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Found 8 results

  1. Guys, any help will be appreciated regarding this matter. I was given ticket for parking wholly on pavement, I parked on same spot previously and it was fine. The other thing is I'm trade plate driver delivering sain car client before this happened. Can I be able to challenge this ticket given that I'm not the keeper or owner. Many thanks. pcn.pdf
  2. Hi all, Today I received my first PCN parking ticket (Yay), but I am not quite sure if it's fair. So, I parked my motorcycle on the pavement with the cycle rack so I could chain it up; I'm not sure if it's relevant or not but, there was a double yellow line on the road and no loading stripes on the kerb, but my bike was well out the way and wasn't causing an obstruction to businesses, roadways, pavements or other cyclists. Also, I wasn't aware of any parking restrictions for motorcycles, could I claim ignorance and hope for their better nature? If I disputed the ticket would I have a chance of getting it wavered? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Shaun
  3. I collected a ticket for parking on the pavement from apcoa parking in southwark..camberwell station road I said to the ceo that I was in fact on railway property . His reply was I shouldn't be parked on railway property and I pointed out that it would have nothing to do with him You can see that other vehicles are parked in a similar position further back. Mine is the Citroen he didn't seem to be bothered about the vehicle blocking half the pavement ! Comments please .
  4. Drivers could be banned from parking on pavements across the country under new Government plans The ban has already been in place in London for the past 40 years, where motorists are barred from pavement parking unless expressly permitted by the local authority But ministers are now considering rolling it out across the country with potential fines of up to £70 for those who fall foul of the measures. The Department for Transport is considering overhauling the rules to bring the rest of the country in line with the capital. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/04/18/drivers-face-pavement-parking-ban/
  5. I was looking for information regarding my PCN in Kingston and came across this site. was a thread created in July to September with 4 pages with no conclusions It appeared to create some debate amongst members PCN-code-62-parked-with-four-wheels from fuzzy 30th July 2010 ( not allowed to give link ) I wonder if any one knows what happened to the appeal, because the link shown no longer exists and the Borough no longer has any information on Pavement Parking ( or I could not find it ) If any Kingston officers are willing to give me a outcome when reading this that would be great . I am not to sure why I received the PCN because there was a clear sign opposite the fairly tight road telling me to park with two wheels on the pavement (As a stranger to the area I have never seen one of these before ) in fact when I initially parked fully on the road and got out looked to see if there was enough room for a car to pass ( just for normal car , any large vehicle or van would not have been able to ) and noticed the sign then so I just thought that I needed to do this because of the tightness. I displayed my blue badge , checked if there were any yellow lines, resident parking scheme and if there was enough room for a wheelchair or buggy to pass through on the pavement . Everyone else in the road was parked on the pavement , ant there was a clear sign on the opposite side of the road near the corner showing the same symbol with a red X . I went to the football saw my team lose and came back to find a ticket . Strange thing is there were only 3 cars with a ticket , me another one bit further down ( that car had a similar number plate to me so must have been local to where I live ) and another parked near the corner ( almost under the red X sign ) no others had a ticket. I had another look to see for any other signs and there were none I have decided to challenge it asking for an explanation and common sense , rather than going the technical route at present But my guess is that the issuing of PCN on a Saturday in that area is regular and because of this it will stand If that is the case I will take it to adjudication,( the cost of the officers time to prepare and be there will outweigh the fine ) because if I could not park there then they should have indicated this like they have done further down the road ( be consistent ) and not leave it to guess work , especially to visitors who like me may have never seen one of these signs before ( 45 years driving). Obviously under the freedom of information I will obtain how many they issue around that area for each day of the week But if anyone has any information to help me prepare my defence that would be fantastic. I would be amazed if the forums are not monitored by officers, so I will not lay all my cards on the table , as by what I have given so far it would not be rocket science for a officer from Kingston to Know who I am . Many Thanks in Anticipation
  6. Hello everyone. My house is located on a quiet-ish through road, all residential. Outside my front garden fence is a 4-5 metre wide paved area, then the pavement, then the road. My landlord says it is fine to park on the paved area, but I am a bit worried, as someone else pointed out that I have to drive over the pavement to reach it. Once I am parked on the big paved area, I am not causing an pbstruction, as it is so wide that I can park there and 2 large prams/buggies could still get by. But the pavement next to it does not have a dropped kerb, so "officially/legally", am I allowed to park there? In practice I normally drive up the dropped part which is outside my neighbour's house and then drive onto the paved area outside my house. I just want to avoid getting a ticket if an over-zealous traffic officer comes by one day! I'll try and post a picture soon. Thanks for any advice
  7. Hi, I was doing a left-turn onto a road when all of a sudden I heard this loud bang and scraping noise on the botom left side of my car. I stopped the car a few metres in front of a restaurant and got out of my car to check what happend. I noticed the bottom part of my left front door was dented and the left side bumper damaged. I looked back at the pavement and I saw there was a small uprooted bollard which was protruding from the pavement and was the actual cause of the damage. Apparently the bollard was not sitting properly on the pavement and was protruding onto the road and could not be visually identified at the time of the turn and that is what has caused the damage. I understand the Borough or the Local Council has a part in ensuring that all bollards are safe and properly maintained but how do I go about contacting them. Do I march down to the Local Town Hall, see Citizens Advice Bureaux or contact a No Win No Fee company to pursue claim for damages. The cost of repairing the damages is approximately £700. Also the owner of the restaurant has also told me that this has happend to a dozen other motorists. I appreciate any advice and thank you for readng this.
  8. Hi , I tripped on a pavement a month ago and twisted my ankle, I never went to the hospital or to my gp about it and every now and then I get a sharp pain on that ankle. I was wondering can I make a claim against the party that should have maintained that pavement. Please advise me.
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