the regular full repayment amount, he would 'sort something out' about freezing the interest on the debt until the arrears were cleared and then we could continue paying and although it would take us longer, the debt would run it's course. We agreed to this and continued paying until about six months later when a different 'customer services adviser' turned up unannounced chasing the arrears. We explained what the first guy had said and the second guy duly froze the interest for three months as a concession. After the three months we called him and asked where do we go from here? He told us just to keep paying and he would sort something out. A couple of months later we called again and he got the interest frozen for another three months. Then he washed his hands of us and referred our calls to the customer service centre. I called time and time again asking where do we go from here with the debt, we were happy to keep paying the full payment, but we wanted something sorting about freezing the interest until the arrears was cleared. They just kept sending arrears statements. I kept calling asking about the agreement we were promised with the arrears and eventually in January 2014, I spoke to a woman who looked at the account and said ' to be honest, it does look like your interest is a little bit high' and she proceeded to freeze the interest for six months. Fast forward to June 2014, and the end of the interest freeze. We receive a letter from Idem Servicing, saying 'Welcome to Idem Servicing' and they go on to tell us to keep up any 'arrangements' that She had with Black Horse with them and to make payments directly to Idem as they had bought the debt. In the SAME ENVELOPE and SEQUENCIALLY NUMBERED from where it had come off the same printer, was a 'Black Horse' forged letter, addressed to my partner NOT TO Idem (had they intercepted her mail?) saying that her debt had been sold to Idem. There was a scribbled signature on it but no name of a Black Horse employee for reference. We were dumbfounded and tried to make our payment online to Black Horse as usual that month, but couldn't log on and the system didn't recognise the sign on account. We didn't pay Idem because, we didn't trust what was happening, and after researching further trusted them even less. We have never tried to run away from this debt and have payed regular as clockwork for the last few years. At the point that when Black Horse 'sold' the debt £25,227.31 had been serviced to the account and obviously we are not willing to just write that off. Idem called and were told to correspond only by mail, so they sent us more letters sying that they were putting interest on the loan and that the balance was going up from the outstanding balance of £26,838.77. Myself and my partner were temporarily seperated at the time and she offered to pay Idem £275 per month if they froze the interest until the arrears were cleared. They wrote back telling her that they would let her know once they had referred the query to BH and they had a response?? We sorted our differences and we are back together for good, and I saw the Idem letters and started reading CAG forums and I questioned Idems legal purchase of the debt and asked them for a NoA and CCA. I also SAR'd Black Horse. I sent both recorded and they were signed for on 14th Oct 2014. Idem didn't acknowledge and after the 10+2 days, I defaulted them on the CCA (I got the template off here) and I told them that I doubted their legal entitlement to collect the debt, I acknowledged NO debt to them. In the meantime (since I CCA'd them) the phone calls have continued (I just hang up) and the demands for money have arrived. They threatened to send their field agents Excel around, so I sent them a don't bother letter, no legal right (got the template off here). Anyway, this morning, NOTICE OF INTENTION TO DEFAULT from Idem plops onto the mat, informing the Mrs that; 'despite our attempts to assist you, you have failed to contact us to agree an acceptable payment plan' blah blah 'if we do not hear from you within 7 days of the date of this letter (dated 4 days ago), we will issue a default notice and then instruct the company's solicitor to commence proceedings for possession of your house'. Long winded I know, but can anyone give any advice as to what I should do please? Thanks, Dean
