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  1. I will ring them on monday morning and see what they say. Thank you again for your help. I will give an update on monday x
  2. Oh goodness yes, everything in order on that front. The only matter outstanding now is how we split the money between us. Because we are no longer together we asked for the refund to be split equally. We both paid into the loan, yet BHF only want to send one cq. To my ex i have done all the leg work as usual, and claimed back loads for him, and myself for that matter. But none of the other claims were in joint names. And I just know he will not split it when he gets it in his sticky fingers, that is why we agreed to splitting it at source. I am gutted
  3. Hi, yes it correct, we sent the acceptance letter a couple of weeks ago. i even spoke to BHF and they said they would split it equally between us. Thank you for reply
  4. Hi all, I have made a claim for missold PPI from BHF, it has been upheld. This was a joint loan with my ex husband being the first borrower as it were. We have asked them to split the money equally, we have received a letter today to say they are raising a cq to the first borrower for the full amount. Can we actually ask for it to be split, when I ang last week they asked me to put in note asking for this request, yet it has been ignored, Any advice much appreciated, Thank you x x x x
  5. I have just got an Email from LBL, Guess what, It seems I have been sending my emails to the wrong address. So the reply from them is to direct all emails to their legal Dept. Mmmmm Did not know they had one
  6. Hi all, An update, Well, still no reply from LBL re reply I sent to them after letter sent to me. I have emailed them again just now. I have been onto DVLA and the car is still registered in my name. I have renewed the SORN on it as I am still responsible until I know what has happened to my car. The little scroat who sold me the car has not poppied any money up as promised. I am in contact with him but he just keeps making excuses. I have threatened with the RMPs, but he is deploying shortly so I dont think they will bring him back from Afghan somehow. I also contacted BCA and they have not seen hide nor hare of my car. And I have been watching ebay in case it comes up on there, so far not. They do have a bare face cheek with that. I cant get my breath on that stunt they are pulling. Appalling. And I cant believe they are being allowed to get away with it. Or am I being naive again. So, the upshot is, it looks like I have lost the car and the money as well. Well done to all those who have stuck it to LBL, I will keep following all the threads.
  7. Just had a thought, could the mods please move this thread to a more relevent place please. Dont think this is in right place. Thanks Boo x x x
  8. Hi, and welcome to CAG, I am sorry but I cant actually help you, but someone will be along more than likely in the morning. I just did not want you to think you were being ignored hun. I will bump up your post if I see it slipping from 1st page so it gets seen. Hang in there, there is loads of help on this forum x x x
  9. Evening, An update, I have spoken to previous owner, He has promised to repay all monies laid out for car. I am awaiting his proposal on how he is going to do this. I wont hold my breath. At the moment I dont know where car is. So dont know which auction it will be going to. No reply from LBL as yet re my response to the letter to me. Again I wont hold my breath. Have had a good weekend and not thought too much about it. I refuse to let them ruin my social life as well through worrying. x x x x
  10. Cant you just tell everyone is watching the football, Its like the Marie Celeste on here. LOL Hope everyone is having a fab night. Even if they are playing like girls x x x
  11. LOL, I will do that straight away, And pretty please, if anyone has it in writing about the 8 yr rule I would most appreciate it. I need to follow up a letter to LBL. And I am most certainly going to do what you said in Pm. I will have a go at taking them on myself until the sale date. Then I will try and find out where the car is. I will go to sale myself. And when I see the new owner I would be more happy to tell him myself about everything. x x x x
  12. I really want to hit LBL where it hurts, even If i give up on car puerly down to finances I still would like a the fleas of a thousand camels to, you get the idea. And so on. And I would like in someway to be involved in bringing about there demise. I will help in any possible x x x
  13. And by the way, I dont actually want the ex husband coming home. I wonder if LBL will take him in part ex.
  14. Right, breath, calm, ok. I have fired a letter off to LBL stating my position on the matter. I have told them I will NOT be handing any docs over and I have told them about the 8yr rule and that this makes the BOS void. I have told them I have taken advice from solicitor and that I want a copy of the BOS. I will probably have more chance of my ex husband coming home than I have of the car coming home. I am sooooo pleased I did not have new gear box fitted.
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