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  1. CitizenB Thank you for your reply, Guilain
  2. I have no idea why the Banks have such power. Why are they bailed out even with such obvious and deliberate disregard for the rules? Why do the Courts back them up no matter what and then use the same rules to ruin hard working law abiding people. It is wrong and so frustrating. As a simple person I honestly believed that if you told a court the truth and gave evidence to prove the truth then justice would prevail. How wrong am I. From my recent experience with courts, the Judge has barely (if at all) read through the evidence and has made up his mind before you open your mouth. Do the Banks dictate the law? Are British Judges there for justice or just for show?. If a Judge is presented with evidence and he chooses to ignore it then he should be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice. Too many people in positions of power are getting away with making the wrong Judgements. A Judge is not challenged, a politician can always say sorry and pay money back because they did not realise their genuine mistake. They get away with treating us like idiots because we allow them to. I for one am sick of seeing such injustice. I would be more than willing to change things (big Job) any ideas ??
  3. Hi thank you so much for replying. I will write to the Bank and copy to Shoosmiths. I will let you know what they say. Guilain
  4. Would anyone be kind enough to give me some advice. My husband had recently been seriously ill. I tried to keep up with the mortgage payments but found it very difficult. My husband is a very proud man and would not let me ask for any help from the government. When he was recovered he accepted a very good job abroad and I was left to sort out the arrears with the bank. They insisted on taking us to court. The Judge said pay the usual amount and £200 a month extra. I paid £712 on the date that was arranged and again the second month. A week into the second month I received a letter saying they were going to repossess. But I paid it I have the receipts. I studied the paperwork and realised that the amount of the loan in March 13 had been £92,000 then another paper said the amount of the loan in March 13 had been £106,000 I could not believe it the bank had capitalised the arrears the month before the court hearing and told the judge that the £106,000 + the arrears was the amount owed. Really it was £92,000 + arrears. Correct me if I have got it wrong but once the arrears had been capitalised and the mortgage payment had been raised then at that point there were no arrears?? I asked the bank of scotlands solicitors “Shoosmiths” and they said oh yes we've had that complaint before you are paying twice. You will have to ask the bank about that. The Bank of Scotland Capitalised the arrears in March without telling me. My husband started his job in June 13 so payments started in June so does that mean the arrears were actually for April/May £1024 I could pay that off in a few months. What right do they have to repossess even though I paid what the court said and what right do they have to lie to the court. The banks are disgusting and the courts are allowing them to get away with it. I have to try and stop this repossession but the bank would not even speak to me they referred me to Shoosmiths. Would anyone be kind enough to point me in the right direction because I am doing everything by the book and the big bullies are winning. Kind Regards Guilain
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