  2. Hi, this is my first post and I hope someone can give me some advice. In September 2013 I purchased a car on finance through Black Horse. I am self-employed and over the last few months my business has been faltering. It should pick up again but this could take about 2 months to happen. I have missed the last 2 monthly instalments and am about to miss the third at the beginning of next week. Today I had a visit from a guy who worked for Ascent. They are apparently some sort of debt collection/management agent working for Black Horse. He was very pleasant and didn't ask me for any money but said I needed to sort it out or Black Horse could repossess my car. Obviously I don't want this to happen and I really do want to sort it out but at this moment I don't have the money. Does anyone know how long it would take them to repossess the car or could it happen very quickly? Other information: The loan was a 4 year HP agreement and the current balance is £8000. The value of the car is approx. £7000 or thereabouts. I am nowhere near the 'half' rule. I haven't paid a third of the total amount. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. word to the wise everyone my PPI letter was rejected by Lloyds as they stated that they didnt have any details about me (car loan with Black Horse from 1999). I did not have any bank statements from then, and Santander had told me in writing that they didnt have any either. However contacted Santander customer services (IN-BRANCH TELEPHONE - important) and they managed to locate the errant statements. (Important because this line of enquiry acually worked - use a telephone in-branch if you require statements) contacted Lloyds again who confirmed the account number on the statements was correct. They sent out a ppi claim form which was completed. Then rejected. I wrote back to them asking them to reconsider, and asking for a copy of the CCA. What was interesting was that the PPI box was pre-typed in with 'GOLD'. This was the age before online applications, and I argued that the PPI was not presented as an optional extra, but rather was not discussed before I visited the sales office. This is self-evident, and Lloyds know that they cannot prove that the PPI was discussed prior to me signing the CCA. Therefore they have agreed to refund the PPI plus interest. However, as a side note, the final amount is over £1300 short of what the PPI refund should be. Make sure you analyze any offer you receive.
  4. Good evening all. I would greatly appreciate any guidance on this as its stressing me out beyond words. My health is not fantastic at the moment and i am having to take numerous medications. In Sept 2005 i had some windows from Crystal windows. The man who came to do the financial forms etc asked if any one was on the mortgage with me, and i told him my Mother was, he took her details and address, saying it was his companies policy to do so. I made it quite clear to him that my Mother had nothing to do with the loan. She does not live with me, but somewhere else. The loan agreement went through and the windows were done. i received letters from Black Horse and they had my Mothers name on, i contacted them to be told the loan was in my Mother's name! I asked them how that was possible when i had signed and filled in the forms. they would not have it. i took all the paperwork i had to their local office, and they said they would sort it out. They never did and the office closed down. This was 8 years ago and the problem is still going on. I have been paying the loan from my bank, since then. Even though it is in my Mother's name. Recently i was hospitalised with a suspected Brain Tumour and was off work for 6 weeks and unable to pay this loan, they have sent a letter saying they will put a default on my Mothers credit report. She is elderly and very upset by all this. I have repeatedly contacted Black Horse, and both my Mother and i have sent in copies of our signatures and my paperwork. They sent me back paperwork for the loan that is quite different from my copies. they still insist my Mother took out the loan! I contacted Crystal Windows to see if they could help. I was told that the loan did go through in my name but was refused, then put through in my Mothers name! How can they do that! My Mother did not sign anything! It would seem the man who did the papers, afraid he would lose his commission, put the papers through in my Mother's name, and changed the initial in front of my signature to match her name. We share the same surname. I asked for contact details for the man that came but was told they had none for him as it was over 6 years ago. Black Horse want me to report it to the police but i have no name or details for this man. Also it is clear this man forged the forms, as Black Horse have copies of 2 direct debit mandates, one in my name, signed and filled in by me, and another with my Mother's name and filled in by someone else, not by my Mother, with my bank details. It is quite plain to see the writing is nothing like mine. This is becoming a nightmare, as the loan is mine, with my signature, but with my mother's name and my address. Can i go to court and have this cancelled as non executable as the details are all wrong? And would i have to do it as i signed for the loan, or my Mother as her name is on it? Many thanks.
