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Found 11 results

  1. I have just stumbled across this article from 2014. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2564373/The-hidden-suffering-dogs-bred-cute-Adorable-looks-Cuddly-names-like-Labradoodle-But-trend-cross-breed-dogs-raises-disturbing-questions.html I wonder if they hadn't been endorsed by big names as above, they might not have been produced in such quantities !
  2. Hi all. Does anybody know any good reputable websites that you can sell pedigree dogs on. Shar Pei's to be precise. My friend has some for sale, and all Pedigree Papers from both parents will be available. He doesn't want to throw them on Gumtree etc. Thanks in advance.
  3. http://www.itv.com/news/tyne-tees/2016-04-13/are-you-the-darlington-dogs-trust-mystery-knitter/ And the advertisement.... https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/news-events/blog/2016/introducing-our-new-special-someone-tv-ad
  4. We eat chicken, lamb, duck and beef, to name a few, so why not dog ?
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-29170371
  6. Please help, am at my wits end over my neighbours increasingly worse issues against me, now making complaints about my dogs. Im worried sick that im now facing legal action and fines. 11.03.13 Received an Abatement notice from the council about my dogs barking. They stated 2 weeks ago, for 1 hour, my dogs barked constantly at about 3pm. I was not here (at an appointment so no way to prove/deny they were barking). Council have not issued any proof or evidence of this being true. A couple of weeks ago they sent a letter saying my neighbour had made a complaint about the dogs barking. This is following both man & woman neighbour banging hell out of my door at 11pm when I had been out for 2 hrs to complain the dogs were barking when I had been out - their brother actually caused the barking by placing things in my porch and disturbing them!!!) They had been drinking, were very threatening and abusive and made me feel very intimidated so since then I have stopped all communication with them! Ever since then we have been very prevalent to ensure that the barking is always stopped very quickly such as when they are due food, or out to loo, when I get up in morning - they are excited and yes, they bark, but are always stopped very quickly. I rarely now leave the house to ensure they are kept quiet most of the time, or arrange someone to sit with them. I don't even go out in the evenings or socialise now as I cant leave them unattended. The council who attended even said "Cant you get rid of the dog"!!!! would you get rid of a crying baby or child who is teething overnight for weeks??? However, one incident, 2 weeks ago I had no choice and left them in the afternoon for 2 hours. Typically, they barked for 1 hour, at about 3pm. This is the cause of the Abatement Notice. I have not been given any evidence or proof of this noise that was supposedly made. I do not know how long this Notice is in effect for - 1 month, 1 year or forever? I have 21 days to appeal, but HOW on earth do I appeal as its a load of gobbldegook technical jargon. Please help as I don't know what else to do, im doing my best already
  7. I truly hope this was due to health reasons and for no other ! I do appreciate because of their training, they might not be suitable as family pets once they have been retired. But there must be some place for them.
  8. I have 2 dogs - JR - 2.5 years old - absolutely adores travelling in the car. Has a proper canine seat belt and will sit for hours just looking out the car window. . GR - nearly 8. For the first 2 or 3 years, she was ok in the car. For some strange reason she suddenly threw a wobbly and even on short journeys now, it is like having the MiL in the back of the car - she does nothing but moan and whine. She too has always had a proper canine seat belt so it isn't that. Could it really be something as simple as having changed the car around that time and she doesn't like the new model ? We always plan our journeys so there are plenty of comfort breaks and they get a good run at each stop. TBH, I don't really know whether the GR just wants to get where we are going .. and is only exhibiting impatience or whether she is stressed - how would I tell? I have once tried a spray - sprayed into the car - which was supposed to help, but didn't It has become so stressful for ME, that if we plan a long journey, she gets to stay with her original owner/breeder as a house guest, but there is a time coming up fast where we will need to take her with us as the sitter is not going to be able to have her. Any suggestions please ?
  9. Probably been seen before, but I still find these amusing. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45588[/ATTACH]
  10. Please keep your fingers crossed for me on Friday.......good friend Les had adopted yet another dog. She's a diamond with rescues, always room for one more. Merlin the husky/GS shepherd arrived at 11 months in November last, having been confined to a cage in a small flat. Female owner admitted she was afraid of his strength and couldn't walk him. She was owner No 4. He stays where he is now, Les never gives up on them. He's hurt Les' arm and she has a brace so old big head with the dogs here offered to take her out to the forest and "deal" with him once and for all. Well, I've met my match here. If I tell a dog what to do i expect it to be done. end of. Along comes another dog, and because I already realised Merlin has a high level of excitement which could turn into aggression if not checked, I decide we'll teach him to sit politely to one side when dogs come by for now. On the lead of course, which I hate, but this is a large dog and we are looking at the Law here with him if we are not careful. Bloody creature. Oh he sat alright, but then he leapt in the air, ran at the group of people and dog coming towards us and I was attached to the end of the lead. For two or three seconds i was horizontal off the ground behind him just like a bloody cartoon strip. I landed with a plop and in a heap at the feet of a very surprised looking man and three women tryng not to wet themselves laughing. The laughter broke the tension thank God. Oh my shoulders and arms! I get on the phone to my dog whisperer friend, and we've arranged to spend next Friday with Les and Merlin. DW uses other dogs to rehab the bad boys, and her special selection for Merlin? A great dane, Bertie, who weighs 220lbs, can look the DW in the eye, and she is tall! Oh she says, it'll be fine, I rehabbed him last week, he won't knock his owner over again! He won't do it again and it do them good to meet each other. OMG. And Les now has an RSI so guess who has to do this bit for her? I know the DW will sort Merlin out, but just in case, please, everyone, fingers crossed for me at 1pm next Friday when they are going to do their street walking exercise together through one of the busiest parts of town! Must remember to take a shovel.
  11. I am extremely grateful to this site for making me face up to my debt crisis and taking the first step in opening up a stack of 'debt style' letters that have been delivered to my address for just over a year now. I am particurlally grateful to the forum members, Renegadeinmp and Wintry for the support with the two previous threads I have started. I would like to pay off my debts which are PDL's, utility bills, credit and shopping cards. I have defaulted on all of them and some are a year on this status. I still cannot make payments to the debtors because I don't have enough to live on, but I will start to have a surplus in about four months time. The issues for me now are: Should I wait for four months without any correspondence to the debtors? They have waited probably over a year without any correspondence back to them so far. One of the debtors Capital One Credit Card has written a letter to me explaining that my account is no longer being managed by a debt collection agency and been returned back to Capital One. I am confident to prioritise paying this debt back but i dont want to get in to a situation were they refuse my offer of payment and renew debt collector tactics. Advantis Credit have sent me two separate letters , one with a debt that I recognise because the originators name and ref number are on the letter but on the other letter they send an originators name which I don't recognise and I dont remember the amount owing stated either! I want to correspond with Advantis in four months time rather than seeking clarification at this stage. The letters I receive are generally from debt collection agencies asking me to make contact and tend to end with a home visit threat. I have managed to maintatin life by moving address and changing my bank account card details. Therefor I would be more comfortable in responding back and confirming new details and payment in four months time. Do I need a third party like the CAB to record my decisions so far?
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