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  1. Thanks, sorry I may have confused things there, our loan with them is an unsecured loan. the car was with someone else who agreed to take it back (we had to pay a small amount for insurance premiums) Appreciate the info you have given me
  2. Thank you very much, you guys are awesome ( and that is not just lip service)
  3. Thanks, I really appreciate it I am thinking about offering similar to what you said (the initial loan payment and a bit more) We have managed to return our car as we were over the half way period on the HP so have freed up some cash. Is this the way you went with it? Also I am struggling to think of reason as to why they should accept my application, not looking to copy you but what kind of things did you put in this section? My wife and I are going to go through the form tomorrow, all looks very confusing, more so as I have also been given a Application for a Time order, which looks al
  4. Hi I realise this is a very old post but hope you still recieve notifications, we are going through the same thing, and had a few questions? Worth a try to see if you still look at this thanks.
  5. Ok further to my previous post can anyone advise whether I should fill in a time to pay form or a application for a time order? I cant find any info on this and they seem almost similar. Also as this is a dual loan i.e. partner and me, do we fill in one form or 2 (we were both served with initial writs) We have managed to free up some money by giving back our car so are in a position to pay something. I dont think we could cope with the stress of trying to defend and even if we did, although I am working at the moment trying to pay for a lawyer is going to put more strain on my fina
  6. Hi not been on this for a while and I apologise that my first post on my return is for advice.. My wife and I have just received a letter from the courts with a time to pay application for a debt we have with black horse. One of the reasons we are in a mess with this (as well as burying our heads in the sand) is that my wife took unwell due to depression and was off work for an extended period (she ended up having to leave her job because of this) we tried to claim the PPI we had taken out, thinking all would be fine but were advised that the protection did not cover depression/mental hea
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