  5. Hi All Please bare with me here. I had a car finance in 2007 and in around 2009 I gave the car up because I was made redundant which I thought was the best thing to do. As I had paid less than half the loan back they sold the car and I was left with an outstanding debt of around £1500. I still believe to this day that I have was well and truly stung because the price they sold the car at. Fast forward to June 2014 and I receive a letter from Idem servicing saying that they are taking the debt on and that my normal payment plan will continue. Reading some of the other threads I have seen this company pop up but it seems to be only dealing with MBNA and Loans that are secured on properties. I have tried to contact Idem by email like it stated in the letter but to this day have had no response from them. I have drafted a letter together for a CCA request but in the past I know that this doesn't always help because of the case between someone and HSBC with the judge stating that a copy is enough evidence to prove. Im slightly worried that they have not contacted me further by phone or email to try and arrange further payment. Also I have a mark from black horse on my credit report which will be in the 6th year in July 2015. Will idem put another mark on my file or because its the same debt will it still disappear after July 2015. Any help would be appreciated at this moment in time Tom
  6. Hi this is my first post so i apologise if this is not done correctly . I was a bit of a fool in 2005 and took a car on finance that i couldn't afford, the car was repossessed and a CCJ issues in 2007, there was also an attachment of earnings completed at this point and it has been paid every month since to black horse. I have not heard anything regarding this account for a few years now and i was only thinking yesterday i wonder what the balance is on the account. I contacted black horse and they advised me that the debt was sold to a debt collection agency in october 2011 due to non payment. I then contacted the agency it has been sold to and they advised the payments were all up to date and that the debt was simply transferred to themselves as black horse have sold it on. I was wondering can a debt be sold on if an attachment of earning is active and no payments have been missed can the debt be sold on to another company? Also i am now thinking of contesting the figure of the debt and i have requested this information from the third party company and they are sending me this information. Any help will be appreciated. cheers shaun
  7. New to this forum but interested for any advice as to how we can return a sofa to DFS for full refund due to the colour of the plain velvet 4 seater sofa being navy when it is supposed to be black. We purchased a 4 seater (black), 2 * 3 seaters (black, grey & white combination pattern) and a footstool (black) in the concerto range having viewed them on the website (where black was black and not navy). We ordered in-store but failed to look at the swatch which was more navy than black. On delivery, the footstool and the 4 seater were clearly more navy than black, accentuated by the solid black silk scatter cushions which come with it. The sofa was delivered on 20th May and the faulty footstool re-delivered on 30th May. we raised the issue with the colour in store on 16th June. DFS sent technicians out on 20th with the swatch basically to say that the sofa has been delivered in the correct fabric (as per the swatch) albeit navy. We went back in store on 20th June to speak to store manager who basically said that they had delivered what we had ordered. The website says 'colours may vary' and therefore despite the picture clearly being black, they are covered in delivering a navy sofa. If we want to return the lot, they will charge us 20% fee i.e. £645. They have offered to reorder the 4 seater in pattern and recover the footstool in silk but want a further £100 off us to do this. This is after paying over £3,500 for the total package in the first place. It doesn't sit well that a) they can actually sell a combination sofa, they describe as black, when it's navy and b) they want to charge us more money to rectify the problem. In addition, they are actually selling the set for £213 cheaper than when we ordered it and won't price match because we didn't notify them of this before we accepted delivery. Where do we stand legally and is it really worth the hassle of taking DFS to small claims court to get a full refund or should we stomach the extra £100 and simply post on social media that black is not black when it comes to buying off DFS! Many thanks in advance for any comments or advice
  8. Hi All I would be very grateful if anybody can advice me what to do next with my PPI claim. I received a letter from Black Horse some weeks ago saying I could be owed PPI from a loan for a car. I filled the form out and noticed that the term of the loan was incorrect. I checked my own records, which as this was from 2003 was not much, and found a copy of a credit report from 2010 which showed a loan starting in oct 2003 running until apr 2006 and then been replaced with a loan running from apr 2006 running until Nov 2011. I informed Black Horse of this on the claim form. They have recently sent a reply saying I am entitled to a refund on the second loan but not on the first. When I contacted their helpline about this they explained that the initial loan had been paid off and replaced with the second, as they termed it Refinanced. This was nothing to do with myself Black Horse just did this. In fact I cannot remember this happening. My question is did they refinace it to include PPI or did both loans include PPI but as the other is older they don't have any paperwork so they know they don't have to pay out? I have both policy numbers but no paperwork. Thanks in advance for any advice. Rob
