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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone Unfortunately, my husband has gone and got himself another PCN. This time it's one that was stuck on his car I haven't seen any photos of the situation yet - I think they will be uploaded tomorrow at the earliest as he only received the PCN today. I was trying to upload the pdf but this website says that I have the incorrect file extension Is anyone able to help me understand what I've done wrong? I tried following the instructions about uploading files. Thanks
  2. The story so far- Discovered we had a leak as could hear water moving through the stopcock in kitchen, rang insurance who informed me we were insured for the water damage but not for locating and fixing the leak. I discovered a leaking pipe under the concrete floor slab in the kitchen, i had to get up some tiles, take out kitchen units and dig up a section of floor to access pipes and temp fix it. We the noticed the walls behind the units were very damp and mouldy, the skirting on the wall opposite was also then noticed to be swollen (mdf) and the mdf wall paneling in loun
  3. Hello I live in a cul-de-sac and my house is the last house on the road and I have my own drive at end. Today, I received a PCN code 62 while parked on my own Drive. It states 'Parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway'. My car was parked with the back wheels just on the edge of the footpath, something I have been doing since 1988 but for some reason I have received a parking ticket today. The footpath ends at my house, although a neighbour whose garden backs onto my drive has put a small gate in his
  4. My daughters BMW 1 Series car was stolen from outside her house back in March 2015. When it was recovered insurance company sent it for repair, so far so good. When insurance company returned car it was driving dreadful. (Car was fine before theft ) My daughter went back to insurers who were insistent problem was nothing to do with theft. After lots of arguing insurer decided to employ independent engineer who came to conclusion that insurer could not be certain damage was not caused by theft. Car was taken back and sent to a BMW dealer in Stoke to correct damage. When car was once again ret
  5. I was looking for information regarding my PCN in Kingston and came across this site. was a thread created in July to September with 4 pages with no conclusions It appeared to create some debate amongst members PCN-code-62-parked-with-four-wheels from fuzzy 30th July 2010 ( not allowed to give link ) I wonder if any one knows what happened to the appeal, because the link shown no longer exists and the Borough no longer has any information on Pavement Parking ( or I could not find it ) If any Kingston officers are willing to give me a outcome when reading this t
  6. Evening all, I hope this is the right forum.. A few weeks ago I bought a new set of motorsport wheels & tyres for my track day car from Demon Tweeks (DT). I fitted them about 2 weeks after they arrived on 4th June for a track day at Oulton Park near Manchester, and had problems all day with the wheels (all four!) vibrating loose which basically ruined my whole day and wasted track day fee plus the fuel from Essex and a hotel for the night. I'm a chassis & suspension systems engineer for a major OEM and advanced DIY mechanic, so I was able to diagnose the problem as a failure
  7. I have an identical situation to Haywok ( http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?399029-Sheilas-Wheels-claiming-I-owe-them-money&p=4306961#post4306961 ) plus a little extra. I rang at renewal to get a competitive quote. The quote was above quotes I had already found on the internet (including Sheila's wheels by the way). I told the lady I would not be renewing and cancelled my direct debit I then decided It was time to put my old convertible on the road for the summer so "SORN'D" the car covered originally by Sheila's wheels & went with another c
  8. Not sure where to start with this.. The girlfriend had an accident in Oct 2012, it was a full payout (£1000) as the car was a write off. The insurance premium was renewed for 12 months in January 2013 on a direct debit. Now my girlfriend has gone to cancel they are asking for the full premium. Due to accident they are saying the claim is not settled and they basically want her to pay up so that they can recoup the costs. The wording in the policy states: "If any accidents have arisen which may result in a claim we will not refund any premium and, if you are paying by installmen
  9. Morning all.. Im after a bit of advice. I took out car insurance on 7th november 2012, and had to cancel it on the 28th november 2012 due to the engine on the car blowing up! Never made any claim in that time, and paid in full when i took the policy out. Rang sheilas wheels on the 28th to cancel, and they told me i would have to pay them a cancellation fee of £35, which is fine, i understand that. What i cant understand is i ALSO have to pay a cancellation fee to Esure who are the people actually insuring me. So i get no ploicy at all from sheilas wheels..but i have to pay them £35 to
  10. Hello. I am new to this site, so please bear with me! I have claimed on my insurance for my television, which was damaged by my son. When I took out the insurance I listed my television as a specified item, as I paid £1,200 for it when I bought it, as it was above the value that they covered individual items for. When my insurance came through, it was listed as being insured for just over £2,000. However I have been told that it is not the monetry value I paid for it when I bought it that counts, but that I will get a like for like replacement. They state that they can give me a replacem
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