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  1. I have always been around a week behind when making payments , I was supposed to pay £5 a week but I sometimes paid £10 a fortnight mainly because of the way I am paid, the time they sent me the further steps notice I was apparently 3 weeks behind ( my fault I had forgotten) but by the time I had received the notice I had already paid £10 which covered the weeks I missed and then I paid a further £10 the following week putting me a week in front . I explained to the woman at the court when I rang about the further steps notice that it was an oversight on my part and she said as I had paid it it was fine , I explained that due to the way I was paid I couldn't always pay weekly and that was why id been paying double some weeks she said it was ok . I explained this when I spoke to the courts the other day but they said if I couldn't pay weekly then I should have always paid infront , yet this is how I have been paying it since it started in july so why the problem now? but the courts just said there was nothing they can do now even though I am technically well in front now with my payments
  2. I don't know , im not up on all this sort of thing Id just rather get it paid and forget about it , im annoyed because im having to pay more but its stressing me out with all the hassle
  3. I explained all this yesterday aswell but they just said there is nothing they could do and to contact collectica , im really annoyed because my account is in front at the moment or would be if they hadn't sent this. im not looking forward to speaking to collectica at all , I just hope I am able to split the payment in two I can clear it by the 28th January
  4. I did receive a further steps notice , but I had brought my account up to date by the time I received it , I rang the court when I got the further steps notice and explained that I had paid and she said it was fine as long as it was up to date which my account was , I spoke to the court yesterday who basically told me there was nothing they could do now and I would have to call collectica and arrange payment with them , I told them I had tried contacting them but could not get through only to be told they are not open till the 2nd , I only actually owe £55 to the court now but now there is another £85 on top of that, I am hoping they will let me pay it in two instalments because I have no money now till the 14th and the 28th I can pay it in full by the end of January , I have nothing of value that belongs to me so I am just waiting till Thursday when I can ring them
  5. can the court do that can the stop the baliffs ? ill contact them Monday , but a it stands at the moment I am a week in front with the original payment plan and I paid this before receiving this letter so ill ring the court and ask what they are playing at , plus the officer did say she would put a note on my account about my payments . I don't want to pay the fine all over again I owe £65 now and they are wanting £175
  6. I have only had one letter , ive been paying since july , like I say im supposed to pay £5 a week sometimes ive missed a week and paid £10 the following week and they have been fine with it they know its due to when my pay falls , I only go the letter because I missed two but by the time I had received the letter I had already paid it up to date and rang to tell them and the courts said it was fine , and I am now a week in front , but this letter was dated the 19th of December and I made my payments on the 21st I had no knowledge of any problem until today 28th , I cant even contact this company because they don't have a proper phone number and I have emailed them but it says it can take 7 to 10 days to reply to me , and if I only had 14 days from the date of the letter that takes me up to next Thursday even though I have only just got the letter , has anyone got a proper contact number for this company other than the automated payment line that's on the letter ?
  7. i received a distress warrant from someone called collectica this morning for a so called unpaid fine for unpaid tv licence, the original fine was £175 and I had to pay it back at £5 a week , I have been doing sometimes I would miss a week but pay double the following week and the courts were fine with this , I did once miss two weeks and got a letter from the courts but I spoke to them and explained that I had paid double that day and they were fine , I then paid 4 weeks on the 21st of December but this letter I got today was dated the 19th of December and says I have 2 weeks to pay £175 - I only owe £65 now the only number to contact collectica on is an automated number to make payment on , I don't want to pay £175 when I have nearly paid off the fine , I don't know what to do because I can pay it but not for a few weeks and I don't want to pay another £110 on top of what ive already paid
  8. no but I know that the monthly loan payment was £183 ,£78 was for the ppi and we made about 8 payments altogether before we cancelled it
  9. I have successfully claimed back 3 lots of ppi from black horse already, and now we are on with the final one, we still have an outstanding balance with this particular loan (not sure how much all arrears though) and after they took us to court we got them to cancel the ppi but they never refunded it . then earlier on this year they sent us a ppi misselling questionnaire so we filled it out and sent it back and yesterday got the response and it makes no sense to me at all . this is what it says there offer is £171.17 this is the calculations refund of premiums £655.08 excess balance and interest £99.27 less previously accepted claim -£0.00 less partial refund of PPI already applied -£164.90 less arrears on loan -£4083.80 SUB TOTAL £0.00 interest at 8%, calculated up until 15 july 2013 £238.62 less tax at 20% from 8% interest -£47.72 TOTAL £190.90 then it says "Please note that as you received a redress of £89.37 for agreement ******* on 14/07/211, this amount will be taken off the total above and your total redress payment will be £171.17 could someone please explain what all that means because I cant see where they get £171.17 from and I don't understand the calculations at all I have trie to work it all out but failed miserably
  10. I have two items with bright house that only have a few weeks to run , I have OSC on both these , I have been looking through some of the posts on here and as I understand it , if I am late with my payment which I have been on many occasion then the OSC should have ceased unless I was asked if I wanted it reinstated??? I this correct, plus it was never really explained to me what it was for I was just asked to tick boxes and stick my initials at the side , could I cancel the payments and ask for them to be refunded? if so how do I go about it?
  11. it was a morgage the ppi was about £1500 but it was only for 3 years yet the morgage was about 30 years it was added to the morgage , we paid the morgage off about a year later when we remorgaged, so the full £1500 was paid upfront but we didnt get owt back when we remorgaged and the letter from acenden stated that the policy ended in 2007 yet we paid off the morgage in 2005
  12. Yes but the FOS who i was going to send my complaint to next said that the company that arranged the morgage is responsible not the morgage company , i said that i thought it was the responsibility of the person i hae paid the money too but they said no it was the person who arranged it in other words rainbow home loans /morgage house direct neither exist now
  13. just a thought now acenden told me that the policy was with a company called marketing managment services, we never recieved any paperwork for this policy but shouldnt we have had a refund of some of the premiums if the policy was for 3 years and we only had it for just over a year?
  14. Well just found out that spml never dealt in ppi apperently and that it was never arranged by them, also rainbow home loans were placed in default in 2010 and claims were being delt with by fscs who informed me that because the policy was taken out in 2004 there was nothing i could do as did the fos. so in other words the £1600 was added to the morgage advance and paid to an insurance company and then i was expected to pay that over the term of the morgage even though the policy only lasted 3 years
  15. i sent a complaint to Acenden regarding a ppi policy we had on an morgage with SPML in 2005 (this has since been paid off ) i got a letter stating that Rainbow home loans arranged the morgage yet i have never heard of them let alone used them for anything .we used a morgage broker but they were called Morgage House Direct, i was under the impression that the morgage company would have been the ones that were responsible for the misselling as it was a condition of the morgage no ppi no morgage! this policy was for 3 years only yet we would have been paying interest on it for 25 years . We only had the morgage just over a year yet we must have paid in full for the policy as the letter we recieved from acenden said the policy ran out in 2007 yet we paid the morgage off in 2005. so who do i complain to now im confused
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