  9. hi received letter of assignment last year from mortimer clarke re an old black horse loan. i sent them a sar request with £10. they have just returned my £10 and have confirmed the following 'we are not holding copy credit agreement, statement of account or any other documents relating to the credit agreement. we confirm we have requested these documents from our client, but that we have not yet received them. they also go on to suggest that in future i direct and further sar's direct to their client which is now marlin II ltd. should i simply sar them or wait for mortimer clarke to respond. if the debt has been assigned to marlin have they purchased the debt? cheers
  10. Just beginning the process. Realised, very late on in this whole PPI saga that I need to get myself in gear and get SARs sent off. two x SARs sent off today. 1. Blackhorse Finance. Car Loan taken out October 2002 - last payment March 2008 (no missed payments). Be interesting to see how much the single premium and interest was on a £17,000 loan. I wasn't even offered the option as the sales person, at CarCraft Newport on a Sunday said they were due to close and to just sign the agreement if I wanted the loan. 2. Nat West - this one will be harder. The loan was from 1993-1997 and was eventually 'transferred' to First Direct when I changed banks in 1997 - PPI all the way through. In 2000 I was offered a First Direct Gold Card (PPI added again) and when I missed one payment on the third reconsolidated loan with First Direct in Jan 2008, First Direct rolled the credit card balance into the loan and then served a default notice on the total and called it a loan. So I expect a long battle on this one but will update regularly as I (hopefully) make progress.
  11. Hi Guys, I have been reading these forums for some time, however cannot find a thread with a similar problem a nd was wondering if someone could offer some advice. I took out a loan with Black Horse, but had a medical condition, which while wasn't bad at the time, it could get worse over the course of the agreement. The agent on the phone advised me to take out PPI, and assured me that because I had told him about the exsisting condition it would be covered. Well, the worst happened, I became ill and couldn't work and Black Horse said they didn't cover pre-exsisting conditions! I've been arguing with Black Horse for coming up on 6 years now regarding this, and I just want it to go away. They have offered to refund the PPI plus 8% statutory interest, but I'm not happy with this, as the outstanding balance is around £4700 (even with the refund), however I have calculated that if all interest and charges were refunded, I'd owe them around £850. I have no issue paying this, and have told them I can do that immediately if they accept it. I know I have had the use of their money, and want to do the right thing by paying it back, but their agent bare faced lied when I took out the loan, so I don't see why they should be able to do whatever they want and hold me to my end of the agreement, when they aren't sticking to theirs! I have advised them that I believe the agent misrepresented the loan, and I just want both parties (myself and Black Horse) to be in the position we would have been in had the loan not been taken out. All they do, is write back telling me that if I want an up to date balance, I should write to Hillesden Securities, which is another issue. Black Horse KNOW that this account has been in dispute, so I am completely perplexed as to why it's been passed to a DCA! Do you think I've got a leg to stand on here, or should I just cave in and pay the £4700 (I don't have it to hand, I'd need to set up a payment plan, I could however pay them the £850 I believe I owe.) Just for other information, the loan was taken out in 2004, so none of the regulators are interested in helping, as apparently Black Horse weren't a member back then. Any advice anyone? Many thanks.
  12. Hi All, I am looking for some advice I have recently just got my full statement fromBlack Horse on a finance loan I took out in 2006. After examining the statementI have come across quite a few fees that have been added e.g Collection Activity Fee, Late Payment Interest, Charges Adjustment. The Collection Fees Total - £421.56 Late Payment Interest Total - £42.56 Charges Adjustment Total - £1235.26 The original Loan Amount was for 8949.24 with the payments I have made takenaway the above I have paid £8979.86 so have paid £30 more that I should have. In 2007 I lost my job and was paying PPI but after trying to claim on thepolicy I was rejected. I contacted BH regarding my job situation and asked forreduced payments witch they have help me with but at no point in time have ibeen informed of the charges they have applied. The charges Adjustment was appliedin 2010. Just wondering if the above charges can be claimed back Any help would be appreciated John
  13. I am looking for advice regarding, removal of black horse finance from my credit file. It's in relation to a car I bought in 2003, payed regularly every months for a couple of years, I then had problems making the payments. Roughly about a year or two later the car was handed back. The rest of the debt remaining from the car was included as part of a protected trust deed in 2008, which was successfully discharged in 2011. It is still showing on my credit file but only defaulted in 2012.
