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  1. having added it all up there is 893.45 of extra charges on the account including interest they have added
  2. I have the statements in hand now. Can anyone tell me where i can find the compound forms and what letter i should send next
  3. Sorry for late reply. They have threatened for court action and said they are in the process of doing it now. I called them for offer of payment and they said it is too late they are taking it for the court to decide. We are continuing to make they payments. I have also requested a list of the charges that have been applied to the account
  4. My husband current has a car loan with Black Horse. It has been on going since 2008. He now has 2000 left to pay and they have decided to take him to court regarding this matter. (Due to his own fault of not paying on time etc etc) There is however a number of charges on the account that they have added. He got behind on the payments due to other bills and finances etc etc. Is there anything i can do about this?
  5. all they have asked for is a list of dates and charges for this claim, which i have supplied all the way through. they want it supplied by the 30th of july, so i posted it off today. funny thing is that i have a claim with monument going on too , and the same judge has asked for the same thing on that case too. the case is no longer with northampton, it was transfered to my local watford court. seems a bit odd to me, anyone else had this
  6. i have had a letter from the court with thejudge ordering i send up to date poc, is this normal???? i had to send to court and woolwich
  7. Thanks All, This Is My Second Successful Claim In The Last Few Weeks. So It Just Goes To Show That It Is Worth Pursueing. Ihave 4 More Ongoing
  8. Paid In Full For This Account, Was Only A Small Claim, But All The Same They Backed Down I Did Not Even File For Court. Now On To My Next Claim With Barclays Which Is For A Larger Sum. Good Luck All
  9. well i filed for judgement today,, woolwich had until the 27th to file defence but nothing has happenened been checking mcol all the while. so i filed today, so what happens next?
  10. Thank You Very Much, Just Goes To Show A Little Patience And Determination Does Work
  11. Woo Hoo Settled In Full With Contractual Interest!!!!!! Got Letter In Post How They Want To Settle Out Of Court Blah Blah Blah
  12. oh well i filed today, under monument. hope that will be ok,
  13. hi i am ready to fill in n1 for monument, but i do not know wether to put the defendent as monument or barclays, can anyone help me with this?
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