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Found 12 results

  1. I currently have a Warrant of Control issued for a CCJ (£800). I've been advised to fill out an N245 to both vary the installment order and suspend the warrant. I'm currently unemployed, married with 2 children and the only money coming in is from my partner. All bills, debts and other outgoings are from their income. Section 7 of the N245 states I can't include outgoings if they come from any one else in the household. Can I just put zero for everything as I have no income or outgoings? I'm also in the middle of applying for a DRO due to the amount of debt and the chance of my circumstances not changing for the foreeable future. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have been rather stupid and rather than dealing with my CCJ, I ignored it. I received a letter from the Bailiffs office, was dated 26th July, but didn't actually open it until Thursday 29th. I tried to call the bailiffs number with out any success. After looking for some advice on line, I made an application using N245 on Friday 30th June and was advised at the Country Court that the bailiff would see the application on Monday morning, which is the 3rd Of July - date they said they would be visiting. I was told that this application should stop the visit. The notice for removal was dated 30th and I received this today, 1st July. Will this form N245 stop the visit on Monday? I have sent a text to the Bailiff asking to phone me asap. Thanks in advance This was for a credit card debt. aqua, who have passed it onto Arrow and is for approx 3500.
  3. I had several accounts with Nat West, personal and business. When requesting statements do I need to send £10 for each account or £10 for the whole lot?
  4. Hello everyone. I am in such a stupid position that I have got myself into. I am extremely worried that it is stopping me from sleeping. To cut a long story short I have buried my head in the sand for far too long, on June 21st the Bailiffs will be coming to my house. I have been looking around and seen that it's possible for me to fill out a 'n245 form' and ask the court to stop the bailiffs coming. I have a few questions before I do. Firstly, tomorrow I plan to print off the form and send it out first class. Can the Bailiffs next week after I send this form? Should I let them know I have sent the form, or won't it be necessarily? If they turn up should I tell them then? I am extremely anxious at the idea of them turning up at my house, I am a nervous wreck. If the court do accept the application, what happens then? I am currently on Universal credits so not receiving very much money at all. I honestly won't be able to pay much every month. Do they court decide how much I should pay off of the CCJ? I'll do anything to stop bailiffs coming, but I have such an extremely small budget I don't know how to fix it. I'm very frightened and overwhelmed by the whole thing. I have also heard that the n245 form costs £50? How is that paid, I simply cannot afford to pay it in one go at the moment. I've read about a ex160 form that can apparently help with reducing that cost? Is that right. and if so do I have to send it along with the n245 form to the same place? Thank you for having such a place to come to for these questions (and I apologise for all the questions that are no doubt pretty stupid x) Yikes I have just re-read my post, I apologise for the typos.
  5. Hello, I am looking for some quick help please. I have a County Court Bailiff who is attending my house regularly. I have refused entry many times. I am aware I need to pay this money, but paying is difficult with my income. The CCB keeps bringing me and hassling me to fill in an N245 form and one for a reduction in fees. They say it's to suspend the Warrant of Execution. My problem is that I have never had to do this before and I find it hard to believe that this bailiff is bringing me the answer. Is there anything I should know about this form/process? 1. Will it give the bailiff any powers to come into my home? 2. If I submit the help with fees form and it's rejected, do I then get a bill which results in bailiffs, or does that form get submitted first? 3. The Bailiff keeps pressuring me to give the forms back to them, but would it be better for me to file them with court myself? 4. What can happen if I don't follow this route and still refuse the bailiff? Is there any other route to sort this out? That's it really. I did look for the answers first. Thank you in advance Emms
  6. Given the degree of misunderstanding about an N245 Application (together with inaccurate advice about enforcement of a writ of control by a High Court Enforcement Officer) a debtor is reporting online that her debt has increased by almost £1,000. Background: On 2nd December the debtor posted that she had received notification from a High Court Enforcement company that they were enforcing a CCJ. She made clear that she wanted to pay the debt within one month of the date of the judgment (17th November) so as to ensure that her credit rating was not affacted. On receipt of the Notice of Enforcement she contacted the enforcement company to advise that she could not pay immediately and wanted to make an arrangement to pay by the 17th December. As this was outside of the Compliance stage, the enforcement compoany correcrtly advised her that any arrangement would involve a personal visit by the Enforcement Officer and a Stage 1 fee of £190 plus vat would be chargeable. She was advised to file an N245. She was wrongly advised that enforcement would cease. ON 11th December she made a series of desperate posts as she was having trouble completing the N245 and was becoming very anxious as the matter had to be resolved within 6 days (by 17th December) otherwise a record of the judgment would appear on her credit file and remain there for a further six years. On the same day (11th December) she was advised to pay the judgment debt £890 (minus bailiff fees) online to the creditor. She did so. She also file the N245.....and paid a court fee of £50 Yesterday, she posted back in desperation. The enforcement officer has once again visited and the debt has substantially risen to £1,928 (Stage 1 and Stage 2 fees have been applied). The enforcement company stated that they had contacted the creditor a few days beforehand and that apparently, their records did not record her direct payment. This has now been amended. National Debt Line have advised her that the enforcement agent is indeed entitled to his fees. The court have not yet received a response from the creditor in relation to her N245 Application (which is about right given the Christmas period). She has now been told to file an N244 in the High Court. The McKenzie Friend has offered to refer her to his ‘solicitor’. She needs to pay another fee of £150 for this. This is in addition to the N244 fee of £155.
