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  1. Sorry to thread jump but im in the process of doing this with Barclays bank. They keep sending me letters to which i keep replying to them but they keep asking for proof I am living at the address I provided. Im not a permanent resident or responsible for any of the bills for the house so therefore i am unable to provide what they ask, council tax, utilities, bank statements etc and they wont accept their own correspondence as being proof! I no longer have a passport. (same address i lived in at the time of having the bank account and obviously im getting my mail they send to that a
  2. Who's to say it was a spam email or debt collection letter i received? You ask for copies of requests of parcel collections you receive - I dont know if its debt collection or spam email!
  3. Having spoken to the tenant today, he has admitted full responsibility to leaving the gate unsecured in his absence and has offered to pay for the damage to be repaired. He has had 2 follow up visits from the council which I was not aware of, and they inspected the gate, actions and the damage of the car as well. As the building was only recently renovated, the original plans were for them to install a sliding gate, which they have failed to do so there is possibly some breach of the owner on the planning regulations. I am an old age pensioner, with a car I needed for travelling.
  4. Different property owners own different premises. i woulnt be parking on someone else land would i
  5. Maybe your legs can walk any distance, i do not, if you READ what i wrote
  6. Bit of an odd one. I park my car alongside a newly converted business residential property. They have been leaving the 8ft x 10 ft heavy steel gate open un-secured. We place a big cone between the gate opening and the side of my vehicle but they have removed it. In the recent wind, the unsecured gate has swung the full length wide open and smashed into the side of my vehicle causing a big dent the whole length of the door, luckily not smashing the glass. There was no-one in the property today so we left a note on the glass door for them to call us asap (no c
  7. So sorry for hearing you lost girl and my delay in reply. Usually the vet asks if you wish to have a pre-op blood screening, rather than them do it automatically. It adds about £60 to the bill. Unless they ask you and you agree to it, generally most vets would not automatically run them.
  8. Firstly find out about diagnosis of Lymphoma: http://www.wearethecure.org/lymphoma Did the pre-op blood tests check for it or is it a specific test not showing signs under routine bloods? This could found the basis of pre-existing condition which the vet could/should have found prior to operating and can be used as lack of competency on their side. Hope these people on the link can help. Very sorry to hear about your dog and the fact she had such a trauma of any operation when she needs her calm and happy life at most now
  9. Generally dental is not covered under any pet insurance and £500 for a cat with only 2 teeth out is extortionate! £200 would be more the sum expected to be charged. Get an appeal logged with the insurance company with the vet letter as defence
  10. the number i use is: 0844 4633 999 or you can ring the kennel club: 0844 463 3980 they are also on facebook if you can write on their wall http://www.facebook.com/Petloglostfound email][email protected]
  11. If it is prescription only medication and depending on what the condition is, some medication needs to be monitored frequently for any changes to the animal such as kidney or liver damage, which is why they ask for periodic reviews. Just the same as our own DR will issue repeat prescriptions, but still need quarterly review. Without knowing the illness and the medication we can only perceive this to be the case. HOWEVER ask your vet how much they charge for a prescription without supplying the medication. They can write the script for 3 mths, and you can source from a pet chemist on
  12. You do not 'buy' an animal from any rescue or rehoming organisation. You donate a contribution which is non-refundable whether or not the animal remains with you or is returned to them. Have never heard of a 'credit' but it sounds like they are accepting your donation to the rescue and aiding you instead of asking you to contribute another donation for a different dog. These rescues have a great deal of costs and expenses for each animal before it is adopted, such as vaccines, neutering, micro-chip, flea and worm treatments, feeding and veterinary costs so to ask for a donati
  13. Hi! Well - it was truly awful! i was a wreck and not much better today so hope this reads ok: I was still awaiting my evidence from hospital so i asked for the case to be adjourned until i had all my evidence for my case. (typically arrived today) but they were not keen and continued without accepting my request for postponement. The spokesman started out to be a very arsey d!ck. I pleaded not guilty with extenuating circumstances and explained correctly why for each, as you advised. Before id even finished he said it was Mitigating not extenuating and that really threw me way off
  14. In the post today is the court summons to magistrates court in 10 days. However, i now have copies of the two council witness statements from the 'breach' dates which i for had before. My request to the hospital for proof of admission is being dealt with so that should be here shortly, same to the doctor request of proof. What do i do in the meantime? Im devastated they think neither incidents were severe enough to accept!
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