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  1. Hi Thank you, the original CCJ was issued in 2010 and was for a figure not including court fees of £662.01. The recalculated amount they sent this week is £575.55 so the ccj was wrong by £86 ish When I was threatened with court I offered them £10 a month, but stated in the letter that I maintain this is a error, mainly because of the amount and that i disputed the overpayment because as far as I remember i got paid and there was no second amount. Since then I have seen payslips and there is no listing of overpayment, only what I was paid. I contested the amount several times before and in the letter I sent. I went to court, had a one to one with someone, i dont remember it being under oath and at the time was not myself, but maintained it was a mistake. It is more the fact the CCJ has crippled me with things such as renting a property and car insurance as they need credit checks, so I have had to accept some ropey places. If they could have proved the overpayment rather than the way they did it, then fine, but i maintained all along it was an error.
  2. Hi, In 2007 I worked for a short time in a school. Cutting a long story short I resigned because my depression crept up and I got an email from my manager saying, it was better to resign because i did not declare it. I didn't have to and felt it would be a bad move I resigned and said there was a lack of support. I then found out there had been an alleged overpayment of salary. I argued at the time this was wrong, but they went ahead with the CCJ. At the time this was all going through I was very ill diagnosed with complex PTSD...(won't bore you) I started looking at my finances this year with someone and we decided to look into it. That we discovered was that I was employed on a salary that was advertised, but later found this was incorrect and in fact I was on a lower salary. The Local Authority has argued this and today sent a letter saying there was an error, but all we will do is adjust the amount of the CCJ. I did a SAR request and there was nothing to clarify the overpayment, the payslips show the lower salary, but no overpayment. The LA seem to have missed the point, all along I was right there was an error in the initial job advert, then the salary and then the way they have handled things. Even when threatened with the CCJ I said there was an error and that I would pay £10 a month, they took this as an admission. I feel a little cheesed off with this, as it stands I have written to the local MP and chief executive. The CCJ has been very destructive in my life and I even took out a CCJ to try and deal with the debts. This was all at a time I was not myself and because of my medication had my driving license revoked. Any help please..........I advise people on mental health and debt and benefits, but myself, well what is it they say
  3. Hi I have posted before and not sure if this is the right place. In 2007 I started a job and unfortunately went sick. I then got an e-mail to tell me it might be better to resign as it was depression. However the issue is a pay one. I recieved a CCJ for overpayment of salary by £662, I disputed this. However in 2009 i was very ill and not fully recover until 2011/2012 where i started to look at my debts. Having looked at this i felt it was not right and after requesting a SAR i recieved documentation. The first thing was that when I started my job the salary was £17169, when i checked the payroll it was shown as £16339. My pay had been worked out on the lower amount. I got copies of my payslips and the net amounts are £662.23 and £916.07 with nothing listed showing an overpayment. I have been writing to the legal department of the Local Authority who have been giving me the runaround. When I found the payslips it shows that a) it is based on the lower non contracted salary b) It shows what I am owed on the payslips. It was nearly six years ago and i can only remember the pay I got. Also I went sick and was entitled to a months pay, I found that in an e-mail. I am not happy with the e-mail telling me to resign......because of mental health, but they are brushing it aside. How do I stand in relation to the CCJ etc.......and the damage caused to my credit rating. Am i right in thinking if i resigned, it may be constructive and a breach of DDA. Very confusing but if no record of overpayment produced what can I do. They did say my SAR did not cover the payslips, then the solicitor told me where i could find them online.... Any help please
  4. Thank you The CCJ has been obtained by the local authority of the school I worked at, London Borough of Bexley. It does appear tehy paid me whilst I was off sick, which i believed I was entitled to. This is still disputed by me, but because I did not kick up a fuss, they seem to think they are right. Surely they need to provide me with all documents, perhaps including the contract of employment relevant to my post and explanation why!!!. I did not get a chance to appeal the CCJ, it looks though after a letter I dent they saw that as some kind of admission
  5. Hi I am trying to deal with my credit history and found a CCJ. This relates to an apparent overpayment of salary in January 2008. I was employed for a short while, but went sick with depression and resigned. I believe they may have paid me sick leave and then gone 'ooooops' shouldn't have done that. To cut a long story, I was diagnosed with depression in 2001, the PTSD and later something more serious, I would have certainly fallen into the Mental Capacity Act because of the medication I was on. They have said they will need proof about my capacity, this is where mental health gets a bad deal. Geting the paperwork back from the local authority, they say i still owe them the overpayment, but nobody has explained why. I believe as far as i can remember it was an error on their part, I really don't know. They have included a long letter saying that the letter enclosed shows I admitted the debt. The letter reads 'I write in relation to the account. I thought this matter had been resolved as I still maintain this is a clerical error' _ Am I right in thinking this is an admission of guilt !!! They are also state that should I wish to take the matter further, then I will not be successful and incur more costs. I wanted to set aside the CCJ. I was diagnosed in Nov 2009 with a condition call Borderline Personality Disorder, which kicked the wind out my sails. I also meant I could no longer work as a counsellor. I offered them £10 a month in July as at the time I was so confused by everything, I even stupidly entered into an IVA because in August 2009 they slapped a CCJ on me for this salary overpayment. I have very little on credit but this CCJ..... I would love peoples views, I am well on my way to recovery training and helping people with mental health and debt, just need to sort mine first. Am I right in asking for proof of the debt, sending my diagnosis letters..