  7. Hi, First time poster, long time lurker, so be gentle! My partner had an old mobile phone debt being chased by Lowell for 3 Mobile. I sent them the Prove it letter in 2011 back not acknowledging the debt and requesting the credit agreement. They sent back one page of an overdue mobile phone bill as proof. Nothing else. The debt would have become statute barred at the end of this month. Fast forward a few years, and it now turns out they issued a CCJ for £350 in January to an old address she has not lived at for 6/7 years, whilst sending threat-o-grams to our current address and our previous address to this one. She has had a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors yesterday informing her that the CCJ is now in arrears of £150. This was the first we'd heard of any CCJ being issued, never mind arrears, and only today has it appeared on her Noddle credit report under her old address. We have heard nothing from the court at all, but thats understandable given they were provided the wrong address. The noddle report says its £350. They now want £350 for an original £70 debt, which was increased to £209 in 2011, and are adding on these CCJ arrears. My partner has no job (not claiming benefits), no property and no real items a bailiff could repossess. We rent and I own all the items in our flat. I know nothing about CCJ's but a quick google indicates we'd have to pay £155 to apply to have it set aside. They are demanding the CCJ arrears for £150 to be paid in full immediately. I don't know if this is Bryan Carter adding this on, or this is court ordered. We are not married but could they repossess my items as we share a home? What should we do now? Hopefully I've given enough details but please do ask if I've neglected to mention something.
  8. Just need some confirmation As to a divorce and settlement with a consent order sealed by the court as to the divorce Part of the settlement is that one party pays £60.00 per week child support or 15% on wages, which ever is greater. Person now on a 32 hour week contract and income has dropped substantial. He needs to do a redetermination of that consent order set by the court to take into consideration that drop in income Will the application be on the N244 or N245 Form Thanks
  9. Hi all, Delighted to be here. I have been involved with credit card and loan companies totalling about £80K, numerous DCA's etc for over a decade now and not been collected on yet, and will be happy to contribute here in future with my experiences etc. I do have another situation for which I would appreciate advice. Myself and my son jointly just got a CCJ against us for what the claimant claimed were fake goods but in fact were genuine - we were basically ripped off to the tune of a total of nearly £9K including expenses. The judge ordered full payment in 14 days. I have zero capital and a very meagre income of a few hundred pounds per month to live on - my daily food budget is just £1 for example. My son has zero income and zero savings. I am filing N245 forms for each of us offering a very minimal monthly payment for me - which I cannot afford, and zero for my son as he has no income. Questions: 1. How long does the entire N245 process usually take? 2. Can the claimant pursue enforcement while the N245 are being processed? I am assuming that the claimant will refuse my offer, it will go back to the court who will presumably set an affordable monthly payment which they claimant will probably reject and file for a redetermination. If it is too much I would file for a redetermination. My concern is that I am shortly going to be abroad for 2 months and not in a position to process any paperwork, although my son will receive it. I am particularly concerned that the claimant might use an HCEO while I am away. The only asset of value is my car and that does not have much value, but I still need it. Any insight in to time scales for this process to grind through the court system would be much appreciated so I am aware of what I am up against. Thanks very much.
  10. Had a civil case and lost with the judge ordering me to pay loads within 14 days. Sent in N245 variation request complete with tax returns showing my losses, bank statements showing my constant overdrafts and the stepchange printout detailing all my credit card debts. Judge decided that the application for instalments be dismissed on the basis that the judgement sum cannot be paid within a reasonable time. (I did tell the creditor I had no money but he didn't believe me) I really have nothing I can sell and no-one I can borrow from (who'd lend me anything) so now I am worried that bailiffs will be knocking on the door scaring the kids and adding even more on top of a debt that I can't pay. I've tried to get some legal advice for free but no-one can offer any advice. Help...please....
  11. My wife and I lost a county court claim as joint defendants and have been ordered to pay £2800 forthwith. We don't have it and a debt charity has gone through our figures and said run, sorry, offer £1 a month token payment because you are living on credit cards. We are trying to fill in an N245 application for variation but I am a little stuck. We have one source of income, my Wife's self employment, which we both work within and share the childcare responsibilities, so effectively I have no income of my own save for the child tax credits that are awarded to both of us (I do not claim unemployment). Our income goes into a joint account and all living expenses and payments come from the same account. There is only one claim number so do we fill in one N245 in both our names or two with the same income/outgoings or two with my figures as zero? Do we have to pay one or two fees? I've looked at ex160a to see if we qualify for fee remission. We meet the gross income part but I'm not sure if our endowment policy counts as disposable capital for what it's worth. Any help would be lovely, thanks
  12. Hi I'm a bit confused with the situation I am in at the moment.. December 2012 , I had sued an ex Landlord for property that had been taken by him. the judge decided that I owed him £1200 rent arrears and he owed me £500 + a fridge freezer returned I chose to have my £500 taken off the £1200 rent arrears thus the outstanding £800 as what I owed as part of the CCJ the judgement was I pay £100 per month to the other party for 8 months I can not afford this and stupidly agreed in court to it, I dont know why if I am honest. I receive £67 per week and bills/household essentials & food/child costs leave me with £15 per week remaining typically. so per month I have approx £60 left after outgoings. 2 months ago I received notice of writ Fieri facias, called around could find out NOTHING and nobody could help, seriously nobody even the court had no idea.. so I gave up. I had a letter through the door Friday from a bailiff demanding £1243.43 by Today ( Sunday 23rd June ) Immediately I downloaded & took in to court a N245 form & got a receipt from the desk. I offered a monthly payment of £40 I am obviously concerned about what happens next. can the bailiff return now the N245 has been submitted? do I get a letter confirming the outcome of that N245? thanks everyone.
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