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  1. where have you stashed the  SAR AND CCA REQUEST 




  2. ive always maintained that this shower of worms are bordering on the edge of legality (trust us )their quote send out their own loss adjusters who will then delberately try to find fault on your part..just to get out of paying LVis the same company
  3. well done paul I know we could wish for more damages but lets hope the interest owed will help some plus all costs hopefully again congrats
  4. As usual a very light service in her majestic rooms of pleasure for a couple of years no pay back from the millions lost to thees excessively greedy B******s
  5. I had Fibromyalgia and similar pain but pain releif much improved because I've switched to solpadol what a difference that has made I was on , also if you take too many of dihydrocodine it does upset your abdominal also the pain increase even more if you smoke I had a triple bypass now I am on the mend but do switch to solpadol and take the recommended dose
  6. Yes leave bt what a bunch they r very dodgy company
  7. First see what info you can gain here and also go to the Shelter website It has a very good formula for repossessions
  8. I agree with the above whar do you hope to achieve (exclusion being . He did not satisfy dep pro to the letter ) perhaps it is principal that will prove expensive best you put it behind you an call it a day and new beginig
  9. No suprise their yes I am of this opinion they do farm out ¥
  10. First and foremost you need to get as much information from the banks you also need to legally have full permission to deal with their affairs ,if they own property you should have this and all other assets transferred to you and family ,then you can begin to start whatever action is needed as for the PPI they are well above the retirement age also the banks are at fault for providing these loans without the usual credit checks as to ability to repay they also have made a loan to a person who is not of sound mind but you need to clarify this with their doctors a written notification as to the
  11. You need to send SAR to atos and to ask for a screen print out of all correspondance they have had with your account this way you can see if they actually sent you any post
  12. The councils can go back 7 years and could class it deprivation of assets we are fighting a claim now will cost us about five thou but again you will need to show this gift because the council will inform. The dwp as far as I can recollect
  13. Its a shame you had to go through this but it seems as though the workshop manager is very incompetence and by the looks of things this company is not going to survive the uk market place with attitudes like they hav e typcle yanks I would be more inclined to email the parent company in America and voice your observations with them and explain these or this sort of work cannot possibly be done on a shoestring and sadly lacking in testbed equipment you have really nothing to lose and everything to gain by exposing the ineptitude of the management who seem to have a I don't care a jot attitude o
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