  14. Hello I had a loan with Black Horse in 2005 and lost my job in 2007 and had to stop paying. They kept chasing me and I started making reduced payments to them, until late 2008 when I just couldn't do it any more. Click on the icons for more detail as required. My credit file reads 6 from 2007 until 2013 when they defaulted the account. I called them and asked when the account was defaulted I was told the account defaulted 14 days after April 2007 When I said it was done again 2013 they just said yes. How can they do this?
  15. I sent an acknowledgement to say that I am happy with the offer, but they say they have not received my letter. I just wondered if they are saying that to delay payment. Has anyone else had any problems with them?
  16. My husband current has a car loan with Black Horse. It has been on going since 2008. He now has 2000 left to pay and they have decided to take him to court regarding this matter. (Due to his own fault of not paying on time etc etc) There is however a number of charges on the account that they have added. He got behind on the payments due to other bills and finances etc etc. Is there anything i can do about this?
  17. Hi I have just received a letter from Mortimer clark regarding a secured loan I had with Black Horse. It says they are working for Marlin and have submitted a order of possession with the court but they also give me 21 days to complete a budget form and make an offer of payment...confused, can they go through with the possession order as I read on another site that only the loan gets transferred and they cannot enforce anything? The other site also mentions a novate agreement can someone explain what this is?? thanks
  18. Hello I'm new to this site so hopefully I'm doing this correctly! I have a car on finance through Black Horse and I want to complete a VT. I have sent them a letter stating my intentions and asked them to confirm receipt of this letter by telephone call. The letter was sent via recorded delivery just over 2 weeks ago and as yet they haven't got in touch. Am i just being impatient or should I have heard from them by now? If I should does anyone know which number I should call? I could really do with the car going asap! I would also like some information on returning the vehicle too if possible. The finance agreement is in my now ex-stepfather's as is the logbook (he signed the vt letter). He actually lives in the midlands and I live down south, which is where the car was purchased. Where are they likely to ask the car to be returned to? Thank you in advance, any advice would be gratefully received Shelley
  19. Hi, just joined as i have received a letter from Lowells regarding a Black Horse alleged debt. It was a £6K loan from 2006. I got into financial difficulty in 2007 and stopped paying. I sent a SAR to Black Horse in March and received some printouts with transactions and copies of letters detailing late payment charges and default letters. Last payment was back end of 2007, there is PPI on this loan as well. I CCA'd Lowells in March but never received anything back, so I sent them an account in dispute letter, which also was not replied to. What is the best thing to do next?
  20. I had an account with black horse which i defaulted for £144.74 p/m im now paying £70 to Meritforce. The reason im asking for advise is i have signed up to Experian and its showing each month im paying black horse (which im not) but each month its showing as payment late which is having a negative effect on my score. I have spoken to Black horse and they say Meritforce are a 3rd pary company collecting on their behalf and its nothing to do with them and they couldn't tell me the amount outstanding which is £1076! so no help there. Spoke to Meritforce who said there is noting they can say but they have added £400 to the original debt! is this legal? and how can i stop my credit file from showing as late payments each month? Thank you for any advise given.
