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  1. Sorry didn't get back to you until now, thanks for advice and will wait to hear from them.
  2. regarding previous thread as mentioned above, I did follow advice but my defence with in the 14 days was not submitted. As I previously mentioned, my son managed to get himself in trouble with the police, I was stressed out from sorting all that out , looking after my sister, and ended up with a stomach bug. The date had already passed by the time I realised. When the notice for CCJ came I put it to one side and didn't exactly forget about it, but didn't do anything about it. I do realise that I should have done something about it at the time, but I didn'
  3. thanks so much. hes retired and just does a few odd jobs and has his own van. All the vehicles we have are over 15 years old as we tend to buy them and keep them.
  4. I don't know how they value vehicles for auction but we have a 20 year old Discovery that's probably worth about 1500 if we sold it. A 30 year camper with no gear box and the front end removed. Can they take his work van?
  5. I applied to suspend the warrant and made an offer of repayment of £40 every 4 weeks. We actually live in a detached rented house, rented but definitely no new vehicles just old ones that need repairing. The only vehicle of any value is currently on axle stands with gear box partially removed. Again thanks for taking the time to reply. Its really appreciated. New Day and about 6 years ago. I just ignored them to be honest. My fault really for sticking my head in the sand and I think I defalted a couple of years ago.
  6. I'll give the bailiff a call on Monday morning then. There is a landline number and I've sent a text to the mobile number provided asking for a call back asap. My only previous contact with anything like this was years ago. I've been worried sick since opening the letter on Thursday and not being able to get hold via mobile. this last letter notice of removal was sent out because I hadn't been in touch, and probably sent out on Friday am as a matter of course? Thank you so much for the replies. Time to sort a few things out.
  7. County court Bailiff on behalf of Arrow. Last letter from HM Courts and Tribunals Service posted 30th June and arrived 1st July. Warrant has been issued for removal of goods unless full amount outstanding is paid to court by Monday 3rd July. Your premises may be entered whether you are personally there or not. unless payment received in full. includes motor vehicles. Posted by Court Bailiffs The first letter was Notice of Issue of Warrant of Control, date stamped by the Bailiff with a phone number. There are two dates on the form, the first being 22nd June.
  8. I have been rather stupid and rather than dealing with my CCJ, I ignored it. I received a letter from the Bailiffs office, was dated 26th July, but didn't actually open it until Thursday 29th. I tried to call the bailiffs number with out any success. After looking for some advice on line, I made an application using N245 on Friday 30th June and was advised at the Country Court that the bailiff would see the application on Monday morning, which is the 3rd Of July - date they said they would be visiting. I was told that this application should s
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