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  1. hi I just found out this as I was looking for information. as per ICO guidelines. 4. If you fall into arrears on your account, or you do not keep to the revised terms of an arrangement, a default may be recorded to show that the relationship has broken down. As a general guide, this may occur when you are 3 months in arrears, and normally by the time you are 6 months in arrears. There are exceptions to this which may result in a default being recorded at a later stage, such as secured or long term loans e.g. mortgages, or if the product operates in a more flexible way e.g. current accounts, student loans, home credit. If an arrangement is agreed (see Principle 3 above), a default would not normally be registered unless the terms of that arrangement are broken. The lender must have notified you of their intention to register a default against you at least 28 days before doing so, in order to give you time to make an acceptable payment or reach an agreement with them on an arrangement. This also applies in cases 1 - 3 above. However, in 4 - 5 the lender or provider does not need to provide a notice and can file a default as soon as they become aware of the situation. Lenders will report the default amount and the default date to the CRAs. The current balance then shows the actual amount due (which may include interest and charges) and must be updated over time until the account is satisfied (settled). A default will remain on your credit file for 6 years from the default date.
  2. oh Ok. thanks DX. So the numbers against each months does not relate to anything? Yes, when its all counted it comes to 6. But how can they put a D mark when I actually paid in February for Jan and Feb and in April for March and April. although it went to May statement. - I am still confused....
  3. Thanks Dx. But I don't understand this - How can I have 4 late payments in January? - if that's what (4) means against January, and (3) against February and again (4) in March 2011. They put a Default in April 2011. You only get 1 Statement per month. 2011 – Jan (4), Feb (3), March (4) April (D)
  4. Can some one please explain this? As I understand – in 2011 Jan-March has late payments between 3-4 and April put on a Default. Is this normal? Thought you need to have 8 late payments. 2010 has late payments as being in April, July, Aug, Oct, Nov and December. 2011 – Jan (4), Feb (3), March (4) April (D) 2010 – Jan-March (Green), April (1) May-June Green, July (1) Aug (2) Sep (Green) Oct (1) Nov (2) Dec (3) However, according to my records, this is not the case. In 2010 missed in April, July, Oct and Nov. Paid in Dec. I have paid twice in May to catch up the missing one on April. 2011 – missed – Jan, March, and although paid in April it went to May. Had a ‘D’ in April. I don’t understand this?
  5. Sorry DX - was not hijacking - was only replying to pitz11. Thought he was asking me a question.
  6. oh sorry - I got it wrong. I would pursue it via courts then. But I don't know what other charges and costs it would involve though. I am sure someone here will advise you. Good luck. I have not even started anything regarding my issues with GE or insurance yet - but when I find some time I would tackle these.
  7. Hi Is your claim for just £25.00? I don't have any experience dealing with Courts. I would let it go as I am sure court fees will be higher.
  8. I had a current account which is now closed, and it had accrued O/D charges to just over £100. They still keep sending me the statements and I ignore them. It also started 2007 so I am hoping in few years time it will go. I am not paying in principle because its all charges.
  9. Thanks - my problem was I was paying by Direct Debit and debit card, and never had a look at my statements until now. Now I am learning to take control of everything, and noted the ones that I have over paid etc. Since PPI and going on this site I have learnt so much. Thanks to you all. Still learning and its a long way from getting things right. I will work through the cards and PPI and get back to you soon. I am very busy with work etc and cannot find the time sort out my finance. Getting there slowly.
  10. Thanks for the encouragement - I will definitely get onto fos. Although they called me to say that they cannot help anymore, nothing was sent in writing. They asked me explore the possibilities on other avenues such as looking into third parties, insurance and anyone else I can think of who may be linked to the window company. So I will start writing to everyone I can think in this process. I know the Administrators, but the underwriters may be able to help. Thanks
  11. sorry - yes I missed the payments two months but I always paid 3 times more to make it up and to bring it up to-date.
  12. Thanks ims21 - when I did receive all my statements after a SAR request - I went through all the documents and when I realised the discrepancies I wrote to them and waiting to hear from them. So my PPI offer is also on hold at the moment as I need to sort out the discrepancies first and then will accept the offer subject to they send me the cheque to me. Trying to get all sorted step by step. I thought if I get the account sorted and then ask them to get the default sorted and then will ask them to send the PPI refund.
  13. Thanks - My understanding is that after 8 late payments the creditors can put your account into default. However, in my case, if the missing £50 had been entered correctly the account would have been up to-date. Also now I know the account was up to-date and I am in credit so they had not put the correct information.
  14. Thanks - but the Default note should not be on my CR file because I have not exceeded 8 or more. Only 2 months and the balance is also wrong. So in actual fact the account is in dispute when they put the default note. Does this not make it unlawful to put a DN when there is a dispute on the account?
  15. Hi there - having received all SAR docs from Capital One - the Default notice is unlawful as I never received the DN in the first place, and secondly one of the statements did not include my payment of £50.oo that along with the charges incurred led to going over the limit. So taken all these into account do you think I can get them to remove this as it is not lawfully enforced. thanks sorry - i already asked this in my previous post - but found this one which is the correct post.
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