  21. Hi Guys I was wondering if someone could give me any help/ideas/info.... I will try and keep it as short as I can with as much info as I can remember.... I have had a couple of BlackHorse loans in the past which for one reason or another got topped up or rewritten. I think these had PPI on but were a long time ago 10-12 years maybe. The last time I consolidated was perhaps 7 years ago I removed any PPI on the loan but they did request that it be a secured loan which they did. I think it was between 12000/150000. I paid for a few years then I lost some income and stopped. They sent me letter for a while and kept adding interest which ended up being more than my original payment. I couldnt afford to keep living in the house so moved out and rented it out and into a flat. The rent covers the mortgage but nothing else really. I have heard nothing for 18 months now. no calls letters nothing and while I had it in the back of my mind I just (foolishly) did nothing about it. I have received a statement last week dated July 2013 off them saying the balance was now 270000! the last activity on the account from this statement is from August 2011 at which point they were adding almost 500 a month in interest which looks like it stopped in August 2011. There doesn't look like there are any other movement on the account since then? but says the balance is as of July 2013. Im not sure what has happened between 2011 and now? Today I received a letter of assignment to Marlin Europe asking to contact their solicitor. It says they have the title interest benefits and security (i.e the charge on my house?) Im not sure what to do now? My income currently is over 80% less than I used to earn and I take home maybe 600 per month now total so there is no chance I can afford really to offer very much at all. Certainly not for the next 12 months or so. Can/Will Marlin now start adding interest? My house has no equity it in my mortgage was a 95% interest only and my house price dropped because of the market soon after I bought it so there is absolutely no equity in it which would be easy to demonstrate. But how likely and hard are Marlin likely to push me now? What are my options? what can I do? As I hadnt had any contact I never pushed any PPI but there would be some from older agreements but im guessing its from too long ago to do now? and as the agreements rolled from one to another I wouldnt have any idea if/how to do anything? If they went for a possession order would they get one even tho there isnt any equity and in fact serious negative equity? Will my Tenants find out anything? Sorry for all the questions just really scared me. My own foolish fault I know. Any advice of what to do would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Hi all, I have made a claim for missold PPI from BHF, it has been upheld. This was a joint loan with my ex husband being the first borrower as it were. We have asked them to split the money equally, we have received a letter today to say they are raising a cq to the first borrower for the full amount. Can we actually ask for it to be split, when I ang last week they asked me to put in note asking for this request, yet it has been ignored, Any advice much appreciated, Thank you x x x x
  23. Hi, this thread is to deal with the Black Horse part of my bigger debt problem found here, it explains how I got in this position and the overall debt mountain involved: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?387784-Big-Debt-Problem...HELP! I have not paid them since December and that was only part payment as part of a DMP. I sent them a CCA request and received this: This one was signed in 2007 as it was for a car. They have never asked about the car which has been at a friends garage for nearly 2 years broken. I have paid over 75% so I believe they cannot do anything anyway regarding the vehicle. There must be a fair few charges on this account. Any thoughts on where to go next?
  24. I have successfully claimed back 3 lots of ppi from black horse already, and now we are on with the final one, we still have an outstanding balance with this particular loan (not sure how much all arrears though) and after they took us to court we got them to cancel the ppi but they never refunded it . then earlier on this year they sent us a ppi misselling questionnaire so we filled it out and sent it back and yesterday got the response and it makes no sense to me at all . this is what it says there offer is £171.17 this is the calculations refund of premiums £655.08 excess balance and interest £99.27 less previously accepted claim -£0.00 less partial refund of PPI already applied -£164.90 less arrears on loan -£4083.80 SUB TOTAL £0.00 interest at 8%, calculated up until 15 july 2013 £238.62 less tax at 20% from 8% interest -£47.72 TOTAL £190.90 then it says "Please note that as you received a redress of £89.37 for agreement ******* on 14/07/211, this amount will be taken off the total above and your total redress payment will be £171.17 could someone please explain what all that means because I cant see where they get £171.17 from and I don't understand the calculations at all I have trie to work it all out but failed miserably
  25. Hi My partner took out a loan with black horse a few years ago, fell into arrears and they gave her a secured loan to pay off the unsecured etc etc... She fell behind with the secured loan, because she was part time at work and lost her job....when she took the secured loan her income was part time and benefits for her children and maintenance. After losing her job the credits stopped for one of her children who turned 18. She applied to get the PPI back on the unsecured and the FOS awarded in her favour. However when black horse sent the cheques, they had taken some of the PPI for the arrears on the secured loan. Leaving her with just the compensation of £200 and interest. Can they do this ? Any help be great
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