  6. Hi All Like many people my partner has fallen into arrears with her mortgage. She gets help via he DWP, but this does not cover the full payment and the arrears are over £6000. To cut a long story, they wont allow her to go onto interest only, even though this will stop her getting repossessed. They have offered part and part but wont specify. Anyway I wrote a letter of complaint and they still wont go to interest only, but have refunded the fees on the account, which they are crediting to the arrears. I have heard that if it goes to possession hearing then they might have to put the arrears onto the term of the mortgage and maybe interest only. Any ideas
  7. Hi My partner took out a loan with black horse a few years ago, fell into arrears and they gave her a secured loan to pay off the unsecured etc etc... She fell behind with the secured loan, because she was part time at work and lost her job....when she took the secured loan her income was part time and benefits for her children and maintenance. After losing her job the credits stopped for one of her children who turned 18. She applied to get the PPI back on the unsecured and the FOS awarded in her favour. However when black horse sent the cheques, they had taken some of the PPI for the arrears on the secured loan. Leaving her with just the compensation of £200 and interest. Can they do this ? Any help be great
  8. unfortunately not...I have looked, but i remember not taking the PPI because of a pre existing injury.
  9. Hi In 2004 I lost my job through medical reasons and in 2009 i fell into debt through ill health which is documented. I have a CCJ, which I am in the process of being set aside. I also took out an IVA which I later found I should not have taken out, but it is still listed on my credit file as a public record, even though it cancelled. Again I am in dispute with them about their actions. I have very little debt, just entries on my credit file. Most are with DCA but a lot drop off my credit file in two years.
  10. Good Morning I am after a bit of advice on the property I rent. I have been having some concerns for a while and think there may be an issue. I think I may have been too trusting. In April 2012 I moved into the property, the tenancy on my old property was not renewed and because of a bad credit history due to ill health I had to rent privately. I am a single parent of 3, self employed (not much work like many) but on a police pension. The landlord is a nice enough person but having looked at these forums I have concerns and would be grateful for any help. I have a AST with a break clause after 6 months with one months notice on either side............This has just been renewed and the rent due on the 7th of each month. The landlord is always asking me to put the money into his account a few days before to clear, but it is a standing order. This month he asked me to put it in on the 2nd due to the bank holiday. He sent me a text at 6am this morning asking the same. This is becoming tiresome as I have in the past obliged. When I moved in I paid two months in advance and a deposit. This has not been protected as I have checked. The house is very dated and upon moving in I realised the shower was not working, which I fixed, the hot tap was not working in the bathroom which I fixed. The landlord also still stores his stuff in the attached sheds and the loft, which we cant access. He is over at least once a week to collect stuff, he is a dj. He lets us know he is on his way, his post is still delivered here which he collects. On moving in there was no inventory completed and no gas or electric safety certificates. The boiler has stopped working and he has been very good at getting it repaired. Although we found out the immersion heater was not working at this stage which I managed to get repaired by a friend(new heating element) Once I can either sort my credit rating or get the 6months in advance rent most agents want, I will be moving out. I am slightly concerned about raising concerns as I am not in the credit rating position (even though I have a good income) to move Thank you all in advance
  11. Hi I can recommend Landlordlaw.co.uk they have so much information. Anyhow, if she goes down the civil route and has taken new photos and passess them off as pre tenancy, then she commits perjury.......check all the paperwork and make sure she complied with all the rules such as energy performance certificates and safety checks........play her at her game.... Landlords threaten but rarely have legal knowledge. I was the victim of some very bad letting agents and was ripped off. However i trained as a legal executive and now i do not tolerate those bad landlords. Direct message me if you need anyfurther help
  12. what's the problem with them, are they an agent or private
  13. Hi All I just received my new rental agreement from my landlord. Seems ok it is for a year with a break clause after 6 months. A slight rent increase, not an issue. My concern is that he wants to have one month notice period on either side......I thought it was two for the landlord and one for the tenant? The forms has been put together himself. Also I have never received anything about my deposit since moving in on the 6th April 2012. I am just concerned he will want to take his property back after the six months. The problems is I have children and would find a month too little time to find somewhere suitable. My other gripe is that he still has all of his post delivered there and never did an inventory when we moved in. All very slapdash and want to cover every angle. Thank you
  14. Hi They have not provided one and said they wont until she has the money. But thank you about the 28days settlement figure
  15. Hi, That is the balance they say is outstanding. A few months ago they gave a settlement figure of less than the £20000....but apparently that